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  1. Does that mean what I think it means?
  2. I sure would love an Iron Doom...
  3. No, she's an OC created for the game and then inserted in the main continuity through the CoC Comic Book. She's a French Super-Hero with a Magic Sword and stuff.
  4. The former. If I were to make a custom, I'd start from scratch. It's why I said "quick mod". I think this was the "Marvel expansion" that was teased, though I'm not so sure, since I don't keep up with all the news these days. Either way, they look nice enough, just not "must-haves". But hey, at least all the pieces that need to be sculpted are silver, so it's easy to find similar parts in our extras bin.
  5. It's a quick mod, so it'll be a bit off, considering I'm trying not involve paint, but I was thinking of: >Boots: FA Doom or Arthur (MvC3) or Doom (MvC3) boots. I have the Doom ones as extras, but the FA ones might be a bit too high and not fit considering the skirt's length. >Silver Gauntlets: Tons of options to choose from, but the ones I have are the Space Suit Captain America ones from the Infinity 4-Pack. Something like Raging Ultron's would work better though, I think. For the skirt you could use the TRU NOW! Scarlet Witch's piece,but it's far too pricey for a quick mod, so I'd just give her a torso raiser, and maybe cut the middle, to make it more like the in-game model. I also used my Dante for parts, so I have an extra of that sword. Not that great of a mod, but it's a quick and easy way to upgrade it a bit I think.
  6. I was really looking forward to Guillotine but...nah. I've already come up with a good, IMO, mod about her, but the skirt and sword... yikes. I wasn't really expecting any new pieces, but there are already existing sculpts that could've worked. Heck, they needn't have been that close, just some add-ons. I'm out of the game for all intents and purposes, but I still make customs, so maybe I'll snag her and mod her down the line. I don't imagine she'll go for crazy numbers.
  7. Ooh, a wish list thread! If it's just about an LCS wave, I'd go with: Infamous Iron Man / Maker High Evolutionary / Ultimate Mahr-Vehl Mr. Knight / Sleepwalker (Avenging Spider-Man) Doctor Strange (Black & Red) / Magik (Bondage-Men) BaF: MODOK Superior
  8. Is it Metal Gear? I hope it's Metal Gear. I know it won't be Metal Gear, but I can hope for it to be Metal Gear....
  9. Well, technically a Johnny Storm head on an extra body is pretty much it. I mean, you'd still need 2 of such a Johnny to display both looks,so what's the difference? Depends on what version of Ben. As for Doom, his MvC3 and onwards figs are pretty clunky, yeah. He needs a new cape/hood combo that allows for head movement, and slimmer boots/gauntlets/tunic. W48 Reed & Sue were perfect in the extras department I think. I think you mean the Maker AKA Ult!Reed? Controller is an Iron Man villain. As for me, if I had to create a new F4 Wave, I'd go with: LCS: Reed (W48 Parts & Lab-Coat) / Sue (W48 Parts & Baby Valeria hand) Ben (I guess that mask he wore when he got badly hurt) / Johnny (Flame-on, with new fire pieces that make him look ready to explode + Johnny head) Franklin & Valeria 2-in-1 (it's just an alternate chestblock, head and hairpiece) / Doctor Doom (2099, plus an unmasked pre-accident head & hair) Namor (just an all around upgrade, with a calmer expression this time) / Psycho-Man Alright, these F4 would be in their Red Costumes from their final book. What can I say, they're pretty cool! TRU: Reed (same as LCS + Johnny head) / Sue (W48 Parts & alternate chestblock & jacket) Ben (with parts for "Purple Energy" Ben) / Maker (with an "unmasked head" piece & the extras from W48) Namor (Ultimate) / Doctor Doom (Ultimate, with options for both Goat-Legged Doom & "Regular" Doom) It's evident these are based on the Ultimate F4. Ben (
  10. Obviously they can't a box-set themselves, but I can come up with tons of combinations between D-Listers, B-listers & A-List Variants. I really do wonder why DST is not doing this, and keeps releasing Zombie Sets. I doubt we'll ever get a new Body-Mold, even if we get another MT, but I'd love some sculpted arms and legs as well. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.
  11. I still find it weird that DST prefers to do Zombie sets instead of releasing a Halloween themed 4-Pack every year. D-listers aside, you could pack them with a Doctor Strange, Blade or Ghost Rider, or even a "monster" A-Lister, like Capwolf.
  12. @The Scarlet Spider Dormammu's could work. But he's too pricey to buy merely for a custom.
  13. @The Scarlet Spider Good catch, but it'd require a ton of sculpting, painting and scavenging for parts.
  14. Hear-hear! Also, I've been reading some X-Stuff lately, and I wouldn't mind a "Modern X-Men" Wave. After getting so many classic X-Stuff, I'd like to see some modern stuff: LCS: NOW! Storm (Mohawk, "dress"-like suit) / Psylocke (either NOW! Uncanny X-Force or the costume from the X-Women run) Rogue (X-Men: Legacy Get-Up) / Doctor Nemesis (Gillen Era) Danger / Beast (Cat or Ape) Havok (Uncanny Avengers) / Gambit (Astonishing X-Men Current) TRU: Colossus (Extraordinary X-Men) / Nightcrawler (Extraordinary X-Men) Monet (Uncanny X-Men ANAD) / Mystique (Uncanny X-Men ANAD) Legion (X-Men: Legacy) / Kitty Pryde (Modern) Box-Set: 1.Cyclops (Uncanny NOW!) 2.Emma Frost (Uncanny NOW!) 3.Magik (Uncanny NOW!) 4.Tempus
  15. I didn't take it that way, don't worry! I just saw a chance to post one of my favorite pastas and took it.
  16. @Mirymate Twas a reworded version of a MGSV meme:
  17. @The Scarlet Spider Then why are we still here? Just to speculate? Every night I can feel Mr. Knight... and Infamous Iron Man... even the Maker. The character slots that have been wasted... the costumes that have been wasted... it's like they're all still possible... you feel it, too, don't you?
