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  1. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    No, 100% separate
  2. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Oh, and hopefully people notice that the factory finally added a new insert, so we promote Walgreens and not TRU.
  3. DSTZach

    wave 79 or! Glad to see people posting. Lot of stuff going on in the world. Hope everyone's all right.
  4. DSTZach

    wave 79

    I used to do them a lot more often, but they took a back seat to other things. You guys have motivated me to be more proactive in my promotion of Minimates.
  5. Not sure what the 82 date will be, or even who's in it. Hopefully 81 soon, I'll let everyone know.
  6. DSTZach

    wave 79

    A video breaking down the assortment:
  7. DSTZach

    wave 79

    GR comes with flame hair, Star-Lord with hair. Adam and Moondragon have removable capes. that's really it as far as alt looks go.
  8. The Rocketeer VInimate ships next week!
  9. DSTZach

    wave 79

    You can probably pre-order them with Luke now! Looks like they will ship next Wednesday.
  10. DSTZach

    wave 79

    They are in the warehouse. Luke should have them in one or two weeks.
  11. I think I paid out of pocket, I forget. It was kind of a work promotion, I guess.
  12. Ten! We've missed you, buddy.
  13. Welcome back, SCW. Hope we'll reward your investment with some cool releases in the future.
  14. Spot wave was not in stores, it was only online. Spot/Iron Spider, Madame Masque/Holo Tony, and NOW Cyke/Rogue were the rescued TRU assortment, and were the only ones offered in that format. FWIW, and I forget who's in what assortment with the animated stuff, but Luke has a fair number of animated MM, many for less than retail. Not the Spot wave, which I went there to check for, but he has Ghost RIder/Strange and Crimson Widow/Dracula, plus most of Series 6 and one from Series 8.
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