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  1. If you mean resolicit them, that is unlikely.
  2. We have naturally had conversations with those places.
  3. Were those my cues? (Firesign Theatre reference.) Hooray! I need to check the Danbury CT area now!
  4. Oh, and my post wasn't meant to be a counter attack! I wasn't sure what kind of transparency you were looking for, as this particular situation doesn't allow for much. Glad they gave you some concrete info. That said, I think most people KNOW they have NOT missed them when they look online and only see a few for sale. I assume they simply don't want to miss out in the FUTURE, or simply cannot wait, which is why they're pulling the trigger now. But maybe I'm wrong. If you mean Hammerhead, then yes, he is not out yet. Later in 2019. I'd love a Tombstone! Character or pizza.
  5. What sort of transparency are you looking for? Looks like Walgreens has answered a direct question with a fairly direct answer, but I'm not sure how many actually think to do that. As for us, DST has NO information on when they will make it to stores. Once we ship to them, they have their own internal distribution system we are not privy to. People will always pay what they want to pay, and it sounds like some are willing to pay a 50% markup to save themselves the search/wait. A 150% markup seems excessive, but I don't think greater transparency would change that. Only figures in stores will change that, and it sounds like that will happen very soon.
  6. That's on me, I need to update cross-sell; I didn't realize TRU items were on there. I need to invest time, effort; money will stay the same.
  7. These Minimates were done well before February. I don't think we have ever been shown what happens in the final scenes of a movie that far ahead. Maybe told, but rarely shown. I am not required to interact with anyone here. Sorry if my responses seem avoid-ery, I am not avoiding anything.
  8. I'm not trying to shut anyone up, I do not think more Endgame MM are forthcoming, so discuss away. But as far as I can tell the final battle Cap and Thor looks are very similar to what has come before, are usually very heavily repeated characters, and are easy QCs. I may be wrong. Sorry if people are unhappy.
  9. So you're saying because FInal Battle Thor was absent from the IW waves, we should have known to make him in a final battle look for Endgame, even though (we were not sure when or if he would wear a final battle look? (I'm fairly certain that is true, maybe I missed a very early trailer that showed him in his full costume, but I don't think I did.) So you're saying that we should have done an IW look in an Endgame wave? That would never have happened, unless he wore the exact same look and we were also told that, which I imagine they would have.
  10. But we solicited them before the movies came out. That makes a big difference.
  11. We showed those literally a month ago. The set was made. What sort of rapid response were you expecting? Us rushing a new set into production with probably no more reference than we had, based on a few people's disappointment? Pretty sure the Thor we made for IW was in the outfit he wore for all but the last five minutes. I know people wanted final battle, but that was not what he wore for the majority of the film. We work with what we have, and what we can get approved. I think it's a strong assortment, and not repetitive with what has come before, but Sorry you are disappointed.
  12. As far as I know it was neither. I don't believe they chose Quantum suits because it would be cheap or because it would be some minimally used look that fans would get a kick out of. As far as I know, these were the looks that, having made dozens of variations of the main costumes in the Infinity War and previous waves, and based on the information we had, would be the most appropriate for this wave. But sorry people are unhappy. Hindsight is golden, and this movie is kind of a game-changer, but that is not true in our experience. Traditionally, fans MIGHT wait that long, depending on the product, but retailers would generally not. Sales would suffer. I'm not aware of any more MM releases for Endgame, but never say never. You mean not going back and buying any of the previous movie mates? Or just not buying THESE movie mates? Because if that's the case, it seems like the gap in your collection would only be bigger if you skipped the entire wave.
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