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  1. My stores just finished their reset and no end cap. Worse yet they are both down to a single peg. One had a complete set of Animated wave 9 and the other has been without mates now for a month. I was so looking forward to finding some wave 8 and BC mates. Ah well, I'll try again in two weeks.
  2. We already have a Sasquatch so how about a yeti instead? Oh and I want a Beast of Bray Road and a Jackalope accessory in one of the packs.
  3. Wave 02 finally showed up in Twin Falls Idaho this weekend. So they should start showing up everywhere in greater numbers.
  4. According to Game Informer the Game version of Spider-Man is entering the Comic Universe for Spider-geddon so there might be a way to get some of the game looks.
  5. I hope I can get my hands on him. So maybe there is hope that we'll eventually get the bear, cheetah, jackal, bull, and robin. Oh and a tiger, of course.
  6. I figure this wave won't be out before November or December at the earliest considering it is Walgreen Comic wave two. Wave one being the TRU final TRU wave.
  7. Walgreen's distribution needs to pull its head out of its ass. Now I try to be patient, but after today I'm a bit ticked. I have two stores close to me and, for the most part, I'm the only one in the area that buys minimates. The stores only get in one case at a time. So every two weeks for the last two months I've been keeping wave seven from peg warming at both stores in order to get in wave eight. Currently I've gotten twelve full sets. Finally today I went in and I found something new (Yay!) wave nine meaning that wave eight has been skipped (Boo). Now I understand the need to move old stock but at least get your systems in order so that stores that are moving product don't end up skipping. I swear if a case of wave eight doesn't show up before comic wave one is released I'm out. I'm not paying over retail price on figures I should be able to find locally and if I can't find those toys then it really isn't worth continuing to collect.
  8. Comic shops need a complimetary wave to BC so how about: Ka-Zar & Zabu, Savage Land Rogue & Red She-Hulk, Spider-Lizard & Stegron, and Cap Wolf & Black Panther (Shuri) Maybe even toss in parts for an Avengers BC Deadpool BAF. Also while I'm not into the Vinimates if a Deluxe Flaming Ghost Mammoth were to be made I'd have to have one, or three. After all Mammoth travel in herds.
  9. Thank's Paco, yeah OM Magnus and OM Whitman are the same figure. I wasn't really satisfied with Magnus since there are sooo many Old Man Logans so adter staring at the figure I tried to come up with a different character . Black Knight just seemed a natural fit and that one character grew into a universe where all the remaining Classic Heroes are Old Men mentoring a new generation of characters that are more misfits than heroes.
  10. The majority of the governments of Earth decided that the greatest threat to humanity was the proliferation of super powerful individuals. To that end all enhanced, magical, mutant, alien, and artificial individuals were exiled from Earth. It didn't matter where they went as long as they were gone. Any that didn't leave were hunted down and dumped into a dimension were time doesn't exist leaving the individual to go mad in an endless ever-present now. Old Man Whitman Stripped of his Ebony blade Dane Whitman could have given up being the Black Knight and remained on Earth. However he chose to return to the Ultraverse where he could continue fighting to protect those in need. He was summoned back by Stark to lead the last Avengers team members in a quest to prevent the hunting down and execution of the last remaining humans in the universe. Old Man Parker Spider-Man chose exile in the Spiderverse. After years spend fighting villains and training new generations of Spider-Heroes he returned to his own universe expecting humanity to have come to its senses. What he found was the remnants of the Earth and moon and Humanity dispersed to the stars. Old Man Banner With Earth's destruction Banner lost the will to continue the struggle between himself and the Hulk. Hulk took full control but it was a hollow victory. Without the internal struggle to fuel his rage Hulk has been reduced in size and strength of a normal human he doesn't even have Banners intelligence instead he only has his green invulnerable skin. STARK Unlike other humans that were allowed to remain on Earth as long as they turned in their enhancing technology Tony Stark wasn't given a choice. He was imprisoned and forced to spend the rest of his life creating weapons to guarantee that super powered individuals never returned. An irony that wasn't lost on Stark, and like when he built the prototype Iron Man armor he worked in secret to procure his freedom. Using Vision's body as his starting point Tony was eventually able to upload his consciousness into the synthetic form. Donning the symbiot derived armor STARK kept Tony's skull and favorite suit jacket, just to stay fashionable, he now finds himself fighting to save a species that he is no longer a member of. Horus The son of a Wakandan scientist Horus was already on track for a bright future. Then Earth was destroyed. The Egyptian God gifted him with flight and the ability to see everything. Horus then modified an old confiscated Black Panther suit for his own needs and has joined the Last Avengers in place of the Black Panther. With the destruction of Earth the Guardians of the Galaxy found their time being dominated by human centric problems. The team was stretched thin and at Rocket's suggestion the Galactic Avengers team was formed. Truth be told Quill suspects that the real reason was that Rocket was sick of the crap from Pete Junior. Captain Marvel The Daughter of the mutant Wiccan and Skrull/Kree Hybrid Hulkling, Captain Marvel retains her parent's shape shifting, super strength, and magical abilities while gaining mutant abilities of super speed and magnetism. She actually leads the Galactic Avengers even though Major Victory insists that he is the true leader. Major Victory Peter Quill Junior spent most of his youth sneaking out to hear stories about his parent's exploits as members of the Guardians and the X-Men rather than learning to fulfill his role as a galactic leader. Eventually he stole a starship and tracked down the legendary shield of Captain America. Donning a costume of his own design he tried to join the Guardians for a time before Rocket convinced him to join the Galactic Avengers. Woden When the mutants were exiled Storm found herself in the realm of Asgard once again. Sick of the infighting amongst the mutant factions she settled and eventually found true love. Eventually giving birth to twins Woden and Brigid. Woden, ended up Asgardian but with no special powers until All-father Thor game him a re-forged mjolnir that turned him into the current God of Tunder. Brigid Born a mutant, Brigid had the ability to bend the elements to her will. while quite powerful in her own right she leaves the control of the weather to her brother often only control of air in order to fly. Instead Brigid prefers to forge and empower metals spending as much of her free time as possible in the lands of the dwarves learning their unique arts. Protégé Wilber completely human, however he does take after his father, The Prowler, and does his best to keep up with the others on the team with whatever bit of technology he can get his hands on. Though his costume my look simple it is actually a kinetic energy diffracting techno-mail that protects him from any form of non-energy based weapons. His headset is linked to his brain and imparts enhanced senses. He also equips Spider-Mans classic web shooters rather than more lethal weapons as a tribute to his father.
  11. X-Men Inferno: X-Factor red and yellow suit Jean with blue and white suit Cyclops, Darkchylde and wolf form Wolvesbane, Goblin Queen and S'ym, Storm (savage) and Psylocke (butterfly mask) with BAF N'astirh.
  12. So far unmentioned possibilities include: Battle Beasts, MAX (Soldiers, Calico Jack, Zombies), Munsters, Muppets, Pathfinder, or Universal Monsters.
  13. Prowlar

    WAVE 76

    It's been a while since I went through my back issues, but I thought Quicksilver used the updated dark blue and white suit from his 90's series.
  14. Adam X, Nightwatch, Cerise, Kylun, Thornn, Flying Tiger, Shivan Heldane the Dark/Hell's Angel, Torpedo/Turbo 1/Turbo 2, Deathcry, Ultraverse Characters.
  15. Aliens, Predator, X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four? I'm surprised no one has mentioned Marvel Apes . . . Er, I mean Planet of the Apes yet.
  16. Deathbird and Shi'ar all the way. While I'd like a 90's armored Deathbird I could easily see a classic winged version using existing parts. Add in Gladiator and Fang uniform Wolverine with extra Fang head and you have the starting point for a full wave.
  17. Another standard Miles? Come on and mix it up once in a while and make a translucent gray version representing his stealth/invisibility powers.
  18. Thanks, Donny B and Polarboy. Surprisingly this new custom came together rather quickly. Sorrow by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr After being rejected by Spider-Woman (Spider-Gwen) the alien symbiot found a kindred spirit in failed actress Mary Jane Watson. Calling themselves Sorrow they fight injustice using their spider like abilities gained from Spider-Woman and tentacle like hair.
  19. Newest Customs are here. Newest customs by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr Old Man Logan Magnus (Magnetoverine): Having caused the war bringing about the near extermination of the mutant race Old Man Magnus is reluctant to use his powers even though he has been pulled into the Contest of Champions. Jubilation Lee (Wolverine V): The fifth in line to wear the Wolverine title this vampiric incarnation achieved omega mutant status after feeding on her universe' Deadpool. Scarlet Spider-Witch (May Riley) Sorceress Supreme Outcast: After the repeated failures at the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Outcast left the Sovereign on a quest for redemption, starting with the destruction of the Guardians. Centurion WIP
  20. After Picking up the Thor wave at Walgreens; it got me thinking that maybe the Marvel extension is for selling comic character assortments at Walgreens.
  21. I'd love Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest are, for the most part easily classified as RPGs. Marvel expansion is interesting considering just about everything is seems to already covered. All that I can think of are the older animated, expansion of the Cinematic license allowing for characters form previous films, or New Universe, What if? and/or Ultraverse characters.
  22. I like the suit but it always makes me wonder where Spider-America lost his shield. Honestly, the first time I saw it I wondered if he was replacing Fal-Cap and the newest Captain America.
  23. Even a micromate wouldn't be small enough to fit in the helmet of a 2" Jaeger. I sticking with the guess that it will be two pilots, Kaiju, and Jaeger pack and the cockpit will be a tampo under the Jaeger helmet. I'd actually prefer the scale of the Jaegers and Kaiju to be 2" so that they scale with the Godzilla Mates.
  24. I could see these as box sets: Jaeger, Kaiju and the two pilots. A deluxe set or two of a category 6 or 7 and battle damaged Jaeger. With maybe a single series of civilian and battle damaged characters.
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