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  1. yeah. It is. Has anyone checked it out?
  2. Check out the link. This is Yungtown. He is coming out with a new album tomorrow. It is FREE! So check it out. It's definatly worth listening to if you like hip hop.
  3. Anyone here on the KJ board? KJ is a rapper and he is awesome. He has a good sense of humor and keeps his rhymes clean. And if you haven't heard of Yungtown you should check him out. He is one of the best rappers out there. Anyone else hear of any great *non secular* rappers? Or any clean other clean artists?
  4. Good thing I copied and pasted 60 of them into a word document.
  5. Does anyone remember the minimate adventures comics? I have been looking for them and can't find them... Can someone link me to them or tell me what happened to them?
  6. Bumps up to the top so that people will go to his site
  7. Licences that we can only hope that lego will make... Unless one of us buys the lego company and makes it into whatever we want! HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA*cough, cough*!!! Post your ideas here.
  8. Has anyone been on my website? Any feedback.
  9. I FOUND HIM!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! :biggrin:
  10. I got away from minis (still have them somewhere) due to prices and the lack of places that supply them near me. But I also got back into Lego. Then I was working on my site since february. And thanks Shane, it means a lot to me that you remembered that crazy guy that always had a bannana at the end of his posts. LIKE THIS!!! ........... Theres no more Bannana Man.. :sad:
  11. I have returned with good news. I have a awesome website that has gotten lots of veiws. Go to it. Copy and paste this in the link Clever name. I know, its cause I made it. The other reason I came back to the site is that they now have a new lego disscussion. No more going to the official lego forum with 4 year olds. I'm so happy
  12. I did not see that but the wompa doesn't have tail or a giant horn
  13. The other day i was making lego people and I thought a wampa would be cool. For non star wars nerds that would be the thing that attacked luke in episode 5. So I got out the old minimates (I am more into lego than minis now) and I took a the tall one that came with wonder woman out and painted him entirly white and drew an angry face on him. He now is sitting on my dresser about to through luke. Any one use minimates as bigger lego people or smaller action figure people or other???
  14. I think it would look good with a gold spidey head
  15. hey all, havent been here in a while. but i saw this topic and i had to post. I have the lego DOCTOR JONES sets. well half any way. the ark one and the boulder idol dropping door one. along with the r2 c3po in the ark, in the boulder chase one you can see that the sticker on the plane says :"OB-CPO" Obi Wan and C3PO!
  16. i have tried one for batman try using a book sock like the 1s u use in school
  17. could you guys help me u see i am trying to collect every( or just about ) Justice league member and green lanturn corps. member that comes out so if u could can u give me al list of those guys already out or r sceguald (bad spelling) thanks
  18. Any good action replay cheats for pokemon pearl
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