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  1. Considering his adult face in Children's Crusade looks like this: And in IIM #6 he looked like this (college era): With some extra parts (mainly a different hairpiece), you can make both a young Victor and probably a young Reed. And with the lack of F4 figs, I'll get what I can, really.
  2. I just want a comic Guardians Wave. Or a Supernatural one. Anything other than Avengers or X-Men (well, I'd take an "All-Stat Modern X-Verse" Wave with the rest of the Bondage-Men, Legacy Rogue, Modern Storm, Cat-Beast, Modern Mystique & Trenchcoat Rachel)... I mean, we have 2 MCU GotG waves and not a single comic book version? Hell, we have Angela, Godkiller IM & Space Venom, plus Captain Carol, but not the rest of the ANAD GotG. It's just... weird...
  3. Henry = Young Victor Von Doom QC The figs look much better "in-hand" as well.
  4. I haven't bought a Lego set in... 4 years I think. Hell, I haven't bought a minimate set for at least a year. But this does look damn cool. I always liked the bigger Lego sets (Modulars, Architect, etc), so this is right up my alley. I was thinking of buying some Covenant Figs to make the pre transformation F4, so this'd go along nicely. No room to put it in though, so...
  5. Iron Fist was in Fraction's Defenders team, which retconned itself from existence with the final issue, so technically...
  6. Yeah, seems we're gonna get the Street-Level wave. Bullseye semi-confirmed, Chuck alluding to it in response to one of my AskDST question's a couple months back, Alonso saying Marvel wants to push them. It all checks out. Question is, what's the line-up gonna be?
  7. I've been reading this one over at Instagram and it's great! Keep up the good work!
  8. Welcome back, and I really hope you stand back on your feet again. Best of luck!
  9. I'd have preffered sculpted vines and whatnot on his hands and feet, plus a bigger body, but the main sculpt is good enough for me to ignore that, really. if it wasn't so hard to find, I'd have add the sculpted parts, but I'd rather leave it as is. That's great! Is it a business thing or vacation-related? It's not really summer season, but the weather's mostly nice (the temperature hovers around 27-24 Celcius). What cities are you visiting?
  10. H-Hope di-dies l-last... sniff... I'd love a High Evolutionary, but he's probably way too obscure. A new Bullseye would be great as well. I find the faces a bit simplistic for my tastes, but I can stomach 'em. I mean, sure, I'd prefer a hyper detailed comic version, but it's not that big of a deal breaker for me. So I probably won't buy the Animated Black Widows, but Man-Thing is rather perfect, really. I'm always up for villains anyway.
  11. I remember you saying that 2017 would see more villains made. Any chance any of them (say, a certain Big Name Bad-Guy turned quasi Good-Guy of A-List status) are included in these comic related assortments? Or any clues, really. That'd be cool. PS: HYDRA!Cap is the Most Based of Based comic book characters. He's actually getting stuff done.
  12. Ace pic! We really need a New X-Men Wave. Jean/Logan Scott/Emma Xavier/Cassandra Nova Beast/Xorn Add some extra parts (arms for Logan to go jacketless, a coat for Emma, an undershirt for Xavier, etc) and you're set.
  13. But the costume is too similar to ANAD IM, and Bendis' OC sucks... Oh hell, we all knew that she was gonna get made... You better be making Iron Doom as well though! Otherwise I'll get very cross. Very, very cross indeed!
  14. When people say HYDRA!Cap, they generally mean this costume: And like I said, when I say nucomers, I'm not referring to the ones not liking the story. I'm talking about the ones who scream "MARVEL R NAZHIS", send death threats to the writer, wear shirts with "fuck Spencer" concards, etc, etc. Those are the MCU nucomers who somehow think they "own" the character. Liking the story, disliking the story, both opinions are valid. But the moment you write a piece on how Marvel just destroyed THE "Symbol of Freedom and Democracy", well... It's a retread of that. Studios are putting out about 2 CBMs each on average, every year. At this point, we have blockbusters every month or so. This cannot be sustained for long, especially since the MCU is churning out meme-tier flicks, the DCEU is producing shit, and the FoxVerse is inconsistent. Add the sci-fi flicks, the video-game and pop culture adaptations, etc, etc, and you have film slates filled to the brim with identical movies. Just like the 90s lead to the comics collapse, sooner or later, the movies will stop making the billions they are used to, and hopefully Marvel and DC will go back to producing comics first, and movies second. And movies that are actually different, and aren't there just to take money from old-school fans and the kiddies. As for the comics front, well, Marvel is publishing this, and the Tumblrinas are loving it, so honestly, I'd rather go back to the 90s: So, yeah. Marvel's in the gutter, and their response is to do a half-assed REBIRTH (which is being given way too much credit by /co/).
