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  1. When I try to option the images in a separate tab, it prompts me to sign in to Google. Are you perhaps linking the images from a Google drive?
  2. Same. Although, I would prefer 80's green tank top Rogue or even oversized pant suit Rogue or poncho Rogue.
  3. So, I just finished a road trip/move from NYC to PDX and had to take a pic of my X-Men display in my office before I took it down. Not as well photographed as I like when I post stuff on here, but thought it'd be cool to share: The full photo is too big to post here, so just click on this to zoom in.
  4. Thanks, sir! Custom Genis-Vell Captain Marvel! Pretty simple-- Mr. Negative head on Captain Marvel torso/arms/bands with a black paint job and navy blue wash.
  5. Custom Genis-Vell Captain Marvel minimate! Mister Negative head on a Captain Marvel torso/arms/bands with a custom black paint job and navy blue wash.
  6. Thanks! They're labors of love. I really just do the power effects/backgrounds and some lighting/shadow/highlight fixes so stuff doesn't look too dark.
  7. Thanks, guys. The hairpiece is custom sculpted. I am an ├╝ber X-Nerd. I still definitely want to do Classic Purple Shi'ar and Genoshan.
  8. My Polaris minimate collection. Not quite a traditional "group" but, still...
  9. DoFP Rachel is a First Class Emma head and I thiiiink the hair is from a Daredevil.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, Daredevil mask was a godsend-- very simple sanding and paint touch up. Red paint can be rough for me, at times, in terms of coverage. dunno why. Just adding my custom Rachel Grey-Summers collection to this thread. I have to clean it up-- I lost web hosting services a year back so all my old customs are just broken links
  11. My Rachel-Grey Summers collection featuring a few simple quick customs and a few paints/decals.
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