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  1. These teams aren't current but would yield some interesting characters. Jean Grey School Students: Kid Gladiator, Kid Omega, Kid Apocalypse, Broo, Doop, Warbird, Wolverine X Club: Beast, Danger, Dr Nemesis, Kavita Rao, Madison Jefferies, Angel The X-Babies: dealer's choice
  2. I got my set, these are fantastic! Let's just do all the original TMNT toys, agreed?
  3. I never got these either. So are they going to be even harder to find now?
  4. i use Marvel Sasquatch for my Etrigan face. Alpha Flight Assemble!
  5. Tom Hardy Bane and Heath Ledger Joker 2 Pack
  6. How long before we possibly get a new April O'Neil? Also, does anyone have a Space Suit April they would sell or trade me?
  7. to me this just shows how much we need Slaughter and The Fridge
  8. Wall full of Heads in Jars like Futurama
  9. I like this set a lot. This would make 23 different marvel zombies. 25 if you count IM and Cap twice. For you folks playing at home, that's not counting Black Panther bc he's not a zombie and that is counting the villains Ultron Drone even though that's a robot.
  10. See I’m glad I asked. I’m not even sure what the TMNT fighter hierarchy is. Probably Super Shredder, Shredder, Slash, Leo? I don’t know the skill level of any of the rangers or their villains, just that Tommy is a badass
  11. How many power rangers does it take to beat one ninja turtle in a fight without vehicles? Could the 4 least strong rangers (no Tommy) beat one ninja turtle?
  12. Five Below selling funko Minis from What If. For 5 bucks, hard to pass up this Ultron. Not blind boxes so you know who you’re buying. Selling them on their website too. The Watcher What If is a chase and would work well too but I didn’t see any.
  13. ReAction makes a Rocketeer 3 3/4 figure with removable Helmet that could work for a custom, maybe a lil big but you could make it work. I'd switch in the Shield or Nick Fury Jet Pack. Calico Jack-Robert Deal for the brown boots.
  14. I hope we get that green guy so I can make a Link from Zelda custom
  15. Fair enough, I do think season 3 of The Boys has been excellent so far. @DSTZach how about Umbrella Academy? Boxset with 1,5,7,Pogo
  16. WIP Homelander. Haven’t decided if this is his final face. Have battledamaged supes or Cyclops or Torch for Laser Eyes face. American Flag is from Michael’s craft store.
  17. My Lion-o is missing a blue foot, any close matches from non tcats minimates to replace with?
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