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  1. Yep. Moved from Kubricks to Minimates. Now onto Funko and Cosbabies.
  2. With DST seemingly focusing more on Vinimates and the much slower releases of new minimate waves, I found myself losing interest in minimates . And I have been around since the days of the 3" minimates, the Kiss ones being my first purchase. This is the first minimate news in a while that is of interest to me and might bring me back into the fold, minimate-wise. ( I also like the recent 1,000,000 BC wave. At least these are new characters rather than the 100th version of Spider-man or Iron Man). Hopefully DST does something worthwhile with the Bruce Lee license though we probably won't see anything until well into 2019.
  3. I am surprised that we didn't see anything for Infinity War at this year's Toy Fair with the movie only being 2.5 months away.
  4. Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu was my favorite series when Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy were the writer/artist on this series. Not a fan really of what Marvel has done with him since. Still would love at least one minimate of him. And can we have one of his father too?
  5. Hi. I would be interested in a set of the TRU Wave 24 (3 2-packs).  How much would it be to zip code 91745, Hacienda Heights, California?

    1. callsign_morlock


      same here.  zip code 11570.  please let me know.  thanks!

  6. I thought at the beginning of this year that Uatu was confirmed to be released as a minimate this year. Or was that wishful thinking on my part. Zach, can you confirm if we will be getting an Uatu minimate in the near future? Still waiting for Shang-chi, Master of Kung Fu to be released in minimate form.
  7. Well I am looking for all 4 2-packs of the Walgreen series 2.5. So if anyone has these available for a reasonable price, please send me an email. Thanks.
  8. I got a 3 legged reindeer!!! It is off to customer service to try my luck in getting a spare leg.
  9. Hi Shane/Zach; The minimate made it up safely pass the border. Thanks for the contest and helping us avoid ebay.
  10. Hi. Can I get a Marvel Minimates poster? Thanks.
  11. Hi. Just wondering if anyone else in Canada has had this experience. Had order the Spongebob minimates series 1 through my local comicshop and they were scheduled to come in mid-April. However I then found out that Diamond had cancelled the order saying that they were unavailable to be shipped in Canada (rights issues?). Can anyone confirm this? If so, I guess I have to find them through other means. Thanks.
  12. They listed only 3 of the promo goblins. Isn't there one missing?
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