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  1. I like when he hits the guy with the rock. And when the King throws his son's bf out the window.
  2. What about a DC Customs line? There a couple I know I'd like to add. Movie Aquaman (Which could have like 3 Alts), Black Manta, SS Leto Joker, SS Harley Quinn, SS Croc, Lex Luthor like Super Powers Doom Patrol, Titans, The other Supermen, Random Justice league members and villains Do you have a wishlist or anything planned possibly?
  3. Hey Luke, I never got a confirmation for Big Boss Man. Am I on the list?
  4. I was at an Outlet store and this Vision set comes with a Tank that seems about the right size for Bonebreaker.
  5. I want this boxset more now. Gimme gimme gimme
  6. Bonebreaker in a two pack might be a little too tight. He would take up more space than Mojo/Spiral. The "tank" piece would need the majority of it's own tray, bigger than a Prof X wheelchair. And any of these scenarios seems way less likely as a boxset. It can't be super flat bc it has to somewhat line up with the height of a minimate. I syill think a hot wheels/matchbox is about the right size needed.
  7. Ha, I bought Hellboy too! I had a bunch of these from the classic TMNT sets. I saw they made Data from TNG, so now I gotta find Picard and the old crew. Warf would be amazing. I am always tempted to get some of the vehicle and accessory packs for the Construx military sets but I don't want to build anything!
  8. Bonebreaker- None of the sunglasses faces showed emotion like Gary Busey from Predator 2 Lower Torso- Matchbox Trail Tipper with back of dumptruck part taken off. Mounting Putty for now Movie Falcon Goggles, 80's Storm Mohawk(Or Kluh is also white)---could maybe use Anton Zeck from TMNT, or paint red mohawk from Yondu or Nova Corp Rocksteady Shirt,Animated Hawkeye Arms Just playing around, figuring out how to make him. Maybe just some electrical tape to clean it up. Here's a link to the matchbox i used
  9. Any ideas on how to make X-Men Villain named Bonebreaker, the bottom half of him is a tank. I almost think you could use the classic Toy Biz figure but it's too big. Probably would have to be the next scale up from regular Hot Wheels... and then find a way to get a minimate torso on there. Maybe we'll get minis of the Reavers and those obscure characters later on There's a character in Battle Angel Alita, the manga, that has a similar setup; but minimates from that franchise good luck!
  10. I think Mimic would work with a lot of the young Xmen who time travelled back as their younger selves from wave 59. Maybe combine Beast and Angel body as a base
  11. Minn Erva is the main person I want. Relesae Date for boxset?
  12. Now that Fury is young again and has two eyes, we can make a Mace Windu custom. Any Ideas for Jedi robes? What about a Liam Neeson face? I've never really thought about prequel characters. I'm sure there are some old guy faces for Count Dooku.
  13. Hey Tenime I would add The Pumpkin King Jack for sure!!! I also want that Fountain set. I need that Harlequin Demon so I can finally make a custom mm of myself.
  14. I've been using STallone's face for Mordo
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