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  1. When I try to option the images in a separate tab, it prompts me to sign in to Google. Are you perhaps linking the images from a Google drive?
  2. Same. Although, I would prefer 80's green tank top Rogue or even oversized pant suit Rogue or poncho Rogue.
  3. So, I just finished a road trip/move from NYC to PDX and had to take a pic of my X-Men display in my office before I took it down. Not as well photographed as I like when I post stuff on here, but thought it'd be cool to share: The full photo is too big to post here, so just click on this to zoom in.
  4. Thanks, sir! Custom Genis-Vell Captain Marvel! Pretty simple-- Mr. Negative head on Captain Marvel torso/arms/bands with a black paint job and navy blue wash.
  5. Custom Genis-Vell Captain Marvel minimate! Mister Negative head on a Captain Marvel torso/arms/bands with a custom black paint job and navy blue wash.
  6. Thanks! They're labors of love. I really just do the power effects/backgrounds and some lighting/shadow/highlight fixes so stuff doesn't look too dark.
  7. Thanks, guys. The hairpiece is custom sculpted. I am an ├╝ber X-Nerd. I still definitely want to do Classic Purple Shi'ar and Genoshan.
  8. My Polaris minimate collection. Not quite a traditional "group" but, still...
  9. DoFP Rachel is a First Class Emma head and I thiiiink the hair is from a Daredevil.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, Daredevil mask was a godsend-- very simple sanding and paint touch up. Red paint can be rough for me, at times, in terms of coverage. dunno why. Just adding my custom Rachel Grey-Summers collection to this thread. I have to clean it up-- I lost web hosting services a year back so all my old customs are just broken links
  11. My Rachel-Grey Summers collection featuring a few simple quick customs and a few paints/decals.
  12. Thanks, guys. I'm gonna make it my personal mission to try and keep this thread alive-- gonna shoot for a pic every other day, if I can.
  13. Far be it from me to work some thread necromancy, but I feel like this thread should make a comeback (uhh... kind of like I have, I guess, on account of not posting in ages). I just finished a custom AoA Nightcrawler and wanted to show him off with the rest of his brethren.
  14. Just finished AoA Nightcrawler and threw together an impromptu AoA Colossus. Eventually going to swap the face out for Storm and finish the chest straps on Colossus, but all-in-all very happy with how Nightcrawler turned out.
  15. It's been a loooong while since I've posted anything, but the Customs forum has been so dead lately... inspired me to come out of retirement. I started taking pics of stuff I've done since I stopped posting to try and kickstart some life back into this place. I wasn't too happy the with civilian look the first Spider-Gwen came from (as it looked too much like 616 Gwen), so I customized my own.
  16. Yup! Custom tampos. The color match is pretty spot on, too, if I do say so myself.
  17. It took me FOREVER to collect enough Wolverines to do this but here is Jim Lee's Uncanny X-Men circa Uncanny X-Men 275-- April 1991
  18. First Class (comic) Beast is really simple: just an extra First Class Angel without wing harness, swap out heads underneath the mask, add X-Factor Beast hands/duck feet. Closest accurate depiction IMO. He was kinda depicted a bit "slimmer" during that series, anyway.
  19. Awww sookie-sookie!!! That is awesome. Great use of parts to achieve a classic look. Beautiful job.
  20. The texture on that classic Scarlet is top notch, man.
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