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  1. mikebit

    Minimate Artwork Contest

    Hope I'm not too late will post a better pic but here's my effort
  2. mikebit

    Winners announced in the '14 Customizing Contest!

    Sorry didn't see that it was just one I'm torn between Rex-splode immortal and robot mmmmmmmmmmmm I'll go with Rex-splode
  3. mikebit

    Winners announced in the '14 Customizing Contest!

    Just finished in time here's my guardians of the globe immortal bulletproof Rex-splode robot monster girl dupli-Kate black Sampson
  4. Try nail polish/ varnish it's good if you don't mind the smell
  5. Cool quantum leap I loved that show looking forward to see the updates
  6. mikebit

    Psyguy's customs: More Marvel

    Wow your saint walker looks amazing
  7. mikebit

    Zombie Survivor Contest - Winners Announced!

    flech is just a a-hole whos dam good at killing zombies
  8. mikebit

    Dynamic Duo Customizing Contest

    Thanks butthead now I have the pattern there will be some more bigger minimates at some point
  9. mikebit

    Dynamic Duo Customizing Contest

    Ant man is all hand made from plastic sheet and rod it's been 4 months in the making
  10. mikebit

    Dynamic Duo Customizing Contest

    here's my ant-man and wasp
  11. mikebit

    mikebit customs

    here's my ghost rider
  12. mikebit

    Charitymates 6

    Well here is hades
  13. mikebit

    Charitymates 6

    Thanks groundhog it's ok just glad to hear you received it
  14. mikebit

    Charitymates 6

    doh.... ive already completed mine and sent it i could have done a lot more
  15. mikebit

    Squallworks - Grifter pg.15

    Wow what paint or markers do you use