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  1. I don’t play any table top games that use models or figs like Warhammer or Mage Knight. I have been watching some videos about the games though and couldn’t you just sub in Minimates on bases? the Stats are available for various unit types and characters in books like Codex or battle primers. Also online, there’s an app called Battle Scribe that looks promising. any ideas
  2. I think they look great. And maybe these will sell well at Walgreens bc they never really had many X-men minimates sold there. Gotta be some burnout from Avengers and Spidey stuff.
  3. I just opened a That Yellow Bastard Boxset and Jessica Alba didn't have her belt/holster. Was this a known issue? I know I'm a lil late to the party.
  4. what about this stuff? Some of the furniture looks good
  5. Found the gamerverse today, they do look shiny. Man do I wanna see the Widow movie. never saw the animated wave with Shuri. never saw the AntiVenom in the big body. if anyone has Walgreens antivenom to trade or sell lemme know
  6. ha I made pretty much that same Q like a week ago. You should see some of the stuff I use for Star Trek stand ins. My Worf is Kor from Trek and the original Grey Hulk's headpiece. Although I've been thinking of Dystopia Hulk or Maestro's headpiece and painting it. Probably would be better for a different Klingon than Worf though. My Data is original Adam Warlock's face with BW Dracula hairpiece on the grey trek suit. My LaForge uses Phx 5 Cyclops visor. Crusher uses that Green/Black Rogue with a old Mary Jane hair. And don't get me started on my Voyager crew. Neelix is a co
  7. Some of the funko playsets are almost compatible. Back to the Future Clock Tower with Doc Brown I was looking at. The Ghostbusters Firestation looks a tad too small but maybe in a background would be legit. Castle Greyskull. And also these Papercraft Boxos sets could work. Some Star Wars,TMNT... anyone using those? Playmobil makes a BTTF Clocktower set that actually looks too small. I remember the Ghostbusters forestation for playmobil was too big for minimates like Giant Stairs.
  8. Then soon. bruhahahaha. Need to make a Scream custom.
  9. Does this wave’s Venom have a hole in his head?
  10. Would love a Rescue movie mate! Are the deadpool movies allowed to make movie mates still haha. Negasonic Teenage Warhead would be excellent to have.
  11. Hey @DSTZach Any Star Trek news? Were they one of the crowd funding ideas pitched? Really could use some gold uniforms. And maybe Dr Crusher with a jacket and a green unisex uniform underneath. I'll buy stuff from the New shows if I can get some stuff from the Old shows
  12. The Hirogens were one of the coolest aliens. Removable armor and trophies. Seemed like their height varied in different eps.
  13. Where my The Boys minimates? Amazon has money I think. Ask for Jeff Bezos
  14. I love Voyager. Can that be the second imaginary boxset after the TNG one?
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