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  1. Ask Zach

    I hadn't seen it suggested before that thread. But Chuck doesn't even like sculpted HANDS.
  2. DC Minimates

    "Throwing under the bus" implies that someone has done something wrong, and someone needs to be blamed for something. It's only ever existed as a complicated licensing situation, and the licensing has only gotten more complicated, and DC Collectibles doesn't need us to develop cool products for them. They make plenty! And I can't imagine that they could make MInimates or mini-figures or Scribblenauts or Blammoids even if they wanted to. There are other players in the game now.
  3. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    I could see that. I wonder if some Thanos boots would deliver a more 1980s Handbook appearance. Has anyone tried to emphasize the Man in Mandroid? I have not seen a mod liket this
  4. DC Minimates

    Articulated figures are a different category, as are mini-figures. Banks and statues are usually 100% separate from toy discussions. Once it's a plastic poseable or non-poseable toy of a certain size (1-12") then there are larger issues at play, especially when the property has a master toy licensee.
  5. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    I think stack is going beyond quick customs, he is talking about re-using tooling with new factory paint jobs. Obviously, it's easy to reuse a suit body to make another suited character without "shortchanging" the character in most situations. And since most of the characters listed are fairly basic outfits, mostly accomplished by tampo, it's really just a perfectly feasible wish list. (Although I'm not sure how the two Richard Riders and two Sam Alexanders we've made were not accurate, and I think the Draxes we've made, while less green, make Drax the LEAST necessary comic Guardian re-do.) But if the implication is that Red King and Mandroid were "shortchanged" by reusing existing armor pieces, I think that those parts are the reason those characters were possible. Most parts are tooled with the expectation or re-use like this, and rather than tooling all-new parts for 3rd-tier characters like Red King and Mandroids, we simply would not make them. If the suggestion is that bare-bones characters like modern Electro and Tombstone should replace larger armored characters as a rule if the armor is not going to be 100% accurate, I think that's a mistake. The bulkier armored characters are appealing to kids and casual fans, not to mention collectors, and while new characters should always be attempted (see TRU 24 and 25), I think the bulky armored characters give the line much-needed visual and thematic diversity. In fact, I think we should make MORE bulky armored characters.
  6. DC Minimates

    DC COllectibles and Warner Brothers are not the same thing. It's possible Kevin doesn't know the licensing intricacies, and assumes the ball is in our court, or he knows the deal and is simply saying that no matter what, DC COllectibles will not be a part of that decision. CHuck has been pretty clear on this, and he is the one who knows the situation best. I do not know if he has asked DC Collectibles to re-consider our previous arrangement, but I assume it is not happening for whatever reason.
  7. DC Minimates

    I think Kevin is just saying in his own way that DC Collectibles is not interested in making/licensing Minimates. So you can talk to us but it will all depend on the licenses we can get, and that is not currently one of them.
  8. Infinity War

    There will be a Walgreens assortment. Same as Thor. That list of characters is missing a couple of key characters (Shuri, Okoye), and some key variant looks (SEEKRIT), but you will get all of them.
  9. I'm not sure who Polarboy is trolling, but somewhere a Neelix fan is crying.
  10. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

  11. The Dark Tower

    Some of these photos are on our page, just share one of them, like it and follow us so we can contact you. Facebook.com/diamondselecttoys
  12. The Dark Tower

    Not the most epic of pictures, but: Giving away some two-packs and box sets on FB, Twitter, Instagram.
  13. The Dark Tower

    Without dios, yes. Not sure about accessories, i.e. if Roland will have the horn. THe Select does.
  14. Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    I don't think we made that one, no.
  15. DC Vinimates

    I believe so!