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  1. Hey, we went alphabetical -- it's their fault they posed wrong.
  2. In box pics! No Yay shot yet, but they come with a kendo stick, chair, and bare arms.
  3. The random number generator randomly chose #1, Tribble_WC! Tribble, DM me your name and address.
  4. It is in the warehouse, and I am seeing a ship date of June 14. Hopefully Luke gets his on that day!
  5. FYI, the Assorted Minimates Stands bag is back up in our new web store -- and new warehouse, as we moved these from Mississippi to California just to be able to sell them to people outside of conventions. Assorted Minimates Stands Bag of 10 - Diamond Select Toys Shipping should start at $5 for US orders.
  6. I appreciate it, guys -- I mainly meant we might see a larger retailer order for GI Joe June, but we'll see how it goes!
  7. Yeah, Review Spot is great. I just sent him TF 2 and 3, plus GI Joe 1 & 2 and AEW.
  8. Anyone interested in a cool piece of original art featuring a Dark Elf? By Uriel Caton! Say you're interested and I'll choose someone at random.
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