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  1. This should just about take care of all your Megatron needs.
  2. I really don't like those TFs. But the GI Joe is what I've wanted for 15 years.
  3. I got mine yesterday. I got Predator Minimates! Which is absolutely awesome! Also, Marvel wave 68, which i am pretty sure I had, but honestly, everything has gone in a giant box for the last 2 years so I can't be 100% certain. I think my SS was Mysterious Stranger (if so, it just means we swapped) If that's the case, THANK YOU! My second guess is Jatta Pake, but he hasn't been around in a while, like me. Which is why I'm guessing mysterious Stranger. Thanks so much!
  4. Aaaaaand missed the one thing I look forward to every year. Yay me! XD
  5. I own a few more non-superhero ones, as well as Catwoman, Powergirl and WonderWoman that the library asked me not to display. Especially Wonder Woman. She's kinda falling out everywhere. I don't have a lot of the older ones, which is a shame, because I fell behind when the line started and I think I'll fall behind now as they've started doing them once every 2 months and that's just expensive. And honestly, the little girls are just eating them up. They get so excited to see female superheroes. It makes me feel good to see that.
  6. Okay, Zach. Tell Chuck I kept my mouth shut like he said, for over a year. He can deliver on EMH Wasp any time now.
  7. No worries, Shane. I'm not mad. You have just treated me like absolute shit, so I decided not to stick around. I didn't need the extra drama in what has been an already terrible year. Nothing personal. Merry Christmas bud.
  8. I literally don't have a clue who mine was. But whoever it was, thank you! First thing I saw when I opened the box A nice surprise in a box! She's both alive and dead!
  9. This is the exact reason I haven't been around in 6 months. I don't know why I even bothered stopping in. Thanks the the birthday wishes y'all.
  10. So. I got mine yesterday. I was really just blown away. Whoever my BDay was apparently knows my taste. I got a wonderful Abby Chase: Danger Girl custom, 3 MLP blind bags, books 2 and 3 of Strangers in Paradise (allowing me to continue the best comic book I've never read), A Birthday sticker, 5 Terry Dodson Black Cat prints, and a massive Evil That Men Do #1 poster. After I pulled the poster out of the waterlogged ditch this morning (thanks USPS) I was giggling for a while. Now, a few clues. The stickers, prints and posters are all professionally printed. Those sizes don't come off a home office inkjet. Abby had decals on her chest. Not sure if that's a clue or not. I can barely see past how awesome it is. Return address was Bloomingfield MA. There are 4 members in Bloomingfirld, but only 2 in MA. Blacksun and Sha_ckwave. Sha_ckwave might know me a little better, but that doesn't mean Blacksun couldn't do his research. And given that he's the only one on the list with a printing company/experience, I'm just going to go ahead and say: Thank you Blacksun! (And sorry if I'm wrong)
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