  18. You know what I want? A Supernatural Marvel Wave. Just... just a SPN Marvel Wave. Doctor Strange (Black & Red Outfit)/ Baron Mordo (Modern) Satana (Thunderbolts)/ Daimon Hellstrom (Classic with pieces for modern) Ghost Rider(pieces for 90s Danny & Modern Johnny)/ Nightmate (Modern) Mindless One/ Umar (Modern) Doctor Voodoo (Modern) as the BAF. I've made customes of most of them, and I'm actually happy with them, but I'd like official releases. As for my current Top 10 what with 75, 74 and all, here it is: 1. Infamous Iron Man 2. Mr. Knight 3. Maker 4. High Evolutionary 5. Superior Octopus 6. Death's Head 7. Machine Man (Modern) 8. Rogue (X-Men Legacy) 9. Giant-Man (Modern) 10. Doctor Strange (Occult Detective) Honorable Mention: Bondage X-Men (Cyke, Emma, Magik, White!Mags) EDIT: I wouldn't mind a "Secret Agents" Wave as well: Dum Dum Dugan (Howling Commandos-Robot) / Nick Fury (Man on the Wall) Silver Sable / Red She-Hulk (Solo Book) Mockingbird (ANAD TASM Look) / Hawkeye (Ultimate) Punisher (Classic Look-Black&White Color Scheme) / Contessa Allegra De La Fontaine Kraken (Secret Warriors) as the BAF.
  19. BAFs can be good, or bad, that depends. Does a BAF means less weapons and swords? If so, then cool. Or does it mean less alternate looks leading to figures that could easily be transformed into something else losing that feature? For example, if you were to put out a 90s Ketch GR, with another jacket and pair of pants you could have a modern Johnny. Does a BAF limit that hypothetical scenario? Q: When should we expect HQ pics of the various new waves and whatnot?
  20. Negative Zone: Meh. Spider-Sense: Eh. ANAD: Cool. Jack O'Lantern: I prefer the modern version, but any new villain is welcome. Chameleon: I'll probably turn it into 3 figs. I'll make a "suit & tie" Chameleon, use the extras for MJ, and the bathrobe for... well,it's green so maybe... Doom from Thanos vs Deadpool? Beetle: I would've liked a "skirt"-esque piece, but she's my most wanted fig from this wave. Let's hope more Superior Foes follow. Gwenpool: Gwenpool is the only new Marvel who's worth something. Ree-Ree should die in a ditch and Moon Girl should be be forgotten. But Gwenpool can stay. Gwenpool a cute! CUTE! Black Cat: She looks kinda bulky here, so I hope it's just the pic. But we've needed a new Felicia for a while now. Scarlet Spider: I would've rathered a one-piece sculpted jacket, but this looks cool as well. Carrion: Near perfect translation, really. Unworthy Thor: He came out as expected. I hope he comes with Jarnborn. Collector: Probably my favourite figure from both waves. Dunno why, but I'm really digging the look.
  21. Yeah I know, I noticed. I was talking about him having the T-Shirt underneath instead of the all-black under-armor. Still, I'm liking this, although, like I said, I would've liked an extra body and a different expression.
  22. Punisher is from the Edmondson run: I've wanted one for a while now, so I'm really glad we're getting him, packed with MK no less.But I was kinda hoping for this look: It's just a black body & arms so it can easily be kitbashed, but it could've been added as an extra. I guess BAFs might have prevented that. Still, for the look it's depicting,it's a near perfect fig. I'd have given him fingerless gloves though, and maybe a more neutrual expression. Frank was surprisingly "chill" during that run. He barely uses the staff in the books, whereas he uses the battons and crescent darts constantly. I'm not complaining since I do have plenty of extra battons, but I'd have liked a crescent dart. Problem is figuring out how to put them on the fig, as the white holders like Bullseye's aren't easy to find. As for the staff being in the games, it's just a way for them to give him a different style than just a brawler. Over at Future Fight he uses both the staff and the darts, depending on the special move. MK V Wasp: 1.MK is a boy, and Wasp is a girl. Girls are icky, so point goes to Moon Knight. 2.MK has a hood and cape, while Wasp has skirts. Skirts are stupid and hoods are cool, so point goes to Moon Knight again. 3.MK is an army vet backed by an Egyptian God, whereas Wasp is just a fashion designer. Point goes to Moon Knight once again. 4.MK has had 4 volumes, when Wasp is a glorified "team member". Point goes to Moon Knight, of course. 5.MK is friends with Punisher. Wasp is friends with Sue Storm. Sue is and F4 member, and thus banned from the Marvel playground. Punisher is bad-ass. Point goes to Moon Knight, and the superior friendship wins. I could go on and on, but the math checks out... We do need a new Jan though. My vote wouldgo to either the 2000s Black & Gold costume, or the recent ANAD/NOW! 2.0/Uncanny Avengers Vol.3 one.
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