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  1. Ņot sure. I imagine not, but I don't look at licensing agreements. DM me your address and I'll send you a left arm.
  2. Not sure. It's ready as far as I know, but I don't think it is currently in the late December (January) Previews. So late January?
  3. I believe we are resoliciting to generate more orders.
  4. The six pack of Rangers was RELEASED at NYCC, the movie box set. I'm not sure what we are going to follow up Series 2 with at specialty, I'll see where we stand. There is no other 6-pack waiting in the wings.
  5. Enjoy! I love both sets. To be fair, I think the Joe FCBD set came out before the TF sets. But hopefully Series 2 follows close on Series 1's heels.
  6. Hail Ivan! Not sure if you got my e-mail, but let me know if you're missing anything. I imagine you at least need an AEW blank!
  7. Meanstreak! Bloodhawk! Metalhead! Skullfire! Uh, Stretchy arm girl! I forget the full line up, TBH. The toy line had some non-members and bad guys, I think -- La Lunatica, Brimstone Love, Junkpile, Breakdown... I'd pay money for a Halloween Jack Minimate.
  8. We've compensated him in other ways, but I'll reach out and see if his address on file is still good, and if he needs anything. I will say that everything he's ever asked for I have sent him. But you're right, he should get it all. As far as PRESS goes, I really only send to sites that ask for the product, and like it. That includes review sites and toy photographers. I had a list, but I lost it when I left the page accidentally. If I ever send it to a site that DIDN'T task for it, it was all to reach a new audience and spread awareness. But happy to review any site you feel doesn't deserve or respect the product.
  9. What The...?! Box Set! Milk and Cookies Wolverina Forbush Man Spider-Ham Spider-Ham 2099 ...Probably not Superb-Man
  10. I think the Black Knight was pretty perfect, too. And I thought both Shulks were good. I'd love a new Wasp! And a Namor! Maybe we need an Invaders set, with Namor, Torch, Toro, Cap, Bucky.
  11. I've never watched more than one episode of Power Rangers, but I lost a friend to suicide recently, so this is hitting me more than it probably would normally. I wasn't there for my friend (he was across the country and we hadn't talked in a while), and he was apparently very alone, but I guess you don't have to be alone to have these thoughts. I just recently sent some local friends of the company to the RI Comic-Con to get JDF to sign a MM box set, among others, and his line was apparently ridiculously long, too long to wait in. Crazy how loved he was. Yes, everyone talk to somebody if you are having trouble.
  12. I didn't even know this character existed. Looking forward to seeing it!
  13. Wait, Boomerang was in the Sinister SIx?!?!?!?! [Types furiously.] I'll be darned!
  14. I would love to see Luke tackle an X-cutioner. One of my fave costume designs.
  15. Full disclosure: I have zero power. A possible solution would be to give each backpack a neck loop, but then everyone has a big neck.
  16. I think it would start to either weaken the neck, or compromise the waist peg hole, or both. There may also be more moving parts involved in the tool, since it's a horizontal insert, rather than a vertical one. Not sure. BUT I'm sure it was considered.
  17. I have not heard of any changes needed to the packaging, but I am not sure if we've completed it yet. I'll keep an ear out.
  18. Sorry, looking more like February. If pre-orders opened in July and we tallied orders in August, then February is 6 months, and that's what I'm seeing on the schedule. Hopefully we offer Series 2 before that, but we'll see.
  19. More like the FF and MMPR NYCC packaging. Wide, shaped like a book.
  20. We've hired product development types in the not-so-recent past, but I'm not sure if they're still hiring. If you're interested in contributing in a freelance capacity, you should reach out!
  21. I am not sure, to be honest. Backpacks aren't normally something we do, unless it's Glen or Peter Parker. And without holes in their backs, they'd need to use straps, which the characters didn't always have, you know? But never say never! I'm just happy they come with character-accurate guns!
  22. They're in the warehouse now. They should ship to stores as early as Nov. 16.
  23. He's awesome! We should do a Spidey set next, with him, Chance, Solo...
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