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  1. Not sure we're going to revisit this packaging design. It was originally concepted for Walgreens, I believe, but we're working on a new six-pack design that's more collector-friendly that would make this obsolete. So you may have to enjoy it as a one-off! Or two-off, counting NBX -- sorry I have no images of that one.
  2. Hoping we can make them work at a new outlet. They will not be at Walgreens.
  3. No, we will not be there. I mean next July.
  4. SDCC sets may be announced early this year. Like December early. I'll keep everyone posted.
  5. If they do well, yes. We are also working on what should turn out to be a pretty phenomenal SDCC set.
  6. Series 1 (Joe Team) will be solicited I BELIEVE in late December. Christmas Eve!
  7. Series 2 will complete the team, and we are already looking at ideas for an SDCC set.
  8. Wave 83 is a ways off, so it certainly wouldn't line up, but a Spidey wave is not out of the question. That said, we just did Maximum Carnage, and I think we're leaning in a different direction for 83. But who knows! Never say never! The SDCC set was a surprise (or will be, once it arrives), so more movie MM are possible, but none are currently planned that I am aware of.
  9. I know Corsair got a toy in the distant past (Toy Biz!), but I'd say he's still an obscure character, one without a Legend. And Lilandra never got that ML figure they proposed, right? But now she's got a Minimate! Ghost got a movie Legend, but not a comic one. I think we're still holding our own. More to come! And FWIW, there are a lot of unsold White Rabbits out there.
  10. Sorry, guys, no No Way Home plans.
  11. Believe it or not, they are being discussed, but they may not be the ones you want...
  12. I like Iron Man MK 42, for some reason. I know some don;t like those shoulders, but it's shiny.
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