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  1. Superior Octopus appeared in TASM #25, which was released in March, so dunno how early DST could've gotten the info. But like I said, I'd love it if that was the case. The costume looks cool, SUPERIOR!Ock is enjoyable, and it's much better than other Alt-Spideys with minimal differences. As for CWII, dunno, there aren't really any memorable costumes. The whole thing was just... not worth talking about. Like most recent Marvel titles & events, but that's for another thread.
  2. I'd love a Superior Octopus. Say what you will about the sub-par Slott tenure and his treatment of Otto, but the costume is great (in my eyes at least, since I love the color scheme). Problem is, it's too new.It was revealed earlier this year, so I doubt that's it. I'd love to be surprised though...
  3. Just got into the Marvel GI Joe stuff. So good... Makes me weep for yesterday's LEGACY (CHANGING THE INDUSTRY?1111!!!) announcements...
  4. Girl = Abyss (Ex-Nihilo's Sister) Robot = Aleph (Builders' Robot)
  5. Ex Niilo is... complicated. He's not really a "villain" per-se, just a cosmic entity far above us. His goals were nothing "evil" just... kinda messed up. But yeah, he was an Avenger. Honestly, Hickman's Avengers was a pretty weak book, because he kept adding stuff to the saga and the build up to SW, and didn't really have time to flesh out the characters, so they were all pretty unexplored. I'd take an Ex-Nihilo figure though, his design was damn cool.
  6. Memba when SDCC sets featured costumes/characters from then-hot storylines like Dark Reign? I memba... sniff, I m-memb-memba...
  7. I'm talking about the plot. It's yet another "humans don't trust us and we're gonna fight back", etc, etc. It's become the defacto plot for X-Men and it's boring. We get it, they're "allegories" (as much as a person who can hurl skyscrapers can be), but why not do something different for once? Mutants experiments by literal Eldritch Abominations. Why are they not tapping that source? There are tons of themes you can touch, from transhumanism to penetheism. But nah, another mutants v humans story is what we need. As for Avengers, it's not that it was a bad story, just... eh. The Kang plot over at Uncanny Avengers was much better and fleshed out. Waid's one was... a two-part story bloated into five. The current book is just redundant. Uncanny Avengers is doing a much better job of being an Avengers book TBH.
  8. They're more than you think. Marvel publishes around 60 titles per month. Most of them are stealth minis that they market as ongoings. They charge 5$ for the first issue ("8 extra pages" woo), and before issue 3 hits the stands, they announce its cancellation. Really, look at the current schedule: That's for the month of August.We'll probably get another relaunch in October with their Legacy/Make Mine Marvel/Whatever Name They Are Going With This Time Banner. You can go to comicbookroundup to check the average scores (it's like RT but for comics). Not that it matters to this particular case, since like I said, this is all my opinion. Either way, I wouldn't search for any "logic" in my comments. I simply do not like the current crop of titles. Too many unknowns, too much agenda pushing, too many lies, etc, etc. Everyone sounds and acts the same. There's a clear "if you don't believe/support X, you're Y" mentality that is evident in all their books. And I simply do not like that. As soon as July with the relaunch rolls around, and their current titles are once again cancelled, I'm out completely. Unless, of course, they change writers, get competent editors, stop their idotic "crusade" and produce something worthwile, in my eyes at least. Eh, I follow characters. But Marvel keeps giving him all of the ones I like, so I'm obliged to at least check it out. It's not my fault he fails to deliver every single time. I don't dislike him, I'm just dissapointed at how awful his current output is. Instead of minimizing his problems, he went all "cranked up to eleven !1!" on them. Most of them, yeah. IMO always. Maybe trsh is overtly harsh. But there are some books that are downright trash, some average ones, and a handful of genuinely good titles, so the whole output, to my eyes, is less than average. Bendis' Moon Knight came out in 2011 and was awful. The current book ended last week