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  1. Much as I like the Hob hood, it wouldn't have worked as is. But it did have the "fabric flaps" at the bottom, that the new one doesn't have: Hey, I just noticed; the fig doesn't have the holding places for the battons... It does look better from a distance though. I guess I could sculpt those add-ons. But hey, I'm glad to see muscle detailing and shadows making a return. What can I say, I love the look.
  2. There are quite a lot of figures that were good enough, but with some tweaking, could've been better. MK, IMHO at least, is one of them. Godo enough, but... eh. How's your sex life man? So just because I wanted a figure, I have to be 100% content with it, even if it hasn't been translated well? I'm not really sure how that works. I mean, I'm nothing more than a customer posting on a board. It's not like my opinions will make or break the fig. I was expecting a hood like Hobgoblin's, a cape like the Wave 54 HYDRAs with a sculpted chestplate, and sculpted boots and gauntlets. This figure has nothing but a very static looking hood and makes the costume look more like a cosplayer wearing pajamas instead of a sleek bodysuit with armored pieces. It looks good, sure. It has muscle detailing, something I love in figures, and the face is very well painted, to the point where it seems it jumped right off Declan Shalvey's paper. But the rest of the fig is, IMO always, underwhelming. I'll buy it, probably. I've been out of the Minimate game for a while, but this is MK, so I'll get him. That doesn't mean I have to praise it however. It looks, again, IMO, underwhelming. In my opinion, and my opinion alone. And since I'm on a nitpicking/complaining spee: -Frank would've looked better with gloves, since it's what he wears for the majority of the Edmondson run. Or, alternatively, the black bodysuit would've worked better. -Luke's vest is too blocky. It would've looked better if it was just a "closed" version of the JJ/GB Mayor vest. -The Reyes head looks good, but it would've worked better as a sculpted piece. In this instance it looks far too big and blocky, which is ironic considering in the comics his skull was very sleek and anime-esque. -Iron Fist could use some detaling on his mask, like the Wave 28/29 Wolverine. -Civillian Loki & Civillian Banner are a waste. -Age of Thunder Thor looks boring, and Unworthy would've been better. -OML should've been replaced by Daken's Dark Wolverine costume. -Ree-Ree should be killed by... I do not know. I just want somebody to kill her. Maybe Millar. He has a knack for these things. Oh, and Bendis should never work on a high profile title again. Props for including the Glorious Leader's "Tattoo" Chest though. And ANAD Daredevil does look pretty darn snazzy. Purple Man looks creepy as well. I mean, both 74 & 75 look good, but they could've been better IMO. Then again, my opinion depends on my tastes, and my tastes don't translate in sales, so... eh. Whatever, it's a free board, I can complain as much as I want.
  3. Yeah, they were Shanna's IIRC. I get why he doesn't have as many new pieces, I just wish he did, you know? It's still a nice figure, but it could've been better IMO.
  4. BAF?! Well, that is interesting. Darn. Well, let's hope they're at the panel. If Daredevil got sculpted parts for his bandages, I think Moon Knight, who wears armor should've gotten at least a sculpted chestplaste as part of the cape. ANAD Daredevil: NOW! Moon Knight: It's pretty clear that the... crescent moon...thingies, are armor/raised. If you're going to make the bandages/wrapped cloth around Matt's hands sculpted, then you might as well give MK armor-like features. I get the point was to make him lean, but the sculpted parts would be slim enough to not inhibit any movement I think. The chestplate could've been part of the cape, the crescent moons on the leg part of a boot, and same thing with ones on the arm, as a sort of gauntlet.
  5. Well, Zach did say we might see TRU 24 & 25, so Quake is probably part of them. While 75 is what I was looking for, I do have one gripe. -Why does Moon Knight have no sculpted parts? His costume is supposed to be armor. Why is the chestplate printed? Why does he not have sculpted gloves/gauntlets? I mean, Daredevil got sculpted "bandages", but MK can't get sculpted armor? The rest do look good, especially GR & DD, but does anyone think they look a bit... Animated? Quake and the Reyes head, mostly. Dunno, it might just be the lightning. Anyway, cool wave, and I hope 24 & 25 are more of the same.
  6. Well, technically, Infamous could be "new" because it's a brand new identity for Vic. It's not another armor for Tony or Doom update. I count it like Ironheart. Although I doubt that's it. I can't really think of Legacy anti-heroes though. British Punisher AKA Outlaw?
  7. Legacy Anti-Hero?! Oh boy, please be Infamous Iron Man! Hopes crushed in 3...2...1...
  8. Oh yeah. I missed the tail.
  9. Or maybe Surtur is just #litty. #RAUNCHY #R-Rated #PissOnTheSeats #TheRock
  10. I think the flaming diaper is a reuse of the Barbarian Hulk loincloth.
  11. Eh, I like Croc Knight, but he has a chance in appearing in the Animated Line, and the 3-Piece-Suit is his current "costume", so I'd rather get that. Either would be welcome though.
