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  1. We showed them at NY Toy Fair in February. We often preview things there that aren't going to be able to order right away. We solicited in late May. They were in the June Previews. Six months is the general turnaround for items in Previews. But I think these will be out before November. Remember, we just shipped Series 77 in July!
  2. I'll shoot pics!
  3. I actually do not have a set yet. Not sure I can get one before they hit, but maybe.
  4. Packaged samples just arrived! I'll actually be getting them in hand early this time (not yet though), so that's cool. Should be late Septemberish.
  5. Black pistol by hunting knife is G.I.Joe ARAH, came with a lot of people: Thought some others might be ARAH, but I checked WHOBIT and came up empty.
  6. Welcome, Kid Cage! i love hearing new names and trying to figure out what they mean. I picture you as a young Nicolas Cage, or maybe Luke Cage, or Johnny Cage, or a cage to put your nephews in. Anyway, good to have you.
  7. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Not even sure they’ve reached the home office. I showed painter pics in the panel. Not for circulation.
  8. I plan to do make a big deal of Series 80, but I do wonder if hearing a toy line is at 80 series would make people more or less interested in starting a collection. Availability and all that. Celebrating the 80th Birthday of a universe or character is different. Comics have omnibuses. thoughts?
  9. Very cool, Mattalica! I have been playing with my Vinimates! Trying to shoot my advance samples of the Halloween COmicFest variants.
  10. Not sure of date, I'll ask.
  11. MeChagodzilla and Godzilla 1999 hit August 21. I believe 1954 is out now. More Kaiju are coming
  12. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Series 6 hits August 21
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