and was just another "le MaRcccCC is Cra-Y--Cr-Ay" story stretched out in 14 issues. Ellis introduced the idea that Khonshu acted like a bacteria, and made a "nest" in Marc's mind. Lemire just made Marc have a case of DiD/Mental Illness, did away with that retcon, and the whole run ended with Marc again saying "F U" to Khonshu and then... ending. Yeah, 1 year and a bit wasted on Marc being in a hospital, going on a mind-trip, then walking on the roof, saying "begone" and then... that was it. I spent about 60 euros for that. So, yeah... Daredevil, like I said, is still grim n' gritty, but without actually doing anything. Silk ended a while back and it was "bubbly" Not Hellcat bubbly, but still. Not that I minded. Silk was a good book. No "messages", no undertones, just a well-written book. The Spider-Warriors book ended a looong time ago and it was less than average. Punisher is nothing exceptional, and Spider-Gwen is goign with Alt-U storylines and Peter Porker, so... As for Riri, the problem isn't the character, it's how she came to be. Imagine this Batman story, and then tell me if that'd be something you'd read: -Riddler becomes a good guy out of the blue and randomly appears once every two issues to remind Batman that he "wants to help". -The Riddler thing goes nowhere, and now Batman is in Japan with Nightwing and Superman. They defeat the evil ninjas and... leave. That's the end of that story. -An event happens, and Nightwing dies in the first issue. -In the Batman series' final issue, Batman traps Riddler, asks him why he's helping him and... we never learn the why. It's never revealed. The book just ends there. It's not brought up again. -In the event's final issue, Batman falls in a coma. -But hey, this kid you've seen for 5 panels in the course of 12 issues has now been selected by Batman to be... Batman! -Alfred and AI Bruce are now training this random kid who's going around pretending to be Batman. -Oh, and everybody loves this kid! The JL, the Titans, everybody! Now does that sound like a good Batman story?
  9. Nobody emulates Bendis' style, the problem is Bendis himself. He's found a niche and is repeating it. He writes every character the same way. He drags out plots. He leveas stories unfinished. He rushes through titles to get through to what he wants. The man wrote the X-Men for three years and nothing happened. He built up a "Revolution" that never took place. He dragged out the "Will of Charles Xavier" for "4" issues, which got delayed leading to about half a year of this storyline, and the result was... the guy introduced at the start of the book... stopped existing. Yeah, that was the big pay-off of 30+ issues. That and the "Revolution" being... a red herring! Woo! Either way, he's stuck in the past days of his glory and is not trying to move forward. That's the gist of it. I'm not saying he's a bad writer, just one that refuses to progress and is just trying to relive his past. He's not even bad, just... mediocre. House of M, his Daredevil, even Ultimate Spider-Man, they were books written by him, but they were not "Bendis"!Books. They had his "voice", but they still followed a proper structure. Story-Arcs weren't drawn out, his Bendis!Speak was kept in check, plot points weren't dropped, they were in general good books. But these days have simply passed. He needs to take a break and stop writting 4 books at once. I was talking about the America book on the 2% thing (which is obviously just a figure of speech). The sales are pretty absymal. So only a tiny minority is reading this book. Or not. Maybe the Diamond numbers are only a fragment and there's a kid over at Russia who enjoys the hell out of this book. I don't really care though. I just don't like it. I used it as an example of how the current crop of titles is, according to my POV at least, trash. There's nothing more to it than this. Some like them, some don't. I fall on the latter category. And Marvel is less diverse than ever, as far as writting style goes. That's the point. We have either bubbly teen books or hamfisted political allegories. Marvel's "Diversity" is nothing more than a catchy tune. There's no real diversity in Marvel. Everyone has the same voice, the same flaws, the same problems. It's like having a choice between a red stick figure, a blue stick figure and a green stick figure. At least in my opinion.
