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  1. We have not sold the brand. The site is only what is in stock in the new warehouse, which is part of the site change -- pre-ordering will come later. Pretty sure Marvel 79 is sold out, and even when 80 is out I am not sure we will bring any over, as people rarely buy cases online and we have not yet figured out the best way to offer sets under the new system. The next MM line we offer will be box sets, and I will push to make sure they are sent to the new warehouse Maybe I can even push for a Marvel set as a test for the new website, but we'll see.
  2. Now that I've finallly gotten the MMMV and GB promos out the door, it's time for another giveaway! I found two sets of blue Leos and orange (okay, yellow) Mikeys. If you do NOT have these (honor system!) and haven't won anything in the last two giveaways let me know below, and I'll choose two people at random. Hail Ivan!
  3. Shipped the MMMV and GB promos today. And the crazy comes from the launch of the new DST website (check it out), a slight change to my official responsibilities, and planning an alternative to the traditional (and cancelled) Toy Fair. But there is an announcement coming that will be exciting for MM collectors. It got slightly delayed, but I think we're looking at late Feb.
  4. I was actually packing them up tonight. Sorry for the delay, been a crazy couple of weeks.
  5. Funk, Dave and Nando, DM me your mailing addresses! No idea when these will get to anybody, with the US mail SNAFU, but I'll try to ship them this week.
  6. Hope everyone is having a happy new year so far. Exciting news coming up in the next couple of months. To stoke the flames, I found three MInimate Multiverse Promo blanks. If you DON'T HAVE ONE -- honor system, kids -- post that you want one below, and I will send it out to you. Hail Ivan!
  7. I guess it's Tribble, Phiz and Trekker! DM me your addresses, guys. Sorry, Cylon and Onyx. If I find any more, you'll have first dibs.
  8. Happy New Year, sir! And the rest of you swell guys and gals.
  9. No plans for Black Hole MM that I am aware of, but the figures did real well. We're working on a third production run -- and a Series 2!
  10. I know there hasn't been a ton of MInimates news coming out lately, but there's a few good things around the corner, and I wanted to kick off the new year with some positive vibes, so here's the first in a series of giveaways. I found my box of old promos, and I found three of the NYCC GB Ecto Promo Mates, which will always be a painful reminder to me that we never made another one in pink. The first three responders who post here and DON'T HAVE ONE ALREADY will get them -- honor system, guys. (Full disclosure, while bagged, the peeling stickers are kind of gunky from coming home in my shoulde
  11. The Walgreens releases are very different. No Old Bob, no diorama pieces, no alt head for Max. I believe we are making more of that Vinimates set.
  12. Ususually I post a story and send it to press the minute a new set has been spotted. I promoted Series 12 a little late, but I have not seen them in stores yet. Walgreens does not promote that I know of, which is why I do. I announce all Walgreens sets once they have been found, but usually not before, because I do not want people running around looking for them. Some people seem to not like this plan, I may change it. Falcon and WS sets hit early, so I will not be promoting them for a while (embargoes). I am not sure, sorry. I can think of a few possible reasons, but I have no
  13. No, but there are bad articles. Not once does that article mention the name of the toy line (maybe it's on purpose, so as not to promote said toy line for free?). And they assume the character is an antagonist because its in a two-pack with a hero. Poorly written.
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