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  1. Ususually I post a story and send it to press the minute a new set has been spotted. I promoted Series 12 a little late, but I have not seen them in stores yet. Walgreens does not promote that I know of, which is why I do. I announce all Walgreens sets once they have been found, but usually not before, because I do not want people running around looking for them. Some people seem to not like this plan, I may change it. Falcon and WS sets hit early, so I will not be promoting them for a while (embargoes). I am not sure, sorry. I can think of a few possible reasons, but I have no
  2. No, but there are bad articles. Not once does that article mention the name of the toy line (maybe it's on purpose, so as not to promote said toy line for free?). And they assume the character is an antagonist because its in a two-pack with a hero. Poorly written.
  3. They did hit a bit early, but set photos revealed the new character back in January. Surprised they don't mention it.
  4. I meant the Disney Store. Maybe there are more sets that I'm forgetting about?
  5. Sorry fans are miserable. We've put out a lot of product over a long period of time, and we still offer regular releases, which is more than can be said for some lines. Hopefully people are pleased with near-future license announcements, which may well reinvigorate the brand. I just thought I'd weigh in on something that was unlikely to happen. Disney may ask for these tomorrow, but they have very limited history with the Minimates brand. Two Marvel box sets and a line of Peter Pan? I think that's it.
  6. Series 12 just hit, so Series 13 may be a while.
  7. I believe we'll be soliciting 81 in early 2021. Still working on some stuff with Series 80.
  8. I am not aware of any. I don't know if NBX MM have been discussed. I'm not sure what is going on with the AF line, there's at least one exclusive that has not shipped yet. I guess we'll see how these do! I wish we'd done MM based on PS4 SPidey, there were some designs out there... I am not aware of plans to go backwards on MCU films. Now, non-MCU films...
  9. Onyx pointed out the Fire Rodan NYCC exclusive in the Godzilla thread, but there will also be a B&W exclusive Rocketeer, with a silver helmet, that's actually pretty cool. That one is in stock, Fire Rodan not yet, so they will ship separately, FYI. But we still have ECCC and SDCC exclusives, as well, in stock.
  10. Also, we will have an excusive for "NYCC"
  11. I think it is being discussed. Series 1 and 2 did well for us.
  12. Three new movie characters, one movie character we've gotten before. Two of the new charcters we have comic versions of, one has never been done before in any format. I'm excited about them! The TV stuff, too.
  13. No Trek news. They were not a crowdfunding idea. Not sure if Chuck is a Trekkie, but I have to imagine he is, with the number of Trek figures and ships we've made and the fact that we got a Minimates Enterprise. Pretty sure we have other Trekkies on staff. I read a lot of the books when I was younger, and I've seen all the movies, and watched several of the shows, but I would not call myself a Trekkie. I have not watched Voyager or Discovery or Picard or Lower Decks. And while I'd love to see TNG Mates, I'm not sure i see us ever going so deep that we'd do DS9's barber. 😀
  14. I look forward to getting my hands on them! I don't have them yet, Barry himself took those lovely photos. I may snap up a set if I can find them this weekend, so I can shoot a video -- samples of these are tricky to get. Looking to the WG future, I've seen the packaging for one pair of two-packs based on new TV, and one based on old movies. I'll try to promote them in advance, once it's okay to show them, but if they drop early, hopefully people aren't too put off by the lack of promotion.
  15. Wait, none of them can refute it? So they think it's true? I'm confused about your point. And why you would ask a retailer what our licensing restrictions are. I think multiple people here know that we have restrictions on our license, and that I am only a... pain in the neck to those who are pains in the neck to me. I don't like rudeness, or name calling. And if you're who I think you are, you've definitely blocked me on IG. You can respond to me, but I can't respond to you? Craziness. Regardless of your marketing prowess or algorithm expertise, the cold drop is a perfectly l
  16. I actually enjoy a good argument, but I enjoy pointing out misstated facts and assumptions even more! We should have our own podcast, spare these people. There's a lot of "HAD" and "MAY" in that declaration. I said "It doesn't sound like he was a guaranteed sale we lost," and I stand by that. Sure, if we'd revealed them at the same time as Legends, SIX MONTHS ago, then MAYBE he would have pre-ordered the three Legends figures he liked better (plus the game!) and put aside money for the non-pre-orderable Minimates down the road. ...But I doubt it. I think it would more likely be an impu
  17. Not that I am aware of. Not sure what's in Animated Series 14, but I beieve there will be one. Also, more movie and TV Minimates.
  18. He also said he didn't like them as much as the Marvel Legends, so it doesn't sound like he was a guaranteed sale we lost. At $8 a pop, Walgreens Minimates aren't usually a budgeted item, not like a $20 Legends figure (or 4), they're a lot closer to being an impulse item. And distribution through Walgreens is dependent on a lot of factors, including warehouse stock status and individual store inventory. I stand by my decision not to send people out in a pandemic to look for toys that are not on the shelf.
  19. Promoting a toy line with no pre-orders before it's available is pointless. To have people running around looking for Minimates that are not in stores is cruel and unusual. Now that they are out (in one store, as far as we've seen, but we'll ASSUME they are about to hit in numbers), we'll promote on, as well as with every news outlet that gets our releases. By the by, Marvel has had information about this product for a while, but they are waiting until AFTER the game launch to promote tie-in product -- clearly, Marvel wants to go out of business? Or maybe they didn't want to in
  20. The shipping is unfortunately what it is. We ship UPS because all shipping is handled by the same warehouse that ships everything for Diamond Comics. It makes more sense when you buy more than $10 worth of stuff. I had hoped most people would buy both. We still have some SDCC Vinimates as well. You can also look at it as being cheaper than traveling to a con and buying a ticket.
  21. I'm still waiting for Walgreens Series 12 to hit, I found Series 11's Peggy, Shuri and I want to say Doc Ock a while back in CT and NY. Comic Series 80 should hit comic shops soon. Series 81 may be solicited next month.
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