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  1. A while back I did movie versions of the three and just made Volstagg a little taller bc he already was made.
  2. Cartoon characters and Horror/SciFi characters. But I’d also accept cartoon versions of Horror/SciFi characters and or live-action versions of Cartoon characters.
  3. Even Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine the patriotic mob boss would be great! No love for Alan Arkin either
  4. How about just a two pack of him and Howard Hughes? I'd prefer him over Jennifer Connelly or Nazi Timothy Dalton... although that one henchman with the big face could be cool too.
  5. They all look awesome. Great Job DST!
  6. i love when embargo came back and fought alongside black panther
  7. Walter Kovacs minimate, put down that sign!
  8. I've been thinking about making a custom of Q using Time from Alice Wonderland Movie and trim off the bottom of his hat. Maybe pair that with Imperious Leader from Classic BSG boxset But who for the face? Make that TNG crew DST
  9. Mega Man has a new Lab playset and there's an older expensive Dr Wiley Lab playset too. New Set Old Set
  10. we could use Pym Particles to go back in time and forget it that wouldn't work
  11. and if we are all going to support a crowd funding, I think it would have to start with a set with more than one new character like Star Trek or random Marvel characters. Hey great news, we're gonna start a Go Fund Me to make a Wolverine 4 Pack. I would've loved a Bruce Lee set, but you guys can always make a decent custom with some ripped muscles and maybe a Agent Zero head. I made one years ago. I really wanted to this to sell out crazy so maybe down the road we could get some Bruce Lee movie supporting characters like John Saxon in ETD or Kareem in Game of Death.
  12. Could you guys also stop mentioning spoilers from Infinity War, I’m way behind workin on a Captain Marvel-Pants Suit custom
  13. They could make some comic version of Thor later on similar to his movie look. Maybe an Anniversary Boxset like they did with all the Iron Man suits and had the exclusive Pepper Potts. Just do that again but with Alts of characters everybody wants. and then Genie after you granted my wish, we can move on to Star Trek TNG...
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