  15. Eh, only nucomers are screaming at the top of their lungs for something as trivial as this. When a person throws phrases like "Captain America's the symbol of Freedom and Democracy", I'm 99.9% sure they're rather slow. I'm not talking about the ones who dislike the story. It's nothing special, and it's just Spencer using leftovers frm Hickman's work. But HYDRA!Cap is enjoyable, so I'm rding along. What irks me are the folks who never picked up a book, who haven't done their research, and are just going by the MCU and have now somehow claimed these characters as their own. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Nerd Culture becoming mainstream was the worst thing to happen for comics.
  16. I just want the Infamous IM suit before the book ends. MK's gonna get that NF show, so we're gonna see plenty of him. But if they don't make an Iron Doom now, they never will. And I NEED an Iron Doom...
  17. If it were up to me, an ANAD Wave would look like this: HYDRA!Cap || Hercules || Infamous Iron Man || Chulk || NuWasp || Unworthy Thor || Mr. Knight || Black Panther I'd pay good cash for that. I dislike that X-Run as well, but I loved the costumes.
  18. Yeah, I think that when I don't hype things too much, I tend to be more satisfied with the end result. As for HYDRA!Cap, well... I don't really give a rat's ass what a couple of normie MCU nucomers who posts "YAAAAS QUEEEN" on Twitter think about it. It's not like they're the ones buying the toys. Or the comics, for that matter. HYDRA!Cap is a perfect candidate for a new fig. Is that a confirmation? Yes, that is a confirmation. It's been confirmed. It's a fact now. We're getting HYDRA!Cap. #FACT ...Seriously though, I'd love a HYDRA!Cap.
  19. I'm not tired of classic characters, I'm just not a fan of the rather ridiculous tights. I mean, I'd love a Blazing Skull or Speedo Namor, but I'd rather get the NOW! (Bondage) X-Men. Or a new 90s Ghost Rider or something. Just more variety, you know? Otherwise, just give us some character waves. A new Cap Wave would be killer for example. Another Iron Man Wave is long overdue. As for all the clues, I'm trying to not speculate, so I'm just gonna sit and wait. I'm hoping for a HYDRA!Cap and a Mr. Knight, alongside the Infamous Iron Man armor though.
  20. Toynewsi had some pics, so here are the Watchmen figs (which are pure figurekino): Well, even if we didn't get to see them, I'm glad we have two expect 2 LCS Waves, 2 TRU Waves and a box-set full of comic stuff. I've been feeling the MCU burnout for a while now. I hope we get some new costumes, and some highly requested stuff (kneels and prays for no more 70s figs...).
  21. Man, I'm super bummed we didn't get to see the comic Marvel stuff. I need a HYDRA!Cap mate now...
  22. Well, there was a panel, and more often than not, we get concept art before samples, so maybe something was shown there, it's just that nobody has really found the time to drop in (if anybody was at the panel that is). Oh and, from the Marvel Panel: "From there, the Marvel Legacy initiative spreads out across the Marvel Universe, showcasing epic storylines hearkening back to the glory days of Marvel starring Odinson, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Man, the Avengers, America Chavez, Iron Man, Moon Knight, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, the Champions, Wolverine, Ironheart, Hulk, The Punisher and so many more!" Where's my Moon Knight huh? Where's my MOO- Ah, sorry... I don't... I think I've lost my mojo. I can't really complain as I used to... I'd still like a Moon Knight though...
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