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  1. never saw the animated ones for Shuri or that new Doc Ock. Most of the stores by me have Widow movie sets now. Endgame ones in the suits like Rocket and Hulk I don't see anymore.
  2. Is that the all blue translucent one? I need that one.
  3. I still want those TMNT mates from the old cartoon.
  4. Gladiator! After all these years. We did it!
  5. nice! although i meant African American legs, this still is better than what i had. I think it works well for America Chavez. I've done a couple others for the game I play Marvel Strike Force on my phone. Next to America is the Elsa Bloodstone I'm messing with. New Hobgoblin for chest and Pepper Potts hair. Robe is from Pulp Fiction guy but I'd rather have regular sleeves but nothing matches that color really. Previously I was using Capcom Dante's alt White coat which I may go back to. I also will probably change those boots back to smaller shoes not sure how that's looking. Edit* I’ve switched out the robe on Elsa with green jacket from Maggie Walking Dead which I think works better
  6. I made an America Chavez marvel custom. There are no jean shorts with black legs haha so I gave her pants. But I really would like to give her a belt with a Star on it. Is there one? belt buckle with a Star on the center?
  7. Those all look nice. I could use a Starlord in another color. Please no more FF unless they are drastically different like redo of Things old costume I’d love
  8. Ya mostly monsters and animals. A lot of them like Would work with slightly smaller heads. Ones i I have that seem to fit are Jabba the Hut, Wampa, Stranger Things monsters Chairy from Pee Wee Herman Show Giants from Game of Thrones. I have the zombie one. Dragons too and also the Superman statue from BVS
  9. Found Hammerhead really cool glad to have him. I like the head for CapVenom!
  10. A while back I did movie versions of the three and just made Volstagg a little taller bc he already was made.
  11. Cartoon characters and Horror/SciFi characters. But I’d also accept cartoon versions of Horror/SciFi characters and or live-action versions of Cartoon characters.
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