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  1. Next up are a couