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  1. Valo487

    Infinity War

    I don’t think mine differentiates between the animated and the cinematic waves, the live-action ‘mates are very minimal, but the animated are almost overflowing the shelf, so I don’t think they’re ever ordering new ones.
  2. Valo487

    Infinity War

    I really encourage everyone not to panic and overpay, I’ve so far never had a Walgreens wave that I didn’t have a chance to get at retail. Some didn’t last terribly long, but they all turned up. And by the way, I live in VA, and I assure you we are not a priority area for you companies.
  3. Valo487

    Antman and the Wasp

    Well done DST, these all look great. I felt like the first Ant-Man ‘mates were exceptional also, something about the designs just translate very well to the format. Very curious to see if the Redacted is a Holey Sheet or a Chitauri, but these three are excellent.
  4. Valo487

    Infinity War

    While I understand someone has to get cut, I really wish the Outriders had found a spot, I feel like the new tooling would pay off due to the army building, as is I’ll just be giving the Chitauri to Thanos instead. I’m very glad the whole Black Order will be released.
  5. Valo487

    Storyline themed holy grail

    I was about to say the Clone Saga. It’s been so long, the damage isn’t there anymore, give me a proper Jackal, Kaine and they can populate the wave with whoever else.
  6. Valo487

    Infinity War

    He’s more reliable than TRU’s own website.
  7. Valo487

    Infinity War

  8. Valo487

    Infinity War

    It seems like an obvious Yes, but considering the number of characters I don’t want to assume, will there be Outriders available to army build?
  9. Valo487

    Infinity War

    The stores I went to that had these prior to the absolutely necessary street date still have never put them back out. They might have tried to return them, they all tried to tell me they were being recalled.
  10. Valo487

    Infinity War

    So far he’s doing a better job of selling these than anyone whose job it is to do so. I’ve been shot down three separate times so far. I’m starting to get a strange satisfaction out of costing DST and Walgreens sales because now that they’re pulled who knows when they’ll put them back? Choke on them for a little while.
  11. Valo487

    Symbiote Speculation

    I would absolutely buy the Life Foundation symbiotes, I understand the feeling some have but I never got symbiote burnout, plus they have the “Spider-Man eyes” that seem to sell. Regardless of the characters, I think they would look really cool as ‘mates.
  12. Valo487

    Infinity War

    I’m a side note, Toys R Us deserves to go out of business based on what I’m seeing.
  13. Valo487

    Infinity War

    The brilliance of street dates continues to astonish.
  14. Valo487

    Infinity War

    I’ll worry about making the distinction between Groots if at any point in time this new one acts any differently from the last one.
  15. Valo487

    Infinity War

    I found them at my Walgreens tonight, and when I tried to check out not only would they not sell the Infinity War sets to me, but also the extra Thor set that I was going to pick up, so congratulations to everyone involved in the decision-making behind this, you’ve not only managed to put product on shelves that people can’t buy, but the confusion has caused people to not be able to buy your other products as well! Bravo!