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  1. One of them is! You will get a Thor, just not one you mentioned. The spider-character has never been made. We've made a Brian Braddock. Hulk.
  2. 2 out of 8, Buffalo. THe classic Asgardian does not wear a helmet, or much of anything. The relatively new alien wears a helmet, and armor.
  3. As long as the pose is a good one, you can always get good shots. The ball-jointed heads on these can actually give you a few choices. Many of McFarlane's old figures were only meant to be seen from one angle, as far as I could tell.
  4. Asgardian is classic. Alien is recent. Not THAT recent, but recent.
  5. Yes.
  6. It's time we started one! Bob Joint has been killing it with his Watchmen pics, I've been having fun with upcoming stuff. By Bob Joint: BTTF: Caddyshack:
  7. Great display, Tarheel! Mind if I share it in the official page? Another amazing photo, Kris! A quick shot in the yard: A quick shot in the street. Natural lighting! An easy backdrop but a heavy glow charge and a slow shutter speed.
  8. Al Czervik and Judge Smails hit 7/5!
  9. On July 5, the POTC, BTTF1 (1985) and Caddyshack S1 (Al/Judge) hit stores.
  10. Executioner is NOT in Series 74, but you will see him in the Ragnarok assortments. Hopefully he'll work for your 616. I think he could...
  11. Mac was not rare, at one point Luke had him for $6.99. I believe that assortment is still in stock in our warehouse, maybe somebody will want to go in with you.
  12. I never know when TRU will hit.
  13. We are looking at blind bags for one new line, and only at one retailer, for 2018, but otherwise all of the previously released blind bag series are inactive, for now.
  14. My local library site allows me to request form 20-30 libraries in the region, so I've been reading Unbeatable Squirrel Girl that way, and catching up with Superman. I must get in six graphic novels a week. I like Marvel Unlimited, but I can't read on the computer that often.