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  1. Kostisfire

    wave 77

    I honestly just want another Iron Man Wave. It's been, what, 40 Waves, since the first, and last, comic based one? Infamous Iron Man (with a healed Victor Von Doom head and hair) / Controller (Modern) Ghost (Thunderbolts Look) / Black Widow II (Thunderbolts Look-with an extra Nat head and hair) Zeke Stane (Fraction's Run) / AIM Scientist (with Alt-Look extras) Iron Monger (Classic Armor; Disco Obadiah Underneath) / AIM Scientist (with Alt-Look extras) MODOK Superior as the BAF. - I even made a collage!
  2. Kostisfire

    What the F

    They can't keep getting away with it!
  3. Kostisfire

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    I watched it a couple of times. I checked other vids, with different pitches, too. All I can hear is...
  4. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Several 1610 characters have popped up in the “616”, including some X-Men. As for Maker, he most definitely is in the Main U, but the “Maker” in Infamous Iron Man wasn’t exactly the Maker...
  5. Well, shit, that does sound pretty darn ugly. And here I thought I had it bad. I don't really have anything encouraging or original to say, but I will tell you this: After a while, you won't even think of the 'Mates. Hell, at some point you might even look back and go "thank fucking God I stopped wasting money on brittle plastic crack". I quit a few years back, and honestly, the only thing that changed is that I no longer obsess over being a completionist. I actually regret the thousands I dropped. But either way, bad as it is, I believe you'll make it, for what it's worth. I've had, and seen, my share of misfortunes as well, and things turn out good, more or less. And like HP said, if you set up a GoFund me page and whatnot, drop a link here. And when you get out of this tight spot, I'd urge you to not get back in the game. At least until you're financially stable enough for such things to be pocket change. It's a money-sucking habbit. To tell you the truth, in my case at least, it was much more addicting than booze. PS: This might sound cheesy and not helpful at all, but keep a cheerful/can do attitude. Positive outlook makes a difference, and I know from lots of experience.
  6. Kostisfire

    There goes the Multiverse....

    Marvel has been taken over by the Gentry. It's obvious at this point. Hypercrisis is real. Right now...
  7. Kostisfire

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    There's also Godfather and Beverly Hills cop. Someone won concept art for Kratos, for a second wave of Sony figures in a DST FB contest. Plus that cancelled Sony 4-Pack. Then we have Calico Jack and Maximum Zombies as well.
  8. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Well, yeah. You don't read Justice League and expect a thorough characterization of Hal Jordan. It didn't make the jump to the MCU because the MCU is marketed to general audiences and kids. Disney would never have Tony become a homeless alcoholic who sleeps with crackwhores to fuel his sex addiction. Or tackle his insecurity issues. He's "le jokey tech man" at this point. God, that was such a letdown. MCU Stark went from great, to kinda annoying to a cartoon. He still has his moments here and there, but he doesn'thave the complexity of the books.
  9. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Eh, doesn't hurt to try. Tony's drinking shows up at least once in every run. Either he's close to relapsing, or he goes to a meeting, stuff like that. Usually after the end of some big story arc. Stevil is in no place to make demands.
  10. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Forgetting all the out-of-universe stuff, even in-universe, what Hank did wasn't that bad. Certainly not enough to be the defining point of his character decades later. He was in a fucked up mental state and slapped Jan. He's atoned, he's tried, but everybody holds that against him. Meanwhile, Parker literally sent a pregnant MJ flying across the room, then run away, yet nobody mentions that. Cap spent his last days alive trying to kill Tony for trying to save what he could. Tony himself wiped everybody's minds with a satellite. Everyone's done shady shit. Yet it's only Hank that gets beat up constantly. 616 Pym isn't 1610 Pym, who was a legitimate cunt.
  11. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Short version is that Bendis wanted to shill his daughterfu, and messed up with Spencer's plans. Tony was supposed to be in Secret Empire, in flesh and blood, but due to BMB being BENIS and ruining everything to appease his own continuity, Tony got turned into AI Tony. Spencer was so mad at Bendis, he didn't even change the script, so everyone treats AI Tony as regular Tony and never points out the fact that he's a hologram. Spencer just added Ree-Ree to some scenes. Hell, the whole event was meant to be a small crossover between his titles, but Marvel wanted their summer event... As for the armor, the only explaination we got was a comment by HYDRACap that Tony was so drunk, that he could not function the newer models anymore, and had to work with older Armors. Yes, the official explaination is "the AI got drunk"... Just goes to show how much Bendis pissed everyone off, and how poorly thought out the whole thing was. PS: That issue was the best of SE, but while it really laid down the smackdown on Pym-haters (Hank is Best Boy and gets too much hate), I feel it portrayed Tony kinda OOC. He'd be the last guy to double down on Hank for such a thing. But I guess either "AI" or "wanted to get him riled up" work as excuses.
  12. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Getting shitfaced drunk and trying to cram 1.8k pages of Physics III & IV in 6 days...
  13. Kostisfire

    TRU Series 26

    Oh shit, is that Bondage-Clops?! CHADCLOPS! I'm pretty much out of the game, but I'm picking up the Iron Man & X-Men Packs. Holo!Tony/Masque & ChadClops are must haves. Spot is tempting too, but I don't care about Miles'-uncle-in-a-repainted-Iron-Spider-Armor. Shame that we're getting NOW! Rogue instead of Legacy Rogue though.
  14. Kostisfire

    Where's Namor?

    He was killed in Squadron Supreme #1 and came back by the series' end. He'll be starring in X-Men: Red.