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  1. Saw Black Panther/Shuri and both Venom packs in Newtown, CT.
  2. Yes. They just came up with movie-specific names for them that we were not using.
  3. I would say that of all the characters, only a couple are debatably street-level. No pure street here.
  4. Books-A-Million glow Godzilla 1999 is now online at It requires a pretty long charge to glow, due to the colors used. And tomorrow is Halloween Comicfest, you can find a retailer near you at and pick up the other two exclusives.
  5. Wait, was Fang in Dark Phoenix? I thought that costume switch happened much earlier.
  6. If we'd gotten an animated version, I would have said. No Ketch Ghost Rider, who also got a figure in Wave 50..
  7. DSTZach

    wave 79

    Series 79 will solicit next month.
  8. It wasn't so much abandoned as it served its purpose to a certain extent. They were in stock for a long time, as Best of and Greatest Hits, we just haven't made a new run recently. I THINK we still have a case or two in stock.
  9. Series 80 is not street-themed, it's a little bit of a hodge-podge - loosely connected, but it does include a few characters who have never met. I've seen the designs and they're very cool. But of course I would say that. Series 80: Three two-packs, one BAF. three women heroes: two never made, one in a costume we've never made. four men: one hero and one villain we've never made, one villain we've only done as a movie version, one LONG awaited hero re-do. Like single-digit series.
  10. Thanks for the updates, YB. I have been waiting for the BAM Vini to show up. And did they let you buy the HCF ones? I wasn't sure if there was a sales embargo for those.
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