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  1. Here's one I whipped up a while ago that should work out slick: It's just a pair of ninja eyes peeking through a mask, but it could be anything. I like the idea of being able to just put this decal on a blank head and then go to town accessorising. This is a low-res image, just 96dpi, but I can put it into more printable formats.
  2. Man, I had such a hard time tracking those things down when they were new. I've never been able to track down the other RE ones, but I did pick up a couple more sets of those guys - some abstract pieces, and the Initial D set. I saw the Ricky Martin one a couple times on ebay, but never had the compulsion to pick it up.
  3. I got mine for free because I did a couple reviews. This guy is coooool
  4. Sort of between 1 and 2. There are some that I don't have, but I wouldn't say I'm missing, and then there are a few I'd like to pick up, but just haven't got around to yet (Defenders, Zombies). I have a Web Armor Spider-Man on the way from AFX for doing reviews
  5. Shipping to my shop this week (barring more unforeseen holidays and bad weather): BACK TO THE FUTURE MINIMATES SER 2 BOX SET BTTF PX MINIMATES 2-PK 50S MARTY PROM GEORGE MCFLY
  6. Now we're talking! I've been buying all these Six variants just so I have a bevy of blondes for the one true Starbuck to mac on And I'll say it once again - Matt is my hero! That Daggit is wonderful, but the bad guy set is unbelievable
  7. I'm in a pic taking mood: That do it for ya?
  8. This is on my list for 12/12 MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 17 ASST (C: 0-1-4) MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 18 ASST (C: 0-1-4)
  9. Awww man, I don't get to make my own thread any more? Nobody is even going to notice this, but here goes: For 12/12: MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 17 ASST (C: 0-1-4) MARVEL MINIMATES 2-PK SER 18 ASST (C: 0-1-4)
  10. The Dragonball I-Men never materialized. Too bad, they looked neat. If you are desperate for Dragonball Mini-figs, a Japanese brand called "Unifive" produced a score of them a while back. This is the first pic I have of them:
  11. A double-whammy: 24 SEASON 2 MINIMATES BOX SET (C: 1-1-4) 24 END OF DAY JACK & ANDRE DRAZEN PX MINIMATES 2-PK (C: 1-1-
  12. "Action figures aren't dolls" "Minimates aren't action figures" Same song, different name.
  13. Kirby, Is this a West Coast date or do you think it'll hit everywhere? (I didn't see these on the Diamond Ship list that I saw) Pretty sure it's Left Coast Gets 'Em Early again - especially if it isn't on Diamond's list.
  14. Here's a look at the list this week (11-7-07): BSG MODERN MINIMATES SER 3 2-PK ASST (C: 1-1-4) ST TOS MINIMATES SER 2 ASST (C: 1-1-4)
  15. Just some mugs it seems: STAR TREK STARFLEET ACADEMY MUG (O/A) STNG DISAPPEARING MUG (C: 0-1-3)
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