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  1. DSTZach

    wave 79

    At first I was afraid -- I was petrolfied -- that people might think I was changing the oil subject. But everyone seems to have come along for the road trip. Tanks!
  2. Yes, I meant the latest Spidey cartoon, we have done them from previous cartoons.
  3. I don't think that's anything new. It might be a shorter window than six months, I'd have to check the last few waves. I think recent box set sales have made us doubt their sellable nature. But we also have Walgreens putting out 3-4 Animated and movie waves per year, and many of those are comic-compatible.
  4. DSTZach

    wave 79

    The Incredible Gulf. The Uncany X-On. ... I think we may have different gas stations.
  5. Regular, no more venomous for the time being.
  6. Not exactly sure when the release is, I was just guessing. We won’t solicit it until 79 is out, I don’t think.
  7. DSTZach

    wave 79

    That is the first time I have heard Cosmic Ghost Rider referred to as “Space Filler”, although that is a good name for a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, or possibly a Herald of Galactus. Sort of an interplanetary gas station attendant. “Filler up!” he says as he drains a planet of its energy and pumps it directly into Galactus’ gaping maw. But seriously, he’s a fan favorite character.
  8. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Not sure what the holdup is on Wick, but it is not cancelled as of now.
  9. DSTZach

    wave 79

    I'm sorry to hear that, Augie. I don't know why those items were on that list, I agree it is very confusing.
  10. Nobody said that. Just because 79 is not Widow doesn't mean there will be no Widow. Or that this at all tied to Widow. This would be a fall release anyway.
  11. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Did we actually establish that that's the item Augie got refunded for? He wasn't clear about that.
  12. Yes, although remember Maximum Venom was two as well. Not sure if this represents a new normal, but hopefully it helps with sell-through, with fewer lingering sets like Thor.
  13. Yes 79 is Moondragon. 80 is a female mercenary.
  14. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Most of the DST items on that list are not cancelled, if anyone wants to re-assess their thoughts about DST's future and/or line-planning. We do cancel items occasionally, but many of those are key releases for us, including Series 79. One of them is pre-sold out! And I really don't understand the hate on this series. Yes, we've made Angela, yes we've made Walock, but Gamora and Star-Lord are major, anchor characters, and the rest are unmade characters who were players in three different eras of Marvel history. And they've all been Guardians, so it's not really a hodgepodge. But everyone has opinions, and I respect them all, so I hope it does great for retailers, including Luke.
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