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  1. Here's one I whipped up a while ago that should work out slick: It's just a pair of ninja eyes peeking through a mask, but it could be anything. I like the idea of being able to just put this decal on a blank head and then go to town accessorising. This is a low-res image, just 96dpi, but I can put it into more printable formats.
  2. Man, I had such a hard time tracking those things down when they were new. I've never been able to track down the other RE ones, but I did pick up a couple more sets of those guys - some abstract pieces, and the Initial D set. I saw the Ricky Martin one a couple times on ebay, but never had the compulsion to pick it up.
  3. I got mine for free because I did a couple reviews. This guy is coooool
  4. Sort of between 1 and 2. There are some that I don't have, but I wouldn't say I'm missing, and then there are a few I'd like to pick up, but just haven't got around to yet (Defenders, Zombies). I have a Web Armor Spider-Man on the way from AFX for doing reviews
  5. Shipping to my shop this week (barring more unforeseen holidays and bad weather): BACK TO THE FUTURE MINIMATES SER 2 BOX SET BTTF PX MINIMATES 2-PK 50S MARTY PROM GEORGE MCFLY
  6. Now we're talking! I've been buying all these Six variants just so I have a bevy of blondes for the one true Starbuck to mac on And I'll say it once again - Matt is my hero! That Daggit is wonderful, but the bad guy set is unbelievable
  7. I'm in a pic taking mood: That do it for ya?
  8. This is on my list for 12/12 MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 17 ASST (C: 0-1-4) MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 18 ASST (C: 0-1-4)
  9. Awww man, I don't get to make my own thread any more? Nobody is even going to notice this, but here goes: For 12/12: MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 17 ASST (C: 0-1-4) MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 18 ASST (C: 0-1-4)
  10. The Dragonball I-Men never materialized. Too bad, they looked neat. If you are desperate for Dragonball Mini-figs, a Japanese brand called "Unifive" produced a score of them a while back. This is the first pic I have of them:
  11. A double-whammy: 24 SEASON 2 MINIMATES BOX SET (C: 1-1-4) 24 END OF DAY JACK & ANDRE DRAZEN PX MINIMATES 2-PK (C: 1-1-
  12. "Action figures aren't dolls" "Minimates aren't action figures" Same song, different name.
  13. Kirby, Is this a West Coast date or do you think it'll hit everywhere? (I didn't see these on the Diamond Ship list that I saw) Pretty sure it's Left Coast Gets 'Em Early again - especially if it isn't on Diamond's list.
  14. Here's a look at the list this week (11-7-07): BSG MODERN MINIMATES SER 3 2-PK ASST (C: 1-1-4) ST TOS MINIMATES SER 2 ASST (C: 1-1-4)
  15. Just some mugs it seems: STAR TREK STARFLEET ACADEMY MUG (O/A) STNG DISAPPEARING MUG (C: 0-1-3)
  16. Awww. The Man shot me down I really wanted them too. Look forward to what the future holds. PS - I still want a Chapel/Rand set (don't we all?)
  17. The "West Coast Rules" Rule does not apply to DC - last time we got them a week later. They were on my shops list for this week, so everything is back to normal.
  18. The whole "Visitors" from the 24th century makes me thing of Trials and Tribbil-ations from DS9. DST has played this card once before. Cyrano Jones anyone?
  19. With news of SFHD and SFIV, I think that this horse will be remain undead for a while. Both of those should generate more visibility. Hopefully DST will revisit the license when the time is right.
  20. There you go.. It's all Timbo's fault :tongue:
  21. Sorry, I got fixated on silhouetted digital side-boob (complete with erect nipple!) What was the question?
  22. So your saying that things are different because the 4-packs are out there? I don't really see what is different. TRU has SF/DS 4-packs as well, and they didn't move very well it seems. Short of a 12-pack of all the SF2 characters, I don't think the packaging is the major factor in why we are not seeing more. The visibility is poor at the moment, and the inability to get to the target audience is another hit. I am a big supporter of the SF 'mates - I bought a case and multiple of every variant just for myself. But the demand isn't there as much as it is for other properties, so that is where the focus is.
  23. Same thought - the DIY vinyl stuff is great. I think the big question would be cost-effectiveness. Short of the mass-produced vinyl figures that are out there, the number of pieces that would be necessary for a fully articulated rotocast minimate would be expensive unless there was a high-production run, which would be a tough sell for DST. If anything, Maximates made a point to DST that high-price-point items for the Minimate brand is less-likely to sell. I take that back. Maximates just proved that only Wolverine and Spider-Man sell
  24. Guess I'm a n00b. With a whole thread on "when is Bla Bla Coming out" doing nothing for those 23 pages, I have always just started a new thread to have a real discussion based on real information. I don't feel like reading it all when I have good information, and that information won't get the proper attention buried on page 23. I think it is entirely fair to have a thread open for the release of each respective line. People's interest vary, and experience shows that people will go to a thread that directly addresses their interest as opposed to a general interest thread.
  25. We are in the, like, third golden age of minimates here, and people are hitting a slump? OK. Enter a contest, make a custom, make a diorama, take some pictures, PLAY. I just wish I had more time to enjoy minimates. I just got to break open the latest Marvel and DC minimates, and I am itching to get into the Back to the Future and Rocky minimates. I've got a custom list a mile long that I have no idea if I can ever finish.
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