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  1. Now I just need to get my head out of Power Rangers Zord butts so I can get back to Minimates!
  2. Well...his foot was in a tub of minimate part. I feel silly, to say the least. I suppose there is hope in the world after all.
  3. Sadly yes. The results were not favorable. Thank you though, is the thought that counts in the wretched world of lost minimate parts.
  4. Vision looks wonderful. Can someone please clear up this "predator" thing I'm reading? I can't seem to find anything official? Is it happening?
  5. So...does anyone want to sell me a foot? Better yet, can anyone help me do a paint match? BHM...YB...Dinobot...god damn it even me OH minimate gods. Zach? *muffled cries*
  6. Thanks anilsoi! I've honestly never done that much sculpting and gluing and painting before for a toy or otherwise. Surprised it turned out okay.
  7. I haven't found a similarly painted foot, and its driving me up the f-ing wall. If it was a few months prior I would have been able to just purchase a new set of T-cats entirely but right now my minimate budget is severely restricted, essentially non-existent. LION-OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  8. To make things worse, Sherbetice was nice enough to send me a foot all the way from Singapore...for free...and *drum roll please*... I get the envelope with a tiny hole in it. Apparently the foot scratched through the plastic bag it was in and the envelope...I proceeded to kicked my mail box, which is the apartment buildings mailbox...which caused some issues. I am a sad man.
  9. I did not know this but a lot of Minimates are about to get coated! Thank you! And still no foot.
  10. I'll keep this short, as clearly, in the past I have been one of the least articulate posters here. All actions below were performed by me,as far as I can remember in said order. -Stores Thundercats Minimates in Minimates carrying case. - Occasionally play with them with my son, who is very nice to them. - Lion-O's foot almost always falls out. - Opens up Thundercats mates after a week of not playing with them...finds Lion-O's foot missing. - Proceeds to turn entire house upside down looking for Minimate foot. - At this point not sure if it has been painted over, or lost or eaten by Minimate demons. Does this happen to anyone? Is there any easy way to procure a Lion-O foot? A cheap mate with the same colored feet? Anyone want to send me one? I will give you four assorted feet for 1 Lion-O I freaking out for lack of a better phrase? YES! I am not a fan of being a completionist, unsure whether it is some unfulfilled childhood need or OCD or something sillier. But when it hits, it hits me hard. Next fiasco I assume will be procuring Pathfinder promos in a timely fashion. /end rant
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