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  1. If anyone is looking for a large selection of X-Menimates, including all the 90s looks being discussed, I just put my whole collection up in the Flea Market. :/
  2. When did the Select line get cancelled? Those just got solicited!
  3. Geez those figures were fun. That's what so few companies miss these days - these were FUN. TMNT gets it, Power Rangers gets it, WWE is so simple they get it. These figures were also well-made. Fun and well-made. These shouldn't be mysteries for TOYS!
  4. Saw the movie last night... spoilers ahoy!
  5. Hahahaha, I'm laughing so hard because I could totally see this. I'm pretty much out of the Minimate game, but I would LOVE a TNG set, especially if the package was neat. Like the saucer section, or an interpretation of the bridge. But only if it includes all nine main characters. No Tasha, no buy. Like, I LOVE that DST made Nurse Ogawa - she was always my top write-in figure (once Tasha was made). But to have her, and Ro Laren, but no Tasha? Seriously giant gap. A TNG main character set could be like Playmates old TOS Bridge Crew set, which was awesome. Once augmented with Rand and Chapel.
  6. Sorry to resurrect an older topic, but I'm still debating picking up an SDCC Scarlet Witch and was curious if anyone has tried posing her on the flight stand from Phoenix Five Emma: To my mind, that looks like it can be used to simulate her blasting off look from the start of the Civil War fight. I also just saw my last post up there and I still have one Civil War Ant-Man/Falcon set if someone never found one.
  7. I found my Janeway/Seven of Nine set the other night - totally thought I'd already traded this! Finding figures you thought were gone is a good indicator one has too many. Really disappointed that no company really did anything great for Star Trek's 50th. Wish TNG's 30th was getting some love.
  8. Hahaha, DST gonna get in trouble with Disney...! That was a particularly spoiler-y write-up, so not surprised.
  9. I was just about to post how nice it must be for DST to have all the reference they need early enough to make this film's actual release date, since this movie has been done for awhile! But I see that that won't be the case... again. I don't know what happened with Alice that almost all of its product is coming out in a different calendar year than the film, but I'm definitely curious. Such a unique situation! Did we know was in this movie? Very curious if past films are available. Without Elizabeth, this makes me sad.
  10. Anybody pic up the Stephen Strange/Rachel McAdams set? The boxed pic on Amazon makes them look really good.
  11. I don't know if this is a spoiler, so I'll hide it, but
  12. Still no photos? Are these still not shipping? The TRUs around here don't have them yet.
  13. So did anyone pick these up? Hoping for some photos!
  14. Sorry, I read that comment earlier and breezed by it. This time when I saw it, it made me chuckle. Thanks, tones!
  15. Anyone in need of a Falcon/Ant-Man set for cost plus shipping, PM me! Got two, and they are going back to the store later this week. Or, if anyone wants to trade a Wave 62 Apocalypse or bulked-up Juggernaut, PM me as well!
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