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  1. Hope I'm not too late will post a better pic but here's my effort
  2. Sorry didn't see that it was just one I'm torn between Rex-splode immortal and robot mmmmmmmmmmmm I'll go with Rex-splode
  3. Just finished in time here's my guardians of the globe immortal bulletproof Rex-splode robot monster girl dupli-Kate black Sampson
  4. Try nail polish/ varnish it's good if you don't mind the smell
  5. Cool quantum leap I loved that show looking forward to see the updates
  6. flech is just a a-hole whos dam good at killing zombies
  7. Thanks butthead now I have the pattern there will be some more bigger minimates at some point
  8. Ant man is all hand made from plastic sheet and rod it's been 4 months in the making
  9. Thanks groundhog it's ok just glad to hear you received it
  10. doh.... ive already completed mine and sent it i could have done a lot more
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