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  1. Holy buckets, not many Phase 4 MCU listed dontcha know. Spidey is the only recent hotdish. Oh yeah sure, you betcha. Uff da.
  2. Rat King would be really cool. What about Tatsu? and Tokka and Rahzar? I'll just dream about a Secret of the Ooze boxset with those 3 plus David Warner(RIP) and Vanilla Ice
  3. Predator Blind Bag series of Gary Busey character. I use it for Dark Knight Returns older Joker.
  4. That Train is cool. only 20 bucks. I wonder if anything would work for extra car attachments?
  5. Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever looks like lots of characters and designs i know I could use more Dora Milaje rip Chadwick
  6. got mine, thanks again! i love the smell of new minimates in the morning
  7. Hello, I would like a chance at the promo please
  8. I nearly fell over thinking those lord of the rings were minimates.
  9. These teams aren't current but would yield some interesting characters. Jean Grey School Students: Kid Gladiator, Kid Omega, Kid Apocalypse, Broo, Doop, Warbird, Wolverine X Club: Beast, Danger, Dr Nemesis, Kavita Rao, Madison Jefferies, Angel The X-Babies: dealer's choice
  10. I got my set, these are fantastic! Let's just do all the original TMNT toys, agreed?
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