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  1. There goes the Multiverse....

    And then blame the fans for sales dropping, but I can hardly think of anything more repetitive and redundant than the last several years of events. It can’t possibly be that....
  2. Infinity War

    I have no doubt this isn’t the end, but I certainly hope we get more of Thanos’s crew, these first waves are very repeat heavy, and also repeats of characters we just got in similar looks.
  3. Infinity War

    Oh snap, get your towels ready, it’s about to go down!!
  4. Infinity War

    It looks like I was right, this always happens. I’m sorry for DST, I know this isn’t the avenue they wanted to reveal these, but they look good so far, I’m more interested in seeing just how big the spread is for these.
  5. Most need of a redo

    At least if they released a new Hydro-Man in his super villain costume, it would be something new, and I’m sure they could add in new water power pieces that they didn’t have then, and I would at least feel like I was getting something new. Silver Sable I would argue is just as obscure and would likely look the exact same, just with an improved head.
  6. Most need of a redo

    I still can’t believe that movie is actually getting made.
  7. Apparently a company wide relaunch is potentially coming.
  8. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    You’re right, I remembered him after I posted. They could also do T’Chaka as Black Panther and his older self, but I don’t feel like they’re a huge loss all things considered.
  9. Infinity War

    It just seems like this always happens, and the secrecy seems so pointless. The Marvel Legends figures literally reveal nothing we didn’t already know if you’ve seen the first trailer. The effort made to conceal the name of the Chitauri still baffles me to this day.
  10. Infinity War

    I know they can’t say much, but I’m puzzled by the delay when they’ve released trailers and other merchandise is already hitting shelves, if there are elements they can’t reveal they could utilize the black silhouette, but not letting DST even show people like Iron Man and Cap seems a bit excessive.
  11. Most need of a redo

    It just seems like there are a lot of choices where the thought process is “This isn’t perfect.” And I can understand thinking there’s room for improvement, but to want a character remade just because you don’t like a hairpiece seems counterproductive when the very nature of ‘mates allows you to pick whichever hairpiece you like. The new Dagger is better than the last one, but it’s not like comparing the first Chameleon ‘mate to the one we just received. When I think of redoing a character it’s mostly characters like Leader which are not even up to the standards of the Animated ‘mates or Abomination who is literally too small compared to the way Hulks are made now. I think the last Quicksilver isn’t nearly cocky enough in his expression, but I’d rather get Clone Saga era Kaine, The Jackal, Scream, Mister Fear, Mr. Hyde, and so on instead of a more arrogant Quicksilver, if that makes sense.
  12. Most need of a redo

    Are some of you picking characters because you think they could be improved, or because you don’t have one?
  13. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    I wish we had Ramonda and Zuri, but I can understand why they were omitted if someone had to get cut, I feel like they’re the only real holes in the lineup. This wave was what got me out of a ‘mate hiatus, so kudos to DST.
  14. TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    I’m sorry to bump an old thread, but I’d just like to state for the record that I hope a plague of locusts descends upon the friends and loved ones of the retailers who kept the classic Turtles from being made. I hope ravenous wolves come for them.
  15. I want that hanging tree.