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  1. WookieFodder

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Minn Erva is the main person I want. Relesae Date for boxset?
  2. WookieFodder

    Wave 78

    Speedball yes
  3. WookieFodder

    Star Wars Droids

    Now that Fury is young again and has two eyes, we can make a Mace Windu custom. Any Ideas for Jedi robes? What about a Liam Neeson face? I've never really thought about prequel characters. I'm sure there are some old guy faces for Count Dooku.
  4. WookieFodder

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Hey Tenime I would add The Pumpkin King Jack for sure!!! I also want that Fountain set. I need that Harlequin Demon so I can finally make a custom mm of myself.
  5. WookieFodder

    BC Avengers Wave

    I've been using STallone's face for Mordo
  6. WookieFodder


    Buddy Christ minimate VS Cthulu vinimate
  7. WookieFodder

    Minimate compatibility thread

    Can you take out the rows at all on that Nano case? The Hogwarts one is really cool. This Stage I saw at Michael's for Halloween setup would be great for minis I think. Even with their 50% off coupons, it's still a lot. It makes noise and lights up I think.
  8. WookieFodder

    Star Wars Droids

    Hey, how can I make customs of Star Wars droids from the newer movies? Specifically wanted to make K-2SO and L3-37 K-2SO has a lego, so maybe I could mod that and make bigger. BB88 has a lego too but not exactly to scale with minimates. any ideas for them because in the past with r2 and c3po I could just sub in galactic heroes and it works fine I think. L3-37, the one from Solo movie, what parts could work to look something even resembling her?
  9. WookieFodder

    Infinity War

    Hey, could someone list where the Black Order Members are at? Did the TRU ones move to Walgreens? All I got so far is Proxima from Walgreens.
  10. Horror/Scifi Characters like Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Pennywise, Dennis Hooper from TCM2 Saturday Night Live Caddyshack Boxset Mortal Kombat Charlie Chaplin, Popeye, Mike Tyson, Pee Wee Herman Harry and the Hendersons ...Star Trek TNG
  11. WookieFodder

    tru wave 24

    I got these yesterday, they all look good.
  12. WookieFodder

    The End of Minimates?

    1. Game of Thrones 2. Horror Movie Characters 3. Star Trek TNG, please just make one more boxset
  13. WookieFodder

    Watchmen Minimates

    Is this it for the Watchmen minimates? I'd love to get comic accurate costumes for Ozy and young Comedian. And Bubastis Maybe if that HBO show happens. You never know with DC
  14. WookieFodder

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    wow, it'll be so weird when Toad is actually out...Finally The walgreens Itsy Bitsy spidey was great. How about some more Marvel kids/X-Babies? Walgreens has had some of the best obscure releases lately. Maybe Faiza Hussain could happen down the road.
  15. WookieFodder

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Wishlist: Toad Faiza Hussain White Costume Iron Fist Gladiator and Lilandra 90's X-Factor