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  1. Thanks, I only really get maybe a pack week just to keep the pegs clear for new product. I only pick up more when it is to complete a new wave. Of course the trade off is that I only order single sets of the LCS waves online. With the exception being when I can find then at clearance prices.
  2. It seems these are no longer web exclusive, at least not the Iron Spider/Spot sets. Both of the Stores that I frequent had four of each.
  3. The raccoon is a work in progress. I've been planning on doing a Furry Shield Agent. As soon as Animated wave 10 comes out I'm switching out for the more colorful head and tail. I also need to touch up the tie so that it matches the shirt, though I'm thinking I need to paint the tie itself to really make it pop.
  4. Don't know if it helps anyone but I keep all my 689 completed customs in Plano cases. This keeps them manageable and easily stored. It also makes it easier to keep track of in progress projects by giving them their own slot with a small scrap of paper listing the custom's name and the parts still needed to complete it. Then for good measure I take a picture of the completed custom, similar to Ivan's Minimate Database, and add it to a dedicated SD card just to be sure I don't loose track of who the character is supposed to be. Yes, I admit it, I am a complulsive organizer when it comes to my minimate collection.
  5. I do my best to keep the pegs clear in the two stores that I frequent and other than a partial wave two weeks ago, I missed the Iron Man & Thanos, the pegs have been empty. So I asked and the cashiers that have gotten to know me were confused because they haven't been receiving their usual toy shipments from the warehouse. She went on to say that they have a dedicated Marvel Legends and a Hot Wheels collector in with the same problem.
  6. Too bad the buyers from Walmart or Target don't jump on exclusive movie box sets in their "memorabilia/collectors" department timed for DVD/Blu-Ray releases. The box set would feature looks and characters that are integral to the film but couldn't be released in the concept based Walgreen and LCS sets.
  7. I'm really not bothered by Cap being in the Quantum Suit. Sure it would have been easy to do a QC, but really is the new suit that different than 100 other RW&B Caps? The same goes for Thor as long as he has a new Stormbreaker. Really as long as the last unknown characters are Quantum Suit Rocket and Armored Thanos with his sword I'm going to be happy with the wave even sight unseen.
  8. I' guessing that the Walgreen's set will likely be Cap/Thanos, Thor/Rocket (Quantum Suit), Iron Man/Black Widow, and Ronin/Rescue or other unexpected character. Considering that the Captain Marvel series will likely still be sharing peg space when the wave comes out putting her in Endgame packaging isn't going to do much to move more product.
  9. The problem is that the green paint from the upper leg got into the joint and dried locking it place. It took me a bit of very careful work with and exact-knife to free up the joint enough to get it to "break free" without breaking the peg.
  10. Inspired by Avengers BC I couldn't help but build up the roster with a few more members. Avengers BC by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr Archer (Hawkeye) not only invented a new weapon for hunting but she has taken it to a new level since joining the Avengers. Brute (Beast) isn't at all what he seems. Gifted with great intelligence, strength, and dexterity he is constantly trying to prove that he is more valuable to the Avengers as a thinker than a fighter. Captain Marvel: A member of the first Kree expeditionary team to explore Earth. Captain Marvel was ordered to remain on the planet to observe until a full science team could arrive, however he decided on his own to interact with the alien species. Carnivore is a normal human encased in a living suit that is slowly consuming his sanity. While he is a member of the Avengers he really joined the team so that they could stop him if the alien ever gained complete control. Now for a few other customs: various heroes by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr With so many people around the world vanishing the remnants of the U.S. Government scrambled to rebuild a super team. Arachnus, formerly known and the Prowler, and Electro were recruited for a special mission to travel into space in order to ascertain whether Iron Man had survived the vanishing. Arachnus is outfitted with a backup Iron Spider Suit while Electro, now a being of living electricity is given a Stark Industries designed contain containment suit allowing him to safely interact with the world around him. Not much is known about Valor his partner Scarlet Spider other than they hale from the future. The little that is known is that Valor is the son of Flash Thompson and it is speculated that his symbiote suit is either a future version of Venom or a spawn of the Venom suit. It has become rather obvious that they share a true symbiosis as the speak in the singular and when separated the suit shows no inclination of bonding with other subjects. The Scarlet Spider is Valor's guardian and mentor. A Life Model Decoy of Peter Parker the unit's technology is beyond that of all current LMDs. While the two do perform heroic deeds like most super powered heroes other actions have been observed that seem counter productive. It is theorized that these actions are meant to steer the future on a path that only they can foresee. Finally just for fun adding to my Marvel Swimsuit customs comes Black Panther, Out of the Shadows.
  11. Prowlar

    wave 77

    As much as I want Nightwatch I think Cardiac is more likely considering Sony is considering a Nightwatch movie and a Comic Nightwatch/Spider-Man wave would make more sense when and if that happens.
  12. Prowlar

    wave 77

    Let's see, characters that can use existing parts for a BAF. Prowler, Cardiac, Nightwatch, and The Rose. Characters that would need new parts that haven't been mentioned Man-Wolf and Stegron.
  13. Thanks, Shanester. I even have another five WIP's mainly as a filler to Avengers BC.
  14. Just to give an idea as to what I mean when I mention "fodder cases", Fodder Box Heads by Prowl-Ar Nightiger, on Flickr this is one of two cases devoted just to heads. ordinarily it would be a bit more organized but I've been reorganizing and dropped it sending heads all over the room.
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