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  1. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Entirely. Buffy was in production. Harley was not.
  2. We did some web-exclusive Trek and Buffy action figures a long time ago that still hold the top spots in our store. We haven't really offered any 100% web-exclusive figures since then. Sorry, random factoid.
  3. FYI, some of the SDCC VInimates have shipped (it's the most orders we've ever gotten at one time since we offered exclusive Buffy and Trek figures), but there is another batch going out early next week. Sorry for the delay, I recognize some MMMV names among the orders.
  4. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    FYI, due to some Halloween Comicfest changes, the orange Harley has been cancelled. But NOT the Graduation Day Buffy.
  5. Not sure about Silver Sable, that would have been cool to do.
  6. Fyi: for info to buy
  7. Welcome! This is a great place, and there are some neat things in the works.
  8. Finds a store at, or is a third online option.
  9. We unfortunately no longer have the Terminator license, and we rarely do new production runs of sold-out sets. But if you keep an eye on eBay for collections or lots, you may be able to get it for a decent price, or possibly pick up the singles from I see a set on eBay for 49 or best offer, who knows, you may get lucky with a lower offer.
  10. Thank you for all that you do, giving us a place to discuss one of our favorite toy lines. We owe you big time.
  11. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Chemo would be cool, but unlikely.
  12. There are virtually no Minimates for this virtual convention. BUT there are virtually four Vinimates that will be announced/go on sale next week.
  13. We'll have a panel and a virtual booth but the booth will be only about ten images. Not sure we'll reveal Series 82, but I'll see where the prototypes are.
  14. That would be pretty cool! ...The Minimates, not the complaining.
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