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  1. Not really a fan of Grifter (I grew up being a Spartan fan) but I do like his design.
  2. @Fujis: Thanks mate! @Hawkeye's Junk: Thanks! The head is from the old Nightwing Minimate. I just painted the mask black (there were blue highlights in the original one).
  3. Thanks again, guys. These are my last customs for 2013 - Weapon X Deadpool and Nightwing.
  4. Thanks very much! I appreciate the comments. @bigvis497: Yes it is. Two years ago I made these Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow for Minijeff. A year later, I made updated versions for him.
  5. Thanks guys. Flash was my favorite in that set. I was able to purchase a set of model paints and I've been practicing on handpainting the details instead of sculpting them. So now I'm doing less sculpt and more painting unlike before. Here's a couple of Scarlet Spiders I made for TheSpiderX. Painted with vibrant colors to match the rest of the Minimates.
  6. @hellpop: I hate them too! I had a hard time detailing them. lol. Thanks.
  7. @Minimater: I used a putty for the S. @arnim zola: Yup it comes off. I used First Class Angel's mask for the cowl. -- I'm back! These are the customs I made last year. Starting with the rest of the New 52 Justice League.
  8. Hey guys, thank you so much for the support. It means a lot.
  9. Thanks guys. @hellpop: I used the Series 25 Bucky Cap head and painted the eyes blue. Here's a pic of Batman and Superman together.
  10. Superman (Man of Steel) -
  11. That's a cool Solid Snake! Where did you get the gun?
  12. Thanks very much guys. @Punisher: the head came from the Stormbreaker Loki. I originally planned to use the Civil War Cap head, then I bought a Stormbreaker Loki for the cape. To my surprise, he was sporting Christian Bale's smile. lol.
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