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  1. These are out in the Philippines already. Trek Kreon Wave 2. And yes, that is a Salt Vampire Kreon. A. Salt. Vampire.
  2. I'm popping into this thread late but what does "Minimate genitalia" have to do with anything? Is this a joke I missed or am I not understanding the use of the word? Or are people taking one of Matt's jokes far too seriously?
  3. Thank you CBMM1!!!!! Love the new signature. Perfect. TOAD will rule them all!
  4. This game is 33% off for the next 18 hours on Steam. You just can't beat the value at $10.04. Build 27 was rolled out last week adding a lot of new map including a mall and movie theater. Also added this past month, vast expansion of cooking and the new Trapping system. New stuff added frequently with a lot more coming before the official build gets released. Whether you are interested in playing or not, you will be amazed at the sheer massive size of the game map. And it keeps growing. Check out the full map here:
  5. If you were in downtown Denver, it likely would have been a marijuana pipe. I was there before the law changed and I practically got a contact high just walking down the street. Although my at the time 13 year old daughter was with me, there was a silver lining to seeing people smoke pot openly in downtown Denver. The people doing it were living and breathing advertisements for not being career pot smokers. Lest anyone be offended by my comments, I honestly don't care what substances adults use (hell, I tried them all in my 20s and I still love beer). But as a parent, I'm keen on keeping my kids away from intoxicants until they reach the age of majority. Is it hypocritical of me? Nope. Science supports me in that a developing teen brain is much different than a fully formed adult brain. Not a good idea to monkey with your body's most important organ before it has finished growing and developing. Other than that, I'm honest with my kids about vaping, smoking and drugs. I believe in giving them age appropriate and truthful information. Lying to them will only erode their trust in my dad wisdom.
  6. I hope theTOADrecent discussionTOADof the possibility ofTOADdoing some BrotherhoodTOADmembers might influenceTOADthe overall decision makingTOADprocess. (Retreats back to his exile in Beyond the Multiverse).
  7. I like to think the Internet has brought more people together across the world. My grandfather, too, hated products made outside of America especially anything made in Germany or Japan for most of his life. But in the years leading up to his death, when I told him I was going to be living in Japan for several months in college, he told me he was very proud of me. He said he was amazed and proud by my generation's seeming ability to let go of past historical grievances. I should note that imho my grandfather's haunted experiences had less to do with what was done to him during the war, but what he had to do to others. I've never served in the military, so it was an unexpected perspective for the younger me. At first, I didn't understand why his eyes teared up when he told me what happened to the "bad guys". Nothing "bad" was happening to him in the story. It was only later that I understood that the "bad guys" were human beings, many just soldiers not much different than my grandpa. Speaking of Japan, my Japanese classmates had a similar discomfort with talking about WW2. At first it seemed strange to me as an American for a few reasons. 1. My generation doesn't see modern Germany, Italy or Japan as any sort of "enemy" or "other". Although our favorite "enemy" in fiction and video games is often Nazis, I think many in my generation and younger see these "Nazis" as more like Star Wars Stormtroopers, sort of like a generic, fictional bad guy. Hating video game Nazis has no seeming connection with modern day Germany or Japan; and we kinda expected their young people to see it the same way as we do. 2. As a history major in college, I had a more comprehensive view of the history and motivations of the Axis countries which were very complex and complicated. Also, you learn that it is problematic to make value judgments about any peoples in the past as the cultural and environmental context is usually much different than the present. I didn't see my Japanese classmates as being guilty of anything regarding WW2 in the slightest. It didn't seem strange when I considered that Americans are generally uncomfortable talking about issues from our past - namely racism against minority groups. Bob mention's the stupid shit still going on in Europe, but Donald Sterling (Clipper's owner) and Justin Beiber shows that our stupid shit still goes on here in America, too. (Fun trivia - I had drinks last night with a former co-worker who once worked for Donald Sterling years ago. She witnessed first hand what a racist piece of shit he was, and she frequently overheard Clippers players complaining about him. It wasn't a secret.) To me, hobby forum's like MMMV provide a place for like minded people around the world to share in their passions despite our many historical and cultural differences. It's really kinda cool when you think about it because these connections build bridges between peoples, and in aggregate moves humanity towards more peace and tolerance. One Minimate at a time.
  8. Not too long before my grandfather passed away, he told me many stories about his experiences in the war. He hadn't told anyone these stories after returning home after the war, not even his wife of 50+ years. One story he did share openly was how he received his Purple Heart in Normandy (D-Day +14). He was part of an artillery unit that landed after D-Day to support the Allied push into France. He liked to say that he was the computer for the artillery system, he did all of the firing calculations for his unit. His unit was instructed to wear bright orange vests to distinguish themselves from the Germans. Unfortunately, whoever ordered the vests to be worn failed to consider that German snipers would still be crawling all over the area, and the bright orange vests looked like giant neon target signs. So to avoid getting shot by snipers, his unit ditched the orange vests. This kept them safe from the German snipers but not the Allied air force. Without the orange vests his unit was mistaken for a German position and bombed. My grandfather had a sense of humor. He said if he and the others hadn't started running, they would have been able to catch the bomb in their arms. His big punchline to his Purple Heart story was that he was wounded in the ass from the blast. After a brief stay in a field hospital, he returned to combat. These stories and experiences he never told to anyone except me. Although he was immensely proud of his service, he was deeply haunted by some of the things he experienced.
  9. Diamond Back is my favorite but these all look really great. I love perusing your customs - they are all so inspiring!
  10. Wow, I wish my first custom looked this good. Good job!
  11. I completed my set of Simpsons (pending the arrival of a trade) when I "felt up" Chief Wiggum at Wal-Mart Saturday night. Sadly, I'm probably going to appear on that "people of Wal-Mart" website now. I have some extras that I will part with for cheap if anyone is interested: 1 Maggie 2 Krustys 1 Ralph Wiggum 1 Bart 1 Millhouse I'm willing to be creative with trades, like 3 for 1 random Minimate or a bag of parts or something.
  12. I'm ok paying to get one but I'm kinda hoping some become available for cheaper than $50 on ebay. Ouch. Zach mentioned that some of these were given to a retailer for possible sale? Anyone know who? Did Zach ever say how many of these were ultimately produced? I'll just throw this out there as well - I don't mind paying $50 for one if I know the proceeds are going to cover the operating costs of MMMV. Running a website isn't cheap and I appreciate being able to hang out in this corner of the Internet with like minded people. I'm flabbergasted with the 'retailer' comment.....where'd that come from ? Good question. I have searched high and low to find this. I thought I saw it mentioned on Delta's video but I can't find it. Now I'm sure I've lost my mind. Sorry for sparking any rumors. I'm going to retreat to the Customs thread in penance. It's where I belong, and I will do less damage there. ‚Äč
  13. You know what? I'm going to exile myself to the "Beyond the Multiverse" area of the forum. I've clearly lost my mind. I raise the white flag of surrender. Yee mortals shall find thee only in the Customs threads henceforth. It's where I belong, and I will do less damage there.
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