  12. Cool wave. OML/Ashley: I'd say pass, but it's easier to buy a whole wave than just pick packs, so uh... Guess I could use a Civvie Logan. Hulk/Red King: I like that Hulk. A lot! The Red King is... a good enough design, all things considered. Thor/Surtur: Surtur looks cool, although a little bland. Then again, the comic book design is bland in the first place. Young Thor doesn't look half bad. You could mod him for Young Thor from the Aaron run. Then again, you'd still miss King Thor so there'd be no point in doing it. Eh, cool pack. Ree-Ree/HYDRA!Cap: F@(^ Ree-Ree. And Bendis. And Marvel. F@(^ 'em all to Hell, Hel and wherever else... Ahem, HYDRA!Cap looks as good as expected and the HYDRA!Tat chest is a very welcome addition. Pretty cool wave. It could've been better with a different pack in place of OML/Ashley, and without the abomination that is Ree-Ree, but I like it.
  13. I'd put money in this being that Marvel Knights/Street Level wave that was teased. I swear to God, if the 2009 Character isn't a Moon Knight remake AKA Mr. Knight, I'll go all Waid on my tables! Oh, wait, they're all bolted down to the floor. Darnit...
  14. Let's be honest... Buscemi would write better stories than random YA authors that Marvel employs. And hell, the problem is that it's all too easy. Back in the day, the heroes struggled to be powerful and smart. Nowadays? "LOL I'm a genius with a 999 IQ, here, I built a time machine out of scraps". It's like reading Silver Age stuff but instead of them being deliberately cheesy, they pretend to be "serious". Get outta here with that.
  15. Yeah, same here. I'm 20 but I can't stand them. Nor the recent of mentally deaging their older characters. Current "lolsorandomXD" Strange is painful to read.
  16. It's just that they're all the same. Teen characters who are totes better than the originals. Same personalities, same quirks, same everything.
  17. Eh, those happened across a period of time. The kid went from throwing molotovs at banks to being decked out in super-armor in 2 months, tops. It's less the origin and more of the fact that nobody talks about it. As if we're supposed to sympathize with him torching places. It's a recent trend with all of these new characters to never point out their flaws. They're all treated as the best thing since sliced bread. Everything is rushed to chalk up one more new character on the board.
  18. You can sum up Modern Marvel in hat sentence. Vandal turned "hero". Now ain't THAT a great origin?
  19. I still want a modern Moon Knight... and some Thor stuff... and an Infamous Iron Man... some Cosmic Stuff as well...
  20. But they have a cool new hip millennial Patriot! Who is... a kid who was going around throwing molotovs, got in the Resistance bunker, and with a week of training, got a super-super suit by AI Stark. Great origin, right lads?
  21. Yeah, I've not been posting as much. I haven't bought anything in about 2 years, so I don't have anything to add. Not for a lack of wanting mind you, it's just that with everything that's going on I missed certain releases, and now it's very hard to catch up. Plus, things aren't exactly better. I hope I'll get the Logan and Watchmen... at some point... Yeah well, MK has... uh... tons of "he's so craaaazy" stories so take that! It's true that MK doesn't hav any "classic" stuff, but the Moench run was great, and "The Boottom" is considered one of the best re-introductions, with the 6 Ellis issuesbeing considered some of current Marvel's best material... Not that that's saying much considering the recent material, but... I just wish they hadn't retconned it for more "muh craaZyY" crapolla... I'm excited for it, truth be told. Mostly for the Thor-related stuff. I was never big on Ol'Goldilocks, but I've started getting into him and I wouldn't mind more Asgard-stuff. Plus, I'm always down for Pure Super-Heroes like HYDRA!Cap (Hail HYDRA). Yeah, well, uh, the wheel keeps on turning! The day of the MOOOOON shall come... eventually... They'll most likely announce it during this SDCC. Alonso has said they're going to give him a bigger role in the comics, he's getting a LEGACY renumbered new title, he'll appear in Bendis' Defenders comic, and he's a major character in the new Deadpool mini. Plus, a show about him would be dirt cheap to make and would win Marvel brownie points due to the "muh DiD" angle they've been pushing. Not that I'd like such a show, really. MK works best as a gruff paranormal investigator. Too much focus on his mental problems that were retconned down the line to make him more "unique" usually lead to less than stellar stories. PS: Welcome back! I really missed your posts about the Secret History of Marvel and general Marvel Encyclopedia knowledge.
  22. Another OML... Yet no Gosh-Darn Moon Kn- No. No. I won't say that name. Noooooope. Noppity nop-nop. Nooooo. I'm good. I'm good, yeah, I'm good. Reeeeaaal good... Kidding aside, this does blow. Between ANAD & Now!2 you'd think we'd at least get some new costumes for the A-Listers. Eh, whatever, one pack I'll skip. If the rest are good, I won't mind too much...
  23. I remember when SDCC sets were the Thunderbolts, Stormbreaker, AvX...
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