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    Mainly Transformers then Minimates, the rest is just random stuff that I like.
  1. khonshu knight

    Boardwalk Empire

    It'll be sweet to see those made in MM form with so many possibilities. I'd really like a... hrmm... Richard... hrmm... minimate with... hrmm... tons of... hrmm... guns and... a rifle.
  2. khonshu knight

    Pacific Rim: Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots

    Can't wait to see how the toy line will be like.
  3. khonshu knight

    Strange Tales Box Set

    Finally MK will have his nemesis, Universal Monsters' Werewolf just didn't felt right. Thanks for the previews Zach!
  4. khonshu knight

    Marvel Now! and the new FF

    Dunno how I feel about Hickman leaving FF/Fantastic Four (maybe he'll continue S.H.I.E.L.D.?) but I'll buy that FF Medusa 'mate in a heartbeat and the Dr. Nemesis one.
  5. khonshu knight

    Most wanted "NEW" Marvel Mate

    I think its time for a Future Foundation wave. White Doom, Nathaniel Richards, and since we could use smaller mates the kids could be there too (don't forget Dragon man). Ronan The Accuser is long overdue for a minimates as well as the rest of the Inhumans, so does most of Marvel's Cosmic heroes.
  6. khonshu knight

    Happy Birthday

    happy b-day
  7. khonshu knight

    Army Building Pros

  8. khonshu knight

    Atomic Robo Minimates!

    For science!
  9. khonshu knight

    Toy Figure Reviews 101

    Then here goes. Don't be afraid to take pictures of what you're reviewing, it helps to deliver your point. Get a light box or make your own (see pic). Work on how you delivery, the paragraph looks cluttered, some pics can do the trick. Other than that I like it, its quick and to the point.
  10. khonshu knight

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    Used it to get the Doom/Wesker pack. Thanks for sharing!
  11. khonshu knight

    Battle Beasts Minimates

    I hope those gauntlets are compatible with other 'mates. (Dread armor in the near future? ) Just finished with issue #2 and may I request a Buddhist Tiger minimate?
  12. khonshu knight

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    Been a while since I took some pics.
  13. khonshu knight

    Minimate compatibility thread

    Thanks, now I know, and knowing is half the battle.
  14. khonshu knight

    Lots of birthdays today!

    Almost, born on a Thursday. Thank you all and happy b-day to the the other three!
  15. khonshu knight

    Minimate compatibility thread

    Does anyone has a Playmobil figure they can compare with a Minimate? I want to get some of their sets for dioramas, dunno how in-scale they will look.