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  1. Thanks all for whatever coverage was supplied, much appreciated. I'm a little bummed out at not having been able to go, forgot all about C2E2 until the day of and went out of town next day(feels worse as I could have at least gone over for lunch I can see the convention center from my office window). Must have been pretty sweet. Heard that it was like a good wizard con. It's been a while since DSTChuck has shown up in Chi-town, must have been nice.
  2. Thanks for confirming your version. This could be a Firefox 3.6 issue as I have it and have the same reported issues. Didn't have them until I went to 3.6, (yeah I couldn't wait to upgrade ) I tried different settings but couldn't make the issue go away. Heading home now and will try removing the skin and see if that works. For those having trouble, use a different browser in the meantime until whatever is causing this issue gets resolved.
  3. Only you TBT! j/k Seriously though, I think for some time they've been trying to find a way to make the character more human like than robotic and as you guys have pointed out, they've been slimming him down. He's definitely a more premier mainstream character now with the movies. Somehow this suit is a little like how I imagined the Iron Spidey suit would be. I do think the suit is nice, we'll see how the suit plays out. btw it sort of reminds me of recent readings and how some cell phones with straight corner edges appeal more to males and phones with curves appeal to females. Maybe they're trying a more uinisex approach.
  4. Sweet! Can't wait to pick this up. I had underestimated this box set earlier, but it's looking to be one of the nicer ones, to me anyways. I love that we're getting Photon and especially Beyonder!! don't think we'd ever get them otherwise. Of course I like the Spider-man bonded Symbiote. For some reason every time I see this doom it reminds me of baby
  5. Thanks for pics MM, hadn't had a chance to pick these up yet. Had overlooked the stickers, I'm sure it's a small challenge to make sure they get applied perfectly as I don't have the steadiest hands. Thought for the price of the TRU sets those stickers would already be btw I can't stand drinking that Red Stripe stuff.
  6. The ONLY SIX TIME Superbowl Champion Steelers!!! Always have been a Steeler fan and always will be! My local city team Chicago Bears make me puke. Can't bare to watch them. I'm rooting for the Saints in the NFC.
  7. Thanks guys for your comments, appreciate it! Always enjoyed your company in the Multiverse over the years. Happy Birthday Cappy!
  8. Congrats rodimus on winning those mates! $600 nah, not too bad, you can say it's a good amount on just two minimates but they're not just ordinary minimates. For me personally I have bought up to at least $1200 in one weekend on minimates. From time to time the way DST is releasing mates it's now like $400 here, $250 there. My wallet feels it now every time, ouchie.
  9. What I dislike about the DST/TRU deal is the horrible distribution of these waves. I keep seeing all the non-be/ms sets, I hope they'll get to realize how a big mistake that was overall(not likely). TRU won't put new stock up until old stock is gone which also bad because that means only the more populated areas will be putting up new stock on a routine basis, if even. The TRU one per case is one of the worst feelings I've had collecting minimates. (Not even not having gold, silver spideys made me feel this way) Let's hope for the best that the new wave has a better ratio or it's more gas and diet pepsi.
  10. Nice story Mystery Man, glad you had a great time and had a dream come true. Must have been fun. It wasn't a total loss, although most of my excitement was meeting few people. Kristanna Loken (yeah she can chase me and terminate me ) , the Go Candice Michelle, no not only interested in the laidies , but I kept missing Admiral Adama (Edward James Almos) and crew XO(Michael Hogan) and Kat (Luciana Carro). Wish Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Mattel were there, too many heavy weights out. This con became more of a comics flea market with autograph session. It was interesting to see how many ghostbusters people were out, at least Ernie Hudson was there for them.
  11. probably j/k The trend has been imo that we'll get some of our wanted characters either mixed into related waves of updated previously released mates. If it's ever made(Kang) it'll be most likely in a FF/Avengers wave/box set maybe? Mole man/Doombot probably has a leg up on that. Should have been in the Villains box set imo Actually as I'm reading books and look at the characters, it just comes out in my mind...minimate, no minimate, minimate, no minimate. That's when you realize how many more characters still need to be made, especially villains.
  12. Whatever you do, don't mention Kang! to these guys. While talking to him (DSTMatt) Thursday, he sort of stopped me before I even The booth had mates for sale but was bare on displays, can't blame them though. Not many working the booth and would've been hell to bring everything. Actually as a whole the con has been a downer every year. I'm hoping that the NYCC group organized Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo takes over the chicago scene with a bigger and better convention come April.
  13. Best Wishes, Happy Birthday JP!!
  14. That sucks man, I hate when stuff like that happens. I see it in the street all the time, thieves trying to sell stuff cheap to get money. twice I've had my CDs stolen and once my radio. I stopped buying music until like 7 years later cause it was frustrating to start over a music collection a third time. Depending on what your MP3 was worth and have receipts and your policy, insurance may provide some $$. I got some cash for my radio cause it was only a couple weeks old and expensive. I don't look like a menacing guy at first and what gets me upset is when some fool comes up trying to steal from me. A couple of months ago this guy wanted me to give him my phone. When I was younger they wanted my money and watch. I had to go berserk on them. I hate to fight and exude fury. I'm a nice guy but people have no idea what they're getting into. I've learned, trust no one, not even your own shadow.
  15. Whew! Seeing these in thumbnails on my phone scared me, I thought they were all minimate related. you know don't want to go crazy tracking all of these down. Great stuff though, thanks for sharing, hopefully I can snag a few good ones at CCC(Chicago comic con) next week.
  16. And he has bone claws too, so... bit of a stretch to call him Weapon X IMO Maybe it's the before Weapon X mate. Later he'll come with adamantium claws and helmet. The would be awesome!!!!!! I've been waiting for this one the most. and a Sinister Six Pack.
  17. I like the sound of that! I didn't think they would make a Captain Britain either, although I still prefer TBT!'s version. Can't wait for BlackBolt! For a non-speaking minimate, he's well suited. He just looks cool.
  18. Considering the stores here haven't even had wave 3 this really makes me want to slap whoever organises these things! T. I do want to slap them. It's funny over here between 7 TRUs, some have only ghostbusters(whatever is left), some have neither wave 3 nor ghostbusters, and those that have had wave 3 have restocked only to have the same people take the BE/MS pack.
  19. True that! Was waiting for this show till i got tired of waiting and The show/networks always let me down when they cancel. TAS would be awesome! Almost done re-watching the 67 series.
  20. Dang Rad, that's an incredible collection you have there. Must have taken a long time. I like Star Wars but I hope they never make the license in minimate form. There would be way way too Although they would look cool.
  21. Thanks Storm 1:08 and all others who provided the info from SDCC. Very informative and nice points of view. It's great to know there will be quite a few TRU waves coming out this year and next. Time to get my rewards card ready.
  22. Thanks for the link! I certainly hope DST has or gets the license. I'm thirsting for a scarlett johansen/black widow minimate! Also looking forward to the movie of course. It'll be interesting what the come up as the final product. Want them to eventually get to mandarin as a villain in the series of movies.
  23. The Helecarrier would be cool! Any idea of how big it was?
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