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  1. Luke, I was looking at some of your stuff. You might could save on material and time if you made them hollow. Just an idea.
  2. Need me to change the title? Or do you want to use this as a discussion thread?
  3. Have you tried X3 Beast?
  4. It's the middle/end of October. International participants usually need the extra time. Just a reminder in case people wishing to participate forgot. No, I'm not volunteering. Pre-emptive apology for the inevitable accusations of rude/prude/egotistical high-horseyness. Not my intent to offend.
  5. 4 year old girls go to the library too! I just got tired of all my displays being for boys.
  6. I didn't do 2013, because My dad never gave me the message that the library called. I learned a very important lesson that year. This may be my best display yet though. 2014
  7. Oh, I've got that one! You can have it. I thought I was going to collect the line at first, but I'm not. I've also got the sand trooper if you need him.
  8. That's a fair argument. I apologize.
  9. *nod nod* Got a Black Widow too. Hopefully this pic and her will net me enough to fix my car. Cash> Toys> Bigger cash> Bigger toys> Biggest cash.
  10. I see no way the outer Senshi won't sell well. I expect to have Tuxedo Mask within the year. Fire at will, commander.
  11. Still EMH Wasp for me. Or Claws Black Cat. Yeah, I'd take her too.
  12. Oh bother... On the other hand, yay retail! I'v been looking for Boba Fett since day one. And I found 2 at TRU!
  14. Nope. Sent the guy after Flamewar, and he brought me Alpha Trizer and Brimstone to make up for it, cause that's what other people didn't want.
  15. Hey! My Botcon toys got here! ...Who wants them?
  16. 3 episodes in and Korra season 3 is already better than all of season 2 combined.
  17. I managed to snag a pic of Zach as he was digging through YB's bucket at C2E2
  18. What if we started a kickstarter page to raise money for a lawsuit. And THEN we refund all out supporters' money.
  19. I don't see North Raider, but is that Last Maximal I spy?
  20. Miku is up. She's $35, the bike is $50. No regrets. (I'll have that for when I have to pay)
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