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  1. That's weird, I'm not seeing them in inventory. Maybe they didn't get them in after all. The retailer warehouse got them in, so they should be at other retailers. I see them on Luke's site: Marvel Minimates at Luke's Toy Store (
  2. Scorpion, Trekker42, IAmGroot, Dave, SCW, SignatureChoice and BHM, message me your addresses, or the address you'd like me to ship to!
  3. Found a treasure trove of MMMV Promo Mates. Giving away a lucky seven. If you do NOT have one, and would like one, sound off below and the first seven will get it. Honor system, guys.
  4. No plans to change GI Joe to six-packs, but hopefully some Cobra army-builders will happen at some point.
  5. Yes, the webstore warehouse finally got the NBX and Marvel SDCC sets. I believe they still have the G.I Joe and Transformers sets, and everything new up for pre-order. Now we just need to get Series 81 listed!
  6. Yes, courtesy MM designer Barry Bradfield. We made it the same dimensions as a comic, although it will be smaller. We were inspired by Marvel's Essentials trades. We're going to standardize the box set names across the line, so they'll all be that same font. Head shots and names of the characters, and a few details about what Minimates are, including POA, although I'm not sure we can mention interchangeability for licensor reasons.
  7. Message me. For marketing purposes, we felt that advertising them as Wave 82 was an unnecessary barrier to purchasing, for retailers and consumers. That said, they will have an 82 on the package somewhere.
  8. I hope no one guesses it, because I look forward to announcing it in mid-February.
  9. These are now in our warehouse, item #AUG192722. They are not on our website (different warehouse), but you can either order it through your local comic shop, or wait for them to reach your preferred online retailer.
  10. Nobody's guessed it. Sorry to ruin the Joe thread.
  11. Sorry, I meant "on the television." It's on cable.
  12. Honestly not sure when SDCC items will be solicited. FF will be solicited Jan 21. By existing price I meant the established 4-pack price, used for Transformers and Power Rangers. I have not heard if that will change.
  13. 1. It'll have 7 characters, counting HERBIE, plus some great new parts for Reed. Price will be $50. Less than the GI Joe figures on cards, but absolutely the lowest price we can go without sacrificing tampo, which was actually discussed and dismissed. We have created some really nice packaging for it -- not related to the price. 2. Nope, it's a TV license. Show is on the air, not going away. I assume everyone here (except Trekker) will balk at the new six-pack price later this month. But there was no cheaper way to do it without sacrificing product. I don't know what prices will be on 4-packs going forward, but the new license will be four-packs, I believe. Hopefully it will be close to existing pricing. And again, none of this is random.
  14. First one is probably price, second is license. It's a great license, but not an expected one.
  15. The Vinimates 2-pack? I am not sure if more are coming, but I will look into it. Worst case, SRP was $20, you can get it on eBay for $28.
  16. I don't believe Luke could swing a box set in the numbers required. I do believe we recently pitched Walmart on a MM box set, but they passed. It will be an SDCC Exclusive. Not sure how much contact we have with Target. I assume we talk to a buyer there, but I don't know what those discussions are like.
  17. Not that the NBX post in any way belongs here, but I believe the official NBX style guide has changed since the last MM set. I think everyone is a little worked up, using epithets and whatnot, when DST is just trying to continue a brand that is undergoing a bit of a transition. I expect even more blowback on Jan. 21, and a big WTF in February. There is actually a way to do that! Go to your local retailer and ask if you can order it. If they already are, reserve one. Setting up a "ship to store" system is a big job, especially since each store is a completely different company
  18. X-Men are in a little bit of a limbo, but they're not dead.
  19. It's not inexplicable, it's perfectly explicable. Costs are rising. $7.50 per Mate is the current price in a blistered 4-pack. The price per Mate in the upcoming six-pack will be about $8. $10 per Mate is the price of a pretty Deluxe set, but I guess we'll see how it does. Sorry people are not happy.
  20. IM and Miles. X-men were not made. Looking into other outlets and formats.
  21. I believe we're working on a Vinimate as well!
  22. Sorry, it's how they were sold. Movie waves under one SKU, Animated under another. More were sent to Walgreens as needed, but we didn't send the next wave until we shipped all previous waves. So aside from DP/Logan and the last Animated wave, I'm not sure what they got.
  23. Merry Christmas! I believe it is only the most recent sets. We had to say the assortment may include sets x, y and z, but it is more likely they were just y and z, or even just z. So not sure how many Black Widow sets are in that movie assortment that was offered through Diamond. But it includes at least part of the FATWS run and the full run of Logan/Deadpool. Animated, there may have been a couple of SKUS, so there may have been some older sets as well as the most recent.
  24. I honestly don't think the cardboard is the expensive part. Costs on the Minimates themselves are way up. And we have some fun Transformers packaging planned for SDCC.
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