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  1. Big THANK YOU to my Birthday Elephant! Got the full Doctor Strange set and continuing the Doctor theme, there was an awesome custom of Dalek Sec included to compliment my Doctor Who Minimates! Had to make some room in my Blue Box case, but here's a close up of the Dalek Sec
  2. Awesome! I've needed to get an asteroid for my Terrax for a while now
  3. Has anyone seen the Walmart exclusive Civil War Falcon yet? I've been keeping tabs on ebay and the last few days have seen a ton of new auctions from California and a couple from Utah (and maybe Ohio?)
  4. I was in TRU last week and they had signs up for the BOGO sale, but it said Wave 19 (They had two each of wave 20 & 21, just the leftovers from the last BOGO) I grabbed another animated Fury pack and a random wave 21 pack. Didn't even know this was a SDCC sale they had going I just thought they were clearing out stock again
  5. Well, guess I need to get another Werewolf by Night now I wonder how a torn up cap mask would look on top of the head instead of the hair piece?
  6. I watched the first two seasons when they came out. I really liked it at the time, but yeah Wolvie and the X-Men was better BTW, it wasn't a human Nightcrawler, he had a holographic projector much like what Beast would use in the 90's
  7. Congrats winners! A lot of cool & funny entries in this contest!
  8. Very cool gift! I love the idea of sending paints with customs in case of accidents
  9. Technically 4 versions, there's also his early prototype robot suit (IE Baxter with some random metal parts, helmet, shoulderpads, arm attachments, etc...)
  10. Eh, sounds like semantics at this point. I assumed the press release/news article meant the Marty would be different from the one that last came with the car, which it is significantly different as in more detailed paint apps on many of the parts. It appears it's also slightly different from the box set one in that it has a different colored (and possibly different mold altogether) skateboard, the colors are a little different on the outfit, the face is different and we have an untucked shirt tampo on the waist piece
  11. So I was sitting here wondering what I was going to do with a duplicate Delorean because I'd like to get the Marty that comes with the re-issue. Well it hit me, someone with a 3D printer needs to make up some 1955 circuit board/box pieces that we can glue to the hoods of our duplicate Deloreans
  12. I like the Marty that comes in both sets along with biff and Needles (who I'm oddly really excited about) I however don't want yet another Delorean, but I understand why it's being released since apparently not everyone got it the first time around.
  13. Shogi

    Wave 60

    This is the one I used as I had a few extras
  14. I'm still not that crazy about the Carnage figure, but that Hobgoblin.........probably one of my favorites of all! It just came out so perfect looking
  15. I don't know about Crossbones, but the little I've seen of Agent Venom in the cartoon, he doesn't appear to use guns
  16. I just haven't had luck with knees lately. My Spidey 2099 figure had a lot of excess paint sticking one knee closed and I just opened the AOU Banner pack to find he's got two left legs! What's really interesting is that all of the copyright info is still all printed on the back of the figures (even though that's technically the front of the duplicate left leg) Already contacted DST but I don't expect a reply until Tuesday or so due to the holiday
  17. Used the store locator and it said the Walgreens next to my LCS had them in stock. Walked in and found them on one of the pegs. So far the only drawback is that one of Spidey 2099's knees has paint locking the joint, otherwise, it's one of my favorite Mates now I haven't made it back to the store that said they had 8 to confirm or not as it's in the next town over
  18. I stopped at a store that the locator said had them in stock, nothing on the shelves but the employees were helpful. They looked the items up and the computer said they had 8 (I don't know if that's counting the sets or individual figures) they looked in the back since the truck had just come in that morning but didn't find them where new toys are usually stored. They said they didn't check all of the totes because there's 150 of them.
  19. The head is slightly darker than the body, but the hoodie breaks the color up enough that it's not that noticeable. The only painted parts on it are: The Hoodie, Belt, Guantlets and Ankle Pouches
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