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  1. I like Kebbel, he's a good actor. That said, Fant4Stic's Vic was in no way, shape or form, "Doom". It's sad when the most faithful adaptation of the character is the Corman version...
  2. Will the artwork be of just the 4-Pack, or will we get to see anything from 24/25/75?
  3. Prometheus had a nice premise and themes worth exploring. But the idiotic characters, screwed up execution and mess of an "origin story" that may or may not be in the Alien Universe (like, maybe, or like, not, but I guess now it is, 'cause the next one is ALIEN: Covenant?) turned it into a rather average flick. I'm not xpecting Covenant to be better, what with Scott going "no, Prometheus is 1, Covenant is 3, and then we're gonna do a mid-sequel/prequel". Guy's off his rocker... I liked the visual style though, so even if I haven't bought any ALIEN stuff past the Dump, I may get them.
  4. I'm on Ep.8 right now, and I have to say one thing: Ward = B e s t B o y. Danny could drop dead for all I care. Just give me more Ward... Okay, that might be a bit harsh. Danny's got good intentions.
  5. I was thinking Marvel Knights. Or Hulk. Or Thor. Or Daredevil. Or Captain America. Or Iron Man. Or Supernatural. Or Cosmic. Or even Modern X-Men. Just... not Classic, 60s-80s X-Men. Just... no... Like, are people excited about Green Quicksilver, Magneto Re-Do & Mastermind, if that means getting Toad? We get very few 4-packs compared to the old days, so such a set would make me extremelly dissapointed. Different tastes and all, I know, but... PS: I wouldn't say no to an MK TTA set. Or any new TTA set for that matter. Considering centered waves like 24 have stopped, we could use them...
  6. Unpopular opinion here, but...I'm tired of the Classic X Love... I want something else...
  7. -Oh no, the MCU has absolutely fallen into that trap before. See the Mandarin, or Ronan. But I just thought the days of being promised a series based on mysticism, and getting half-assed versions of key characters were behind us. -Eh, dunno, this time it just seemed... far more contrived. But the fact that Rand wasn't the bad-ass he was hyping himself up to be, kinda irritated me. -I've not reached that far, to be completely honest. But I've heard that it's very overbearing. And I usually don't get along with the "no kill code" in CBMs, so I imagine I'll find problems with IF as well. -Yeah, that was just an analogy, sorry for not making it clear.
  8. -Creepy or not, it's cheap. It's like using, say Nightcralwer, but instead of having him teleport, he's just such a dark shade of blue "that he can hide in the shadows". It's cheap, and it undermines a huge plot point of the series it's based on. The relationship between the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven was at the forefront of the book, and was used to really expand the mythos. But now, one very important aspect of the IF lore is just... gone. And for what? A 20 minute "mini-tournament"? -Nah, she was shoehorned. In all of New York, she stumbles into yet another street-level hero with ties to the hand? It's a common complaint everywhere I've been, really. Be it the MCU or Defenders subreddit, comicvine, CBR, etc, etc. She was added to apparently "ease in IF into the world of the Defenders", but she really undermines the already underwhelming Iron Fist. This supposed living weapon, who had been training for 15 years non-stop with magical/alien monks, gets his butt handed to him by nameless mooks, and needs the help of an ordinary nurse and mental pep-talks, to really get talking. Still, it's not so much a fault of Claire, as much as it's a fault of the screenwriters not selling me on Danny being this absolute beast and harbinger of destruction. He's Daredevil 1/2 with some chi powers once every blue moon. -The "no killing" thing is irritating because this isn't Daredevil. Iron Fist was trained to be a Living Weapon, he's not just some crime-fighter who wants to clean up his city like Daredevil. All Iron Fists have killed, and will kill, it's what they do. Past IFs fought entire armies, because that's their duty. I've not reached that part yet, but from what I'm told it gets really "in your face", so I'll reserve judgement. -Most CBMs pre the MCU were afraid to embrace their roots, and instead gave us shitty excuses and small "nods" to the source material. Not to mention the black leather they all loved. See "Keanu Reeves as John Constantine", "Leather Fetish Bullseye", "Lex Luthor Von Doom", "Cloud Lak Tus" and so on and so forth. The Doctor Fate thing was just an analogy, it never happened.
  9. I'm not the biggest IF fan around, but the show is mostly based on the Brubaker/Fraction run, which I've read two times (albeit a while back), and it's the one vol that really created a whole mythos around Iron Fist. I've finished Ep.6, and I'm just gonna comment on the mistakes I've found thus far: It's just that it all feels like a bunch of scenes from a 2000s CBM. It's a type of "Oh yeah, Doctor Fate has a cameo. No, he's not a sorcerer, he reads tarot cards at the local fair" situation. Sure, they alluded to both Orson & Wendell's past, but considering how "faithful" they've been to the mystical stuff up until now, I'm not holding my breath. Comic-Book IF is knee-deep in mysticism, but the Netflix version is just a clone of Daredevil, mixed with an average episode of Suits and some "wink, wink" nods. To be completely blunt, I'm more interested in Ward & Harold than anyone else...
