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  1. TRU Series 26

    I won't tell anyone, I'm sure those figures will appear elsewhere. They'd make fine comic shop assortments.
  2. C2E2 2018

    I believe Gotham, Watchmen and iZombie are still active licenses, in that we still technically have them, or only recently lost them, but no more MM are currently planned, no. Walking Dead license is, I believe, done, no plans to revisit that I know of, but never say never. The two licenses I meant were ones we actually no longer had, and you had not seen MM or any product for some time. I do not know for SURE that both will involve MM once again, but I believe that it is a possibility, one that I would certainly like. VM are also possible, of course.
  3. TRU Series 26

    The lineups for 27 and 28 were pretty cool, IIRC. I don't believe any were prototyped, though. Maybe.
  4. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    How did I miss these C3 arcade machines? Are they MM scale?
  5. WAVE 76

    Currently reading this story for the first time. Didn't realize how big a part Carrion played. Cool we made him, but now I am noticing the lack of Deathlok, modern Firestar, etc. Hrm.
  6. SDCC 2018

    Close, Wedding Night. Au naturel.
  7. SDCC 2018

    I am actually not sure. I thought it was ALL social media, but perhaps not.
  8. SDCC 2018

    Anyone who wants to go to SDCC this year but doesn't have the scratch, Diamond Comics is giving away a trip. Enter here: We'll have an exclusive DC Vinimates two-pack, both characters we've done, but still cool. Hope to see you there, just put in my panel application(s). No promo Mate planned, before anyone asks. Good luck!
  9. D-Formz

    How about NearlyMates? Or ReallyMates? Because they're more realistic? I can't imagine the human pilots would not be easy QCs. Can't you just put whoever into a Mass Effect suit and call it a day? Or Mr. Freeze's jumpsuit?
  10. Antman and the Wasp

    There will be a specialty box set, not sure what else beyond that. There were some plans, not sure any of them are still around. Everyone in the box set is costumed. You may not see a ton of civilians this go-round.
  11. TRU 25

    They appear to be stocking my old local TRU (NAnuet, NY) like crazy, all the shelves are full, staffers are busy doing that, and not manning registers. My store was only offering 10% off, and I actually forgot to check the Marvel aisle. TRU 26 did not ship, but TRU 25 did, so they have them all, and as far as I know they are pushing stuff out to be sold.
  12. WAVE 76

    Specialty release dates have more to do with when orders are gathered from stores, and it averages 6 months after that. Pre-orders open now, so most likely fall. But do not expect any sort of formula to apply to TRU 26. True, we didn't need to promote TRU waves as far in advance, with no pre-orders to gather, so the figures I revealed were production samples. BUT shortly after I revealed it, TRU went out of business, and the order was never shipped to them. It is in our warehouse and currently seeking a home. If there is no mass retail taker, then it may end up at comic shops. But I have no sense of a timeline. May happen before summer, but I don't know. Cloak comes with Dagger, as far as I know. Description I wrote should be correct. Not sure where that picture layout came from, or why I didn't ask them to tweak it.
  13. TRU Series 26

    They will not be at SDCC, as far as I know. I believe they are being shopped to major retail chains, but they MAY end up going to specialty. I do not know how many of these were made compared to a specialty assortment. Not every TRU MM assortment is ordered in the same quantity, and I believe orders got smaller towards the end.