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  1. Happy Birthday karamazov80 and Wug@10mfH!

    I'm TOTALLY late to the party, but thanks, and Happy Birthday to Karamazov!
  2. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    I need more allies! MUST. STOP. ULTRON.
  3. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    I ended up in the top 1% and got the suit, gun (that I don't think I will ever use) gold and silver. I actually like the suit and have it equipped! It looks neat! I really wanted DP though... As long as we do eventually have a chance to buy him, I'm cool with that.
  4. This trilogy is writing itself!
  5. Man, if they took Ep 7-9 to explore how the events of 1-6 made R2-D2 an insane homicidal maniac, that would make me really happy. It would be so awesome and unexpected... I don't know what I would do.
  6. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Can I also complain about Scarlet Witch? I love that her powers kill all my guys with buffs and heal all the opponents, even making attacks give them health. If I don't make a point to kill her ASAP, I'm usually hosed. If somebody has Scarlet Witch and the Chrono overdrive thingy that gives a million free turns, I usually don't even get to fight. Stupid.
  7. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Does it stop asking you to train heroes after level 12, or does it just keep going on forever?
  8. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    You can trade in gold for them, or you sometimes get them from completing missions, beating bosses, and occasionally they drop from enemies.
  9. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Just added you!
  10. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    You can have friends send them to you or you can pick them up by visiting your friend's maps at the bottom of the interface.
  11. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    I don't hate them, per se... I just had other priorities! Like Cap and the F4!
  12. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Bah. Not going to happen for me then. I only have one mutant on my team currently.
  13. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    To get Magik, do you need to do all the deploys and everything? That kept me from getting Emma Frost last time.
  14. Marvel Avengers Alliance

    OK, I have beaten Cap twice now (Mission 21) and the game keeps hanging for me! Arrrgh! I do like the phoenix weapons though. They work well together and do massive damage.
  15. S.L.U.G Zombies

    Set up a Facebook page for these little guys, until Jakks sends me a cease and desist letter. Add your pictures!