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  1. IF the Mystery license is wrestling, and I'm not saying it is, I'm not sure Jem would be 180 degrees away. Haven't you ever heard of the Rock'n'Wrestling connection? Wrestlers and rockers both love their facepaint...
  2. Very cool! Great custom! Show's not my cup of tea, but I used to love the comic.
  3. MLP was not one of the announced Hasbro licenses, although that would be cool.
  4. GI Joe is in single blister cards, inside a footlocker. Transformers is a simple blister pack. We considered doing Joe in a blister pack, as well, but the temptation to do carded Minimates for the first time, especially for such an iconic carded brand, was just too great. Hope it doesn't put too many people off the line.
  5. I believe Series 3 and 4 are all-new characters. I know one of my favorite Cobras is in Series 4.
  6. 7/1 you'll find out the mystery license and see the SDCC Vinimates. Minimates reveal (and the other two reveals) will be at SDCC. BUT mystery minis will also go up for pre-order around then.
  7. I wasn't sure either. I've jumped the gun in the past.
  8. Sorry for the delay, but ultimately, depending on how you feel about the license you may not care about the delay. The license will have a lot of fans, so while Vinimates are not popular here, they have traditionally done well at shows with the right license and the right price. John Wick, Iron Giant, Lost in Space, Forbidden Planet... all have done well for us. In fact, the delay has been so long that we may actually reveal and solicit TWO new Minimates lines at SDCC. We've announced the second license, but not revealed the Minimates. They are 180 degrees from the mystery license. PLUS Marvel 83. In the meantime, we've been offering other licenses like GI Joe and Transformers. GI Joe Series 2 will go up for pre-order on Friday. Oh, and I would not look for DST products at Walgreens anymore. We do not sell them there. And I have tried many facial treatments, but the dandruff persists.
  9. After some delays soliciting the mystery Gallery Diorama, and therefore pushing back the mystery MInimates solicit, on July 1 we will reveal the remaining SDCC exclusives, including the Mystery VInimates 2-pack. That same day I will send out the press release announcing the new license, and everyone can finally be thrilled or disappointed. I believe we are finally going to solicit the Minimates on July 22, two days into SDCC.
  10. Civilian in the NYCC set (formerly SDCC set) is from the comics. The set will not be revealed until probably September. BUT Series 2 goes up for pre-order next Friday, and we may have Series 3 and maybe 4 on display at SDCC.
  11. I have not seen them come into the warehouse inventory, which means they are not coming out in the next two weeks. I'll post here as soon as they arrive.
  12. Gambit would likely be included in any larger animated X-Men set we would produce, which is still in development. Hopefully he will be realistic enough to include in comic collections.
  13. We haven't? Is this a newer costume?
  14. I pushed for New Warriors, but I think we're gonna revisit it after we have a few more box sets under our belt.
  15. Due to the last-minute change, which kept it from appearing at SDCC, there is a new civilian character that NOBODY has ever made, as far as I know. It is a four-pack, three are Joes in new outfits.
  16. TF Series 2 should ship to stores next Wednesday, the 15th.
  17. I may have miscounted the women. Two women, and there is a minor seventh member that we did not include. Sorry.
  18. Sorry, Gallery Diorama, our PVC statue line. No diorama for the MM planned at this time, but it would be cool.
  19. Nothing to worry about at this point. Series 3 is Joes, 4 is Cobras. A couple of cool characters that I know of.
  20. Not Simpsons. Reveal will likely be at SDCC at this point. We want to kick it off with Minimates AND a Diorama. Diorama is not done. Painted Minimates are approved.
  21. Series 2 carded goes up for pre- order in late June. I believe we will have Series 3 and maybe 4 at SDCC in July. Because of the last-minute withdrawal of approval and subsequent character change, the SDCC set is now (I believe) a NYCC set. So October. Sorry about that.
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