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  1. It was a mistake. Regular Igor.
  2. We ended the Nick line because the cartoon was ending, and because TRU was scaling back on Turtles. This will do better at specialty. These are prototypes. Hand painted. Even if these are the final, approved colors, they will likely look slightly different in production.
  3. Happy belated!
  4. There are many, many things keeping us from offering more Trek Minimates. Maybe someday.
  5. Keep in mind it is 10:22 on a Friday night. When I answered that last post I was on a train with no Internet on my laptop.
  6. Packaging, yes.
  7. Just to clarify, we do not choose characters based on how many are on eBay. I'm sure there are a lot of Wolverines on eBay, too. Leader is a big villain, he's on the cartoon, we haven't made him in a long time, we thought he'd sell at Walgreens and he needed an update. He made sense. And I actually think he's more detailed than the original. But tastes differ, as you said. For the record, I also like the taste of this Man-Thing.
  8. No release date yet. Comic shops, check comicshoplocator.com. If they aren't getting it, they can order one set for you. If the set and Vinimate do well, more are possible.
  9. We actually made Unification Spock already.
  10. Making History is the best.
  11. Https://media.giphy.com/media/xUA7b1oiDk7ZQGAeRO/giphy.gif
  12. I'd normally be the first to say the Squadron are relatively obscure characters, but hearing someone who prefers classic looks say that makes me do a double take. Even of Zarda and Spectrum aren't on your radar, Hyperion has been spotlighted a few times, and Speed Demon was a recurring villain. As far as the Leader not sporting a classic look, I agree with BigVis... I think the Series 5 look is as close to the Official Handbook costume as the original Mate was. I never told anyone to accept it, I just think they blend fine, as you seem to. Is it possible we'll never revisit these new characters in the comic line? Sure. Are we getting a bunch of new characters in the comic line who will likely never appear in the animated line? Also sure. You take the good with the bad, unless you simply modify your criteria for "good," and then it's all good! Like the old adage says, these could just as easily not exist. Walgreens is making more characters possible. That's a different situation, in that we were taking about two comic costumes with minor differences, and people wanted us to make it inaccurate to satisfy a different need than the one it was intended for. But comparing either situation to being asked to drink a glass of warm piss is a new level of exaggeration, even for you, PL. A Minimate where there was black instead of white? A Minimate with a few less detail lines? Come on. Chuck and Robert and Uriel and Barry have kept the line going for 15 years. Decisions like making Animated Minimates for Walgreens are what has kept it alive. I'm sorry that people can't enjoy the new characters and re-dos in the formats in which they are being offered. I hope we eventually make what you want.
  13. Yes, he comes with I believe Batroc's vest. Isabelle comes with WInter Soldier's rifle.
  14. Masks are the same, but it looks like there is a bonus crotch in the box set! Not sure about the two-pack, but probably.
  15. No bonus parts needed. Tac vest and belt come off. Mask goes on. Easy peasy.