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  1. ImABarRoomHero

    minimates max galactus.

    Nes check your inbox if you can man.
  2. ImABarRoomHero

    Marvel 2014 Toys R Us Fan Poll Boxset

    We gotta local poll for this yet to find out what we're more than likely getting? OP?
  3. ImABarRoomHero

    Marvel Zombies Villians 2

    More zombies, always welcome.
  4. ImABarRoomHero

    Holy !@#$, Simpsons Legos!

    Yeah don't fret over lego BB's aside from looking like a weirdo it's easy to get 95% accurate from the feels of the bag.
  5. ImABarRoomHero

    Marvel LEGOs

    Anyone see the deadpool wolverine set around or know of a place to get a decent prices Deadpool? I had 0 interest in that figure/set but after picking up the MODOK set and getting taskmaster along with it, I basically need one now...
  6. ImABarRoomHero

    TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    Omgomgomgimfingifnhsgagsywnahsbsh.... Dead. I'm so pumped I wake up little kid style on the weekends for my cereal and turtles all thanks to this newest rendition. It's amazing and I'm so pumped for mates for it!
  7. ImABarRoomHero

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Awesome, thanks Z dog 9000
  8. ImABarRoomHero

    Confessions of a toy Collector

    So my wife made me realize something that I do that I never noticed I might be the only one that does so I figured I would reach out to see what other weird toy buying habits people have out there. Here's mine. So when I buy toys I leave them in the bag until I have to poop. Then whilst pooping I open them and sit them in the counter next to me. Yeah it's weird but it's private time.... What's yours?
  9. ImABarRoomHero

    Marvel Zombies

    Don't see these on the 10/30 shipping list from Diamond. Typo? Or pushed back?
  10. ImABarRoomHero

    I'm leaving...

    Good luck man, I did the same myself.... except mates that is....
  11. Haha, awesome! I did the EXACT same thing with Splinter. Was actually bummed when it wasn't setup that way. I have mine all boxed up atm though getting ready to move into a new MUCH larger house (complete with my own private nerdatorium mwahahahaha). Also, that extra ninja is Dogpound pre-ooze. Too bad he didn't come with his Chuck Norris hair cut. (With mask) (Without)
  12. I have all of these too Totally bit by the Lego bug. Don't get me wrong, still die hard MM's but damn Lego's are killer these days. Anyone want to buy a prototype Marvel Select Thor I won from DST btw? I NEED ARKHAM ASYLUM!!!!
  13. ImABarRoomHero

    Toy Fair 2013

    More good updates.
  14. ImABarRoomHero

    lego lord of the rings

    Yeah man, I bought two extra wall sets for more Rohanians and Urukhai. Only used one wall to add on the Helms though, nice to have the extra pieces.
  15. ImABarRoomHero

    lego lord of the rings

    Found a few pics