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  1. Wave 79 will I assume not ship until things return to some semblance of normal. BUT I do not know where they are in production, as the virus first affected factories in China.
  2. I am not sure if Diamond no longer shipping new product to comic shops will affect us shipping to Walgreens. I do not know where we are with Series 12 and 13, but I will try to find out. They're both great waves. I think people will like 13 a lot.
  3. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    I found some Black-and-white Batman Who Laughs Vinimates from NYCC 2019 and added them to the store:
  4. Bitter irony! And it will hurt the sales of Minimates as much as if the Minimates were late. The universe conspires against us.
  5. Sorry I missed this. Obviously not, but sales on Series 2 are brisk, so fingers crossed for more!
  6. Not sure. I believe it came at a sensitive time.
  7. This. They were not made. If they were, we would have filled orders, not cancelled them all and sold them to a discount chain.
  8. I was waiting until the 15th to announce, as that was supposedly the set date. But I have an announcement in the queue at now, and it's up on our blog, so I guess it's announced now. Not much reason to promote if they aren't available to buy or even pre-order -- don't want to drive people crazy checking Walgreens before they're even shipped.
  9. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Yeah, I know who the seller is. Unfortunate decision. We have some SDCC exclusives planned, assuming that convention goes on as planned -- no other retail exclusives I can think of.
  10. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Upcoming 2020, in May
  11. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    That's a little early. Wonder what PRCC staffer got a hold of one.
  12. It is the rare action figure line that can be supported entirely by comic shops. Marvel Select is one of them, and even then there is the occasional variant at the Disney Stores. (Most DS figures are not variants.) Most of our figure lines have been offered at comic shops AND a major chain to reach the minimum order quantity. We've been doing it for over a decade. Major chains like TRU and WG want lower price points and smaller packaging. Comic shops want something the major chains don't have. Universal Monsters had dioramas, Avatar has big effects, Westworld had extra accessories, NBX has dioramas and extra characters, Ghostbusters had dioramas, Castlevania has accessories, nearly all have done this. Tron was a bit of a mix-up, we let retailers know LATE, but they still came with exclusive effects and we lowered the price accordingly.
  13. ECCC will take place this summer, supposedly, so they may still be at ECCC. We'll see see see.
  14. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    ECCC itself has been delayed, so we'll see.
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