  10. Iron Fist obviously has more material to draw from, but considering they didn't have the budget to do it properly, they should've just used Shang and got done with it. They would've gotten their Kung-Fu hero, the controversy wouldn't exist, and by keeping IF for a later phase, they'd probably be able to secure a bigger budget. Sure, we'd lose the PM/IF relationship, but I'd rather get that later, or not at all, rather than a botched IF show. I'm on Ep.6 right now, and I'm actually mad at what they did to the rest of the Immortal Weapons. It is improving the more I watch, but they're disregarding most mystical elements, which results in a 2000-esque CBM which is afraid to embrace its roots.
  11. The Meachums are the Karen Page/Foggy Nelson/Fisk of the show, so it's irking that we're getting none of them. Especially when Ward/Harold could have been a 2-in-1 fig, taking the place of Suited Danny. Wing has to be in the set, same as Danny, so the choices of DST are sound in that regard, they just needed to give us Hoodie Rand with an extra torso. As for the 4th fig, it should've been Madame Gao, considering she's been in three seasons thus far. Hell, Hogarth would've made sense too. As for Lei-Kung (and latter spoilers)... Jessica Jones IMO had a fine selection. It had the protagonist, the antagonist and 2/3 supporting cast members. I agree Luke is kinda redundant now, but back then, you'd have been omitting a very big player of the show by not adding him. Will got the Stick/Karen treatment, but with a Second season confirmed, I imagine he'll get a fig, ideally in some sort of "costume". Not everything comes out great, but this set especially just isn't up to par. I mean, this is like making the Luke Cage 4-pack, but doing it this way: Suited Luke from Pops' funeral, "Power-Man" Luke (no tracksuit parts), Misty Knight, and Pops instead of Cottonmouth. And that'd be dissapointing as well. I mean, sure, we don't have a Weasly or Leland from DD, but these were minor characters. Now we're missing the major parts of the series' supporting cast, and pretty much the main villain.
  12. Normally I'd be sad, but my hype for Andromeda is 0, so at this point I'm merely apathetic. It's certainly a bummer, but Video-Game collectibles never did particularly well. The Japanese imports sell, especially the ones based on Metal Gear, but gamers aren't that interested in figures. Vinyls and statues sell a bit better, 'cause they're seen as decorative items. Oh well, here's to Kingdom Hearts doing better! (no sarcasm, as I really want some classic Disney characters)
  13. So I'm at Ep.5 now, and it's getting better. Honestly, the main problem is that they don't the budget to do the mythos justice, and Iron Fist without the magical aspect just isn't anything special. It's why the Fraction/Brubaker run worked and is the most succesful one. It told a mature story with corporate intrigue, but it didn't erase all the mysticism, if anything, it expanded upon it. My honest opinion is that they should've tackled a more grounded character first, and left Iron Fist for later. Seriously, there are tons of street-level characters, and they chose IF, the guy with undead ninjas, Dragons and Mystical Cities for the first wave? Granted, they went for a "lighter" first act, so I guess that's why folks like Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight and the like were left for the Second and Third phases, but IF just can't be done on a budget. They could've instead used Shang-Chi, who's in the same vein but without the tons of magical stuff. Iron Fist could've been alluded in Shang's series, gotten an appearance in the Second Season and then gotten his own spin-off, like Punisher. That way people become familiar with him, the Asian characters comes first so the controversy is non-existent, and the budget likely increases. This was just a poor decision.
  14. I'm still in Ep.5, but after reading some spoilers and whatnot, the line-up becomes more and more dissapointing by the second. Considering all the Alt-Looks the other Netflix sets came with, it'd be really easy to give us mre characters are Alts. Here's how I'd do it: -Danny in his Hoodie: Extra pieces include a bare torso/arms, a pair of white shoes, the "iron fist" & a black jacket piece, with a white torso and tie, like DD/Murdock. So now you have three figs in the place of one. If the jacket/torso/tie/shoes combo is too much, just go the Luke Cage-esque route and give us the hoodie & bare chest combo. Or give us the suit as the default look and add the extra torso/arms combo, just like LC. Really, there were many options for a 2-in-1 Danny Rand. -Coleen Wing: Same as in the set, really. I'd have preffered the green jacket/sword harness look, but this is more comic accurate, so, eh. -Ward Meachum: Extra parts include a Harold Meachum head. -Madame Gao or Joy Meachum. There are other characters that appear later down the line, but eh, I figured I'd go with the major characters. Hell, even Danny in his K'un-Lun Robe would've been great as the "costumed" figure of the set. Considering Danny wore a black suit as well, it'd b much easier for it to be an Alt-Look for his hoodie look, instead of a whole new fig. And considering the Meachums were the main antagonists and part of the supporting cast, it sucks we're not getting them, but instead two Dannys, when he could've just had Alt-Parts. I can understand not getting some of the characters that appear Post Ep.6 or so, but these were all major players that were ommited. I found the LC 4-Pack kinda dissapointing as well, for not giving us Shades or Diamondback, and instead Mariah, but this selection is much worse. I'm not pretending to know the ins and outs, or any restrictions placed by Marvel, but this 4-Pack's selection is very poor, at least IMHO. Considering how good the DD & JJ sets are, this is quite a bummer. But hey, maybe the extras will be interesting.