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  1. looked today and found the price tags but they did not put the box yet.
  2. Wm, ross, tjmax,and hasbro shop ,bbts,has some of the sets and on sale.The one thing I like about kreos I can find then almost every where and mm I can not.
  3. Were will I find the CB figs at are they with he mb and lego or are they at a different spot. And cobi,oxford makes good army sets .
  4. I was thing of getting some of the special forces ones, and metal gear ones and see how the guns,armor,helmet, fit mm.
  5. I was think of getting some special forces kubricks ,and wanted to know how are kubricks compaired to minimates ,and can they swich parts with each other.
  6. Yes you can put a driver in it i put bw in and she fits in, i dont have batman mm so i cant tell you if he works or not ,and you can put 2 figs in it.
  7. I like them I have the tumbler,and it comes with a peace of paper says that it should not move,so I unscrewed it and the fromt wheels in side need to be cut like a circle so they work and the back wheels you can move it and here a breaking sound and then the back wheels will move, the wheels are on a sliver bar thing and they will be ok and a plastic pic which keep it from moving will be broken,so now the tumbler will move, and the figs are nice and the dc line are good too.
  8. yah they come out with a swat set and a robber and they were ok.
  9. I'm glad the max line is picking up can't weight until they come out with more stuff.
  10. awesome set of casters...i bet deadpool would look good sporting those! moc847 Yah I love the brickarms stuff and I have been using the stuff for alot of my customs figs.
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