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  1. Isn't this the Pre-Civil War Reality TV New Warriors Vol. 3 team? Seems a strange choice for a children's comedy series especially if Nitro destroys Cinematic Universe Stamford as the season climax.
  2. They are indeed the lower legs of the NBX Werewolf with Itsy Bitsy Spider's body and either Marvel Legends Rocket's, or Animated Rocket for a les expensive option since they are basically the same, gun. All that's left is the torso sticker and he'll be complete.
  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man from the animated line also uses the small block body.
  4. I'll wait for the third box set of Heroes: Adam, Cringer, Teela, and Stratos. Of course there'll have to be a couple of Deluxe sets of He-Man with Battle Cat and Skeletor with Panthor.
  5. It's the 15th anniversary so we'll at last get a wave 15! Toad and Brotherhood Rogue, Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider, Phoenix 5 Namor and Magik, X-Force Sunspot and Feral. Or Maybe Wave 15 Comic Ghostrider Blackheart and Ghost Rider (Blaze), Gravedigger and Thunderbolts Ghost Rider, Mephisto and Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider (Ketch) & Vengeance.
  6. Thanks BuffaloDelorean, since I've been restricted to only being able to find the WallGreen series locally that's what I've been doing the most work with. Currently I'm trying to work out how to use submergence Spider-Man and Thanos parts to make a Hydro-Armor Iron Man.
  7. 05 Vengeance Archer Pietro Barton Flying Ant Scott Wilson Iron Nova Jamie Stark Justice Stephanie Astro Loki God of Thunder Rodent Ranger Savage Matthew Plunder Spider-Man 06 Spiderverse and others Spider-Agent Spider-Boy Transformation Venom Miles Silvermane Battlebeasts Gore Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 05 Vengeance by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr 06 Spiderverse and 0thers by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr
  8. 01 Guardians of Earth Binary Genetic Daughter of Carol Danvers Ganymede Genetic Daughter of Gamora Rockette Guardian Commander Assumed Related to Rocket Raccoon? Seraphim Genetic Daughter of Angela Star Cat Genetic Daughter of Kitty Pryde Ranger Genetic Son of Richard Rider Nova 02 X-Mutants Firepower De-Powered Mutant Marked Flashback De-Powered Mutant Hornet De-Powered Mutant Kickstart De-Powered Mutant Marked Execute on sight Phantom Re-Powered Mutant White Witch Descendant of Luna Maximoff 03 Nomads Blackout Kayne Adamson Immortal Raven Descendant of X-23 Wolverine Red Wing Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead Nighthawk 04 TMNT Bach Beethoven Mozart Handel Niwa Kitsune Seishin Shredder
  9. Hey Luke, how about a Rocket chest sticker that will fit the child size Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Body or Howard the Duck body?
  10. Sooooooo many possibilities. KH1 Sora/Dark Riku, Donald/Heartless Soldier/Goofy Maleficent, Cloud/Tigger KHII Halloween Town Sora/Luna Bandit, Simba/Leon, King Mickey/Dragoon Nobody, Roxas/Axel. Birth By Sleep Ventus/Experiment 626, Aqua/Scrapper Unversed, Terra/Zack, Mickey/Captain Justice Pete. Of course each pack should come with micro mates like Lion Sora, Mushu, Moogle, Chip and Dale, Jiminy Cricket, Abu, Piglet, et al.
  11. I'm guessing Kingdom Hearts. With multiple classic Disney characters, Square-Enix Final Fantasy characters, and multiple versions of the Kindgom Hearts characters it is all win. Besides who wouldn't want to add the NBX versions of Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck to their displays?
  12. I picked up a few of the ReJection during Hastings last days just to diversify my customs weapons. While I'm giving the figures away I fully expect them to be disfigures and burned for the sake of art. If you like retro figures more power to you but for me it just brings back how terrible figures used to be back in the day. Poor paint apps, bad character proportions, and little attempt at character likenesses just makes me want to replace my childhood Star Wars figure memories with minimate versions.
  13. There are so many movie possibilities, but my top guesses would be: Existing properties with new movies: The Mummy or Alien: Covenant If it's a completely new property: It The Dark Tower Jumanji Friday the 13th War for Planet of the Apes Kong: Skull Island Complete wish-listing on my part would be: Underworld: Bloodwars (like tigers, there are never enough werewolves) and XXX: Return of Xander Cage Of course I'd want minimates from all the films in the series. Still I have this lurking dread that the property is going to be Fifty Shades Darker. Before anyone laughs or thinks I'm joking remember how we got Desperately Seeking Susan minimates.
  14. Not having the money to trigger resets is something I can easily understand. I also realize that I'm in a rather unique situation being the only dedicated collector in the area and having stores that only stock one case at a time. Which makes it nice that the Animated series case is a single set. For the most part I can only afford to pick up two packs per week. Soon that will go up slightly once I finish buying out Hasting's clearance stock and having no local options for continuing to buy comics. Also my regular buying habits will be dropping from at least two copies from multiple lines to single LCS Marvel sets ordered online and multiples of the Walgreen series. While I have a bit more flexibility than most I certainly didn't mean to imply that I can just buy as many as it takes to triger multiple restocks or even e-bay prices. After thinking about it, I guess the point I was trying to articulate is if you treat the Walgreen's you frequent most like a LCS, you're likely to have better luck than treating it like TRU.
  15. I guess I've been lucky with this line. There are two stores within 40 miles. One of them isn't very reliable as to what they get in but, so far, they do eventually get every wave in. The second store is much better. When a few weeks after the wave has been spotted in multiple locations I go in and check. If they don't have it in stock then I, respectfully, ask the manager if she can order in the new wave. However, I first make sure that any previous waves have been bought out. Even if that means I have to take a couple of extra weeks to buy up the older inventory myself. At most it has been two restocks, they never restock more than one set at a time, before the new wave comes into stock. Basically rather than running around to multiple stores, ranting about distribution, and being upset because you still can't find the newest wave try a different approach. Pick the store that's closest, or better yet the one with the most helpful employees a work with them. Oh , one other very important thing is to make sure that they know that your interested in the line for the right reasons: collecting, customizing, and a love of the brand. If you play up the exclusivity you're likely to hit a brick wall. Maybe it is just the store I frequent, but they seem to dislike the idea that they might be helping scalpers make a fast buck on exclusives.
  16. It is rather frustrating, I cleaned out the back stock from both the stores near me and they ended up restocking with multiple sets of wave 1.5. Since I seem to be the only one buying in the area it is getting expensive trying to get in the newest waves.
  17. I so want a Power Boy and White Tiger Cub to go with Chibi Spider-Man
  18. New mixed series Savage Land Rogue & ANXM X-23 Scream & White Rabbit Mantis & Crystal Abigail Brand & Death Bird Greatest Hits Wave Dark Phoenix & 90's Jubilee using the kid size body Black Cat and Arachni (Spider Woman 2) Valkyrie & Angela She-Hulk & Invisible Woman (Best of match)
  19. Argh! That Chibi Spider-Man just makes me want a full team of the characters as children as well as complete teams of Mojoverse X-Babies and Mighty Vengers. Not to mention an articulated Rocket Raccoon using that smaller body. Just for continuity sake pack him with a bulked up Battle Ready Groot with Carnage tendrils and hands.
  20. Every line should be required to have a glow Bunny in one form or another even if they never appeared on screen or page. BBT: GitD lab rabbit accessory Marvel: White Rabbit Variant Walking Dead: A Zombie in Rabbit Costume Ghostbusters: Rabbit Ghost TMNT: Samurai Rabbit Mutant (Not Usagi) Godzilla: Giant Rabbit Kaiju Battle Beasts: Warrior Rabbit View Askew: GitD Playboy Bunny Aliens: Rabbit Alien Predator: Thermal image rabbit accessory
  21. Autumn Lands, perhaps? It meets both categories of new property and not new by being very similar to Battle Beasts.
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