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  1. I have not seen them come into the warehouse inventory, which means they are not coming out in the next two weeks.
  2. The fourth character has been replaced, and is a civilian. Waiting to hear if it will make the show.
  3. It wasn't a Cobra And it not being a Joe OR a Cobra led to them asking (ultimately, belatedly) us not to include it. A shame, but I'm sure the replacement will be equally cool, whatever it is. And the lost character will be released in another format, I believe.
  4. If designs are done, I'd like to announce them at SDCC
  5. Great Peggy! How have we not made Spider-Punk?
  6. It wasn't a Joe. Sorry guys, I'm a mad as you are.
  7. Hasbro owns Power Rangers. That is the packaging issue. GI Joe has that sweet VHS packaging that hopefully will not change. But a figure had to be replaced, so it will PROBABLY not make the show, sadly.
  8. The changes came this week or last. It's a whole thing..
  9. While I'm sure there will be plenty to say about this first announcement, the other two may be a little while. Hasbro came back with some VERY late in the game changes, so we had to hold off on announcing them (one was a potential packaging issue, one was a full character replacement). Hopefully they will still make the show, but rest assured they will be offered in some form this year, along with TMNT and the mystery Vinimates.
  10. Unfortunately I have no info. All of our ship dates are kind of up in the air. Still backups at the port.
  11. We don't know for SURE That they will arrive at SDCC in time, but we have high hopes. If not, you can surely order them through Luke's or through the DST site.
  12. Will be revealed May 12! This includes: GI Joe Exclusive 4-pack in "VHS" style packaging Transformers Exclusive 4-pack in "VHS" style packaging Power Rangers Exclusive 6-pack in Deluxe window box This does NOT include: TMNT 4-Pack (Diamond Comics 40th Anniversary Exclusive) Mystery License Vinimates 2-Pack (will be revealed closer to the show, as will MM and Gallery Diorama)
  13. I didn't know it was on there! Switched to Netflix for a while, but hope to go back someday and watch MK. X-men are still in the works, not sure how we'll handle them.
  14. I don't think that's on D+. But it would be cool!
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