  10. I didn't cast blame on Bendis for America. I just used it as an example of the current state of affairs of the Marvel books. Which, I, personally, find boring, pretentious and hamfisted. Maybe a 2% likes it. Great, wee, yipity-doo. Nobody's saying that Marvel shouldn't publish it. But it is a bad book, according to me at least. I don't care for it. It wouldn't bother me if I could also read something I enjoy, but Marvel's titles are all the same. Bubbly teens ala America, political books with the subtlety of a hammer going through glass, and some average capes. I'm really not gonna analyze all the books and point out the flaws (or before someone screams "yer opinion isn't what the GA thinks!11!", at least what I perceive as flaws), but the gist of it is, Marvel has little to no classic writers left, ther new crop is average at best, the books are filled with idiotic stunts, the stories are not unique and generally, the whole line feels like a knock-off a small-time company would launch. Compare that with DC, which has all the new characters, plus the old ones. They're giving people the choice to choose what they want to read. And that's how it should be done. Not to mention that when something is a mini or a maxi, they say it. Marvel advertises everything as an ongoing, charges 5 dollars for the first issue, and then cancels the book before the 3rd issue has gone to print. It's a strategy that spits in the face of the consumer. And I'm not going to be supporting it any longer. If they want to create a new fanbase where they worship Moon Girl as "da smartest", where Bendis can do whatever he wants and generally the past is dismissed, they're free to do so. Their IPs, their writers, their artists, etc, etc. But I won't applaud it, and I won't buy it, simple as that. There are tons of good books out there waiting to be read, so I won't be wasting my pretty cash on Marvel's stunts. Maybe my comment wasn't structured properly, but I just gave a rundown of the Bendis IM era. My point was that what started as a single book got broken into 4 different titles, with a story that would normally be told in the pages of Invincible branching off to other books all just to make some cash off the shiny #1s. It makes no sense for the hyper-paranoid Tony to hand over his armor to a young kid. It makes little sense, from a story perspective, to retire the main character just to let your OC take the spotlight. It's not a good strategy to end Invincible with a cliffhanger and never follow up on it. It's lazy, and screams that Bendis wanted to get through Tony as fast as he could to create Miles 2.0: Iron Edition. It's an insult to storytelling, and I won't applaud it. The Iron Patriot over at New/US Avengers is Toni Ho, Yinsen's daughter. She's alright. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Either way, it's all just an opinion. I was only giving a quick rundown of the Bendis-IM era. You're free to read the books themselves and decide whether you like them or not. It's a free world (and internet). I, and others, don't like Riri, mainly for the reasons stated. I also don't like Moon Girl. Or Synergy-Quake. Or America Chavez. Or Modern Kate Bishop. Generally, I dislike everything Marvel, with some exceptions, past 2013. Lazy stories, cash-grab relaunches, awful events and stupid decisions are what I'd use to describe post-MCU Marvel. Some like it, some don't. I don't, and that won't change.
  11. >Expecting continuity >In a current Marvel book Thanos alone Post-2016 has had such a fricked-up continuity that not even Ewing could untangle it. And who's to blame? Come on, you know this one.... And yeah, Prodigy in YA didn't have any powers. Though the panel's meant to be read as "but you have no powers, what are you doing in this Uni" which is still weird considering not everyone in that Uni had any powers, so...
  12. I wouldn't say Bendis defined the Ultimate Universe. He just got the Spider-Man gig, and his "realistic speak" was new at the time, leading people to fawn over his overdrawn plots. I will admit that he was good back then, sure, but I'd argue Millar's Ultimates set the tone for the Ult-Verse, while Ult-Spider made it explode in popularity, due it being a brand new starting point for one of the most well known heroes. Still, that's not really the point. It's that Bendis is practically free to do whatever he wants currently. He could ask to write a book about Killraven and Arkon alongside Morgana Le Fay, and he'd probably get it. The sales could fall to 5k, but until he got bored, he could write it. And it's never good when a writer, especially one like Bendis, who has no respect for continuity or the works of others, manages to amass such power. Well, I'd say the A-List thing is just a metric of visibillity, and it generally means folks who, in their field, have amassed critical acclaim, as well as found commercial success, and are big enough names to have people try each one of their projects. I mean, whatever Kirkman laucnhes, it well sell. But if GWW tries to launch an indie title, it won't have the same fanbase as Remender's Black Science or Hickman's East of West. And going by that, Marvel is lacking both the Big Names, and new writers with distinct styles and voices. As for the trashing, well, Zach asked why folks hate Riri, and as one of those (well, hate's a strong word... maybe dislike... to be honest, I prefer Riri to Moon Girl... now that's a POS character), I tried to just give a summary. I've stopped visiting comic book websites and have trimmed my pull list extensively. It wasn't as much trashing as a recap with a few snide remarks. I mean, it was just one comment... -------------- Figure aside, I'm down for villains. Apart from that... eh. I'd do nasty things for a HYDRA High Council Secret Empire Wave TBH.
  13. Mark "I'LL TURN SOME MOTHERFRICKING TABLES" Waid? Long Rant, it's towards the end. He was good. Very good. But now he's not. He's churning out mediocre story after mediocre story, and his Champions reeks of "fellow kids". Even his Daredevil run out of steam after the relaunch. Jim Starlin? The guy has his own little continuity and doesn't give two fricks about the rest of the Marvel U. He got out his Thanos fan-fic once again, ignored Secret Wars, and that was it... Oh, wait, yeah, he wrote a Guardians book nobody read what, a year ago? Either way, he's not a current writter. Dan... Slott... Really? The guy who turned Silver Surfer into bland Doctor Who fanfic and has made Spider-Man unreadable? Sure, he's well-known, I'll give you that. GW.W... Yeah, she's writting Ms. Marvel... And, uh... nothing else... Her other comics include Ms. Marvel and... two Vertigo books. Hardly A-List. And that goes for both popularity and quality. In the end, where's Hickman? Remender? Gillen? Ellis? Morrison? Even Lemire is leaving Marvel. Their biggest name is Aaron, who's just rehashing his past work. Where is Priest, whose Deathstroke book is absolutely destroying everything Marvel puts out? Where is Gaiman and his Miracle Man story? Where's Rucka? Where's Fraction? Where's Azzarello? All of them have gone indie, or are at DC. And whereas DC is building some stars with King, Orlando, Tomassi and the like, Marvel's new crop constitutes of this: Oh yeah, they shoved Conway in a Carnage book and now have him on a Spider-Man AU they refuse to promote 'cause "muh reletable Parker"... Plus PAD, who hasn't turned in anything worthwhile ever since X-Factor ended, and is currently on the run from the IRS... Bendis absolutely has power at Marvel. I mean, just look at the crap he's pulling. You think someone like Ewing could've been given Iron Man, and then allowed to kill off the main character, scrap the spin-off, and then replace the main book with his OC? Remender pitched lots of supernatural books (the team over at Uncanny Avengers annual was used as a gateway to it) and Alonso turned them down. Alonso also turned down Doctor Strange books, until Aaron's one, which so Goddamn awful I'd need 2 hours to type out a complete rant. Bendis run the Guardians to the ground, erased everything from the DnA era (that was two years before the movie hit) and got permission to use characters like Venom, Captain Marvel, Thing, Kitty Pryde and even the newly acquired Angela. Bendis is currently writting: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Iron Spin-Off, Jessica Jones and Defenders. 5 books. 5! What's wrong with Ms. America? Lines like "holy menstruation". Dropping slang in every damn sentence. Ugly art. Awful transitions. I mean, damn, Hitler comes out of nowhere and she... punches him. Yeah... I guess Hitler run around the Battlefields. And America, someone who's spent years on Earth, and was a Young Avenger, doesn't know Cap. Nah, he's just "mad familiar". And then, get this... Hitler is taken away! Yeah! So, yeah, I guess Captain America and Peggy Carter came across Hitler on the Battlefield, Chavez punched him and... nobody did nothing while Nazis carried him away. Now look at this: What's going on there? Is she tied? Is that some kinda fricked up role-play? Is that supposed to be holding her hostage? Why is she sitting like that? What is going on?! There's more, but... you get the point. Look, honest talk... REBIRTH is just nostalgia capes. It's not groundbreaking, but at least it's not bad (Deathstroke's brilliant though, with Wild Storm being enjoyable as well). Marvel's baaaaad. Reeeeeal bad. And it goes beyond RedPillers/SJWs/Cucks/Nazis/Whatever buzzword each group uses. The books are mediocre, boring, stale and just... bad. Cape books have turned to capeshit, period. Wanna read some actually good comics? Head for Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, etc, etc.
  14. Ha, joke's on them, 'cause I'm too broke to buy anything Lego related!
  15. The internet cried so much, that they're getting rid of this costume by issue 5 or so.
  16. Bendis is basically mad with power right now. He can't write any new indie stuff 'cause he loses interest way too fast to build up a whole world, and Marvel's so completely out of A-List writers that he can basically do whatever the hell he wants. So, he's free to create his own Spider-Man and his own Iron Man, and do whatever the goddamn hell he fancies. Screw continuity, screw character development. Alonso has brought Marvel to the ground, and Bendis is just having a field day. I mean, for Heaven's sake, we're talking about the company that's currently publishing this: So, you know, it's really not worth getting upset over. I've just accepted that until the CBM bubble bursts, Marvel Comics will be specifically for Twitter bloggers and MCU lovers. Maybe one day Marvel will get back on its feet, but until then, I'm happy reading books from DC, Image and Valiant, for as soon as Infamous ends and Marvel relaunches once again, I'm out. And honestly? I stopped giving a damn. The only thing Marvel's good for at this point is shitposting at forums and making fun of their trash. I just pit Ewing. The guy's a literal Continuity Wizard, who's doing damage control for the majority of Marvel books, but they always give him D-Listers to work with. PS: I forgot about Darth Vader. Yeah, I'm pulling that one 'cause normies can't possibly ruin that. Pet OC is just the character that the writer is (sorta) self-projecting, and writes him/her as this uber awesome person who everyone likes, always gets the last work, is great at everything, etc, etc, and his/her flaws are of the "oh noes, I got a 9/10, woe is me". In Bendis' case, Riri is just a stand-in for one of his daughters and it shows. Waaaaay too much...
  17. Alright, I'll help. See, it goes like this: 1) Bendis launches the bi-monthly Invincible Iron Man book. He and Marvel promise that it'll be the new flagship. 2) Brings back a slightly OOC Doom Post-SW. 3) The book moves at a snail's pace. 4) Bendis announces International Iron Man, as a buddy-cop Tony/Victor book travelling the globe. 5) Invincible starts teasing Bendis' Pet OC. Doom disappears. 6) International turns out to be a mini whose only purpose is to explore that Gillen "Tony is adopted" thing. In the end, Tony is the son of a singer-turned-SHIELD Agent and a SHIELD-Agent-turned-HYDRA, who's killed by his mother. Yup, new origin of Tony Stark right there... 7) Bendis' Pet OC gets some more panel-time once in a while. 8) CWII hits. Doom appears, and the series ends on a cliffhanger. And then BAM! Ironheart and Infamous hit the shelves! Tony meets this random girl, and goes "hey luv, have my armour an' resources alright?". Which, yeah, the guy who's known for being overprotective of his tech and IP would be giving it away at the first person he meets. Because that's kinda what happened. Hell, kids building IM suits with leaked Stark schematics has been a plot-point before, and all Tony did was shut.them.down... In the end, it's just Bendis being Bendis, and since Marvel's in the gutter and he's their "Best Boy", he gets to do whatever the hell he wants. Instead of at least building up his Pet OC in the main title and having her be his protegee, he "killed" Tony, and then had him turn over control to the mother he just met, and give all his resources to this random teenage girl. It's just... it makes me angry just thinking about it... Long story short, it's just Bendis inserting one of his adopted daughters into the book and feeling good about himself, while giving continuity and hell, logic itself, the finger and saying "I'M BENDHISAGAHA". Fuck Bendis, and fuck Ironheart... Well, IMO... probably beacuse those transformations had build-up? Because those characters had extensive history with Tony? Because they can handle it? Maybe because they weren't just self-inserts? Pepper got the Rescue suit, not the main IM armour, after what, 40 issues of build-up? She didn't upstage Tony or sideline him, but got a unique version of the Iron Man suit which added to her character and lengthened her arc. Besides, Potts and Tony go waaaaaaay back. There was really nothing wrong with Fraction's take on it, as the events slowly added up and built towards that "end goal" of Pepper suiting up as Rescue. Doom has tons of history with Stark. From the IM/Doom Time-Travel Trilogy, to the various minis where they appeared together, he and Stark always had a relationship that was more than, say, Victor had with Magneto. It was the scientific version of Doom's understanding with Doctor Strange. So there was history to build upon. Nevertheless, Doom turning "hero", was the result of Hickman's whole Avengers saga. So you have, what, 8 years(?) worh of character development, plus a whole Mega-Event, building up towards Doom "letting go". Is it a bit weird that he chose IM? Maybe, but... not so much. Richards is God, Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, so Doom set his sights on getting on Tony's good side first. Now, the problem with Infamous was that it was too rushed, and it's currently full of Bendis' "dragging on and on" style, but it's a story that was going to be told. And Infamous is just the first part, really. Another writer could've done it better, but it's a story worth exploring and telling. ---- In the end, I think you can see why the majority of comic fans would prefer reading about already established characters progressing, rather than the writer's Pet OC Mary Sue getting all the spotlight because he's too much of a spoiled and lazy fuck to write actual stories...
  18. I'm not gonna speculate because it's hard enough to do it with a theme, let alone a "random" wave, but I'll say this... the Unmade X-Character better be Legacy Rogue!
  19. Alright, considering this is a mixed bag and features even a cosmic character, I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not that street level wave. What with Bullseye teased and this: Kostis F. Hey there! As we all know, the Netflix Marvel Shows are in full swing, and recently, Marvel’s EiC Axel Alonso said that going into 2017, the street level characters (Daredevil, Punisher, Moon Knight, Misty Knight, etc.) will get more focus than ever. So, with Defenders and Iron Fist (plus maybe Punisher) also hitting in 2017, I was wondering what are the chances of you doing a “Marvel Knights” wave. I was thinking something like this: LCS: ANAD Daredevil/ NOW! 2.0 Bullseye ANAD Misty Knight (as she appears in the Sam Wilson book)/ Ghost Rider (Reyes) ANAD Luke Cage/ ANAD Iron Fist (Power Man & IronFist Outfits) Armored/Balaclava Punisher (w/th extra t-shirt parts)/ Mr. Knight (w/th extra Khonshu head) TRU: Ghost Rider (Blaze & Ketch Parts)/ NOW! 2.0 Elektra Thanks for reading! DSTChuck: We have been talking about a wave like this of late, so I think something like it could be very possible in the future. Now, I don't think it makes much sense to just put random figures together, as that hasn't happened since... what, Wave 50? Maaaaybe 64? Either way, point is, all Waves for a long time have had a theme, so I don't think it's gonna be different for 74. Problem is, what could bring together a new classic cosmic character, new chararacters/looks and some classic ones, plus a never made Spider-Verser? I tried to think of a recent event, but nothing fits. From the remaining Versers who are completely new characters (so no Reillys or Drews), there's nobody that really fits anywhere. So I guess it's gonna be a random wave. Until at least we get more info.
  20. Cursed Will's skintone is far too greenish to be able to pass as normal Will IMO.
  21. Yeah, that's all true. With GotG being 71, there's very little chance of 74 being GotG again. I'd just like something other than 60s-70s tights for the comic waves.
  22. They all look more lively. Jack's skintone is bit weird (same thing with Ninjak), but every mate looks far more vibrant in those shots.
  23. A GotG Wave, or at least a cosmic one is just long overdue. Now that Doctor Strange is no longer a D-Lister and actually one of Marvel's highest selling books (not that it's a good book, mind you), I think a Supernatural Wave can happen. Hell, if you're willing to make a Wave with Tigra and 2 Blizzards, I think Ghost Rider & Blade won't have any trouble being included. GotG (DnA): LCS: 2008 Star-Lord/ Martyr (Phylla-Vell) 2008 Gamora/ Nova (Richard) Update (with static Cosmo) 2008 Drax/ Moondragon 2008 Rocket/ 2008 Groot TRU: 2008 Warlock (with Magus head)/2008 Jack Flag 2008 Mantis/ 2008 Bug Supernatural: LCS: Doctor Strange (Black & Red)/ Clea Ghost Rider (pieces for both 90s Ketch and Modern Blaze)/ Doctor Voodoo Nightmare/ Mindless One Umar/ Mindless One TRU: Doctor Doom (Update)/ Morgan Le Fay Blade (Updated/Trenchcoat)/ Mephisto (Updated)
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