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  1. I think the Vinimate style, which in most cases is the Minimates style, is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm hoping that a set of "realistic" 4-inch vinyl figures of the Zords will fill a gap in power rangers fans' collections, and not just Minimates fans. Fingers crossed.
  2. I think getting the Vinimate Zords made is proving to be a problem, which is why we're resoliciting. Not sure we'd do them as Minimates. But I don't think a third MM set has been ruled out.
  3. I think he is a different license, and not one we have pursued, but that would be pretty cool!
  4. We will be resoliciting the Power Rangers Vinimates at the end of February. Please pre-order if at all possible.
  5. Series 2 goes up for pre-order in late February!
  6. You can try customer service. If they don't have any, I may.
  7. Not sure we have those rights, but Ask DST!
  8. Pre-orders are always PLANNED to have a six-month lead time. Things have been taking a little longer with some sets, for instance GI Joe was January to November, but Series 2 was July to January, so that's pretty on-course. Hopefully these are already tooled, and production will go quickly once a decent number of orders have been received. Spread the word.
  9. Luke needs to order more! Alternatively, has Series 1 -- not sure what the shipping is like to the UK, but they do ship internationally. Power Rangers (Series 1) Minimates Box Set (
  10. Only three sets planned right now, with two turtles in the third set. A Foot Soldier in every set, plus a good guy and at least one bad guy in every set. Each package is themed to a different vehicle. There is a 4th set designed, but it's not from the classic cartoon. We'll see how these do.
  11. I have not heard talk of vehicles, but that would be awesome. Ditto army builders, but if the next few sets do well I don't see why they would not try it.
  12. Toy Fair is in September now. I will push to reveal Series 3 in February, but that may not happen. The special box sets are all-new characters, but not army-builders. I believe we are planning them as con exclusives, but that is still up in the air.
  13. I'm not sure we've scheduled a Profit Director Destro, but now I want it to happen at some point. Series 3 is tooled, Series 4 is painted, and there are NO repeated characters. And we have two additional VERY interesting carded box sets we're working on.
  14. In the 90s he wore one, not sure about the 80s.
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