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  1. I guess I’ll keep waiting for that Star Trek Voyager Tuvix 3 Pack
  2. Click on Imgur pic then hold down on image and copy post link and paste that in post
  3. Captain Peggy Carter quickie, so quick I didn’t even match the gloves. Sorry Union Jack, you shall be missed.
  4. Any ideas to make Khonshu from Moon Knight? Maybe there's a Roblox that looks similar, I know they have some Egyptian looking ones.
  5. I thought we were being silly because the answer was easy. Ain't no Whoopi
  6. Hold down on picture on Imgur to Copy Link
  7. Marvel quick customs Scientist Supreme Inhumans Gorgon, Crystal, Karnak Madcap Punisher Misty Knight Baron Mordo Agent Phil Coulson Yo-Yo Rodriguez What If… Star-Lord T’Challa Spider-Punk
  8. That Kermit would work too, but I'm already using that tux for a different little person custom.
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