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  1. Please say hi! Close-shaved head, faint sideburns.
  2. DSTZach

    wave 79

    It will not be out in 2019. 78 will. Marvel Vehicles were not possible from day one. It has always been the realm of others.
  3. DSTZach

    wave 79

    I'll modify my "highly requested re-dos" to "re-dos of characters that people have been asking for a re-do, even if they're not the exact costumes". Lots of movie versions, few comic versions. and the theme had been discussed in this thread before I showed up. Not Spider-Man.
  4. DSTZach

    wave 79

    79 is a theme everyone has been asking for, including here. Three two-packs and a BAF, three new characters, two highly requested re-dos and two other redos, one long overdue (only the second version in 10 years) and the other made only once but more recently.
  5. I don't think I promised anything. Did I?
  6. I don't think we had a MM panel last year. Could be wrong.
  7. Sometimes we do a cutoff each day based on sales, but mainly its first come first served.
  8. They were made just for DST, there are only 250 of each. But if any don't sell, it's possible they'll end up in our store. Not sure what we'd have to do to get them set up for retailer ordering, they're not like the shared exclusives.
  9. They are also among our best sellers, especially at cons. Zim also does well. And Godzilla, in pre-orders. Most of our repaints have been con or retailer exclusives. Most limited quantity. Everything else is 100% different.
  10. 250 of each, if they don't sell out they'll be in the web store.
  11. They do have neck pivots. and more are planned.
  12. John WIck comes with a dog. Too early to say with TRU. Fantasticar would be cool. We could do a line of vehicle statues: Motorcycle, Blackbird... Ask DST!
  13. DSTZach

    DC Vinimates

    Series 6 with the three Batmen should hit next month.
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