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  1. I'm in as well. I'm more interested in the Deadpool set, but either one would be lovingly accepted.
  2. Perhaps a future wave will include Speed, Stature, Patriot, Ms. Marvel, Prodigy, and Iron Lad.
  3. Wow, that Sorcerer Spider looks sort of familiar. ? Still like my Scarlet Spider Witch version though.
  4. Man I'd love Raptor and Crystal Ball. I always put them with the Dreadnoks as they seemed like misfits in the Main Cobra ranks.
  5. I know it's not a possibility, but to bad it isn't Bluey.
  6. While not as intricate the 30 minute mission effects parts are a cost effective alternative.
  7. My guess would be a member of the Oktober Guard. Considering the time it takes to get things approved and into production and the state of current affairs it makes sense such a character would need to be pulled.
  8. I'm sorry to say the closest I've got is Nova Centurion Dark Stone.
  9. As nice as sculpted heads might be, I think I'd prefer them as they are so they fit in with the existing figures.
  10. It's from the 2.5' line. The Dragonhawk is the only one I've tried but I know there is also a similarly scaled red Hiss.
  11. The G.I. Joe Sigma Six vehicles are a pretty close match.
  12. Hmm, Tomax, Xamot, 2 Crimson Guards, Crimson Guardsman Fred, and a Crimson Guard Immortal would make a nice exclusive set.
  13. Basically yes Lego heads do fit but it really depends on the "helmet" as to whether they scale with the body very well.It
  14. See Magik limited series from 1983.?
  15. Forget the gravity, the more important question is: does this mean wave 15 is back on the release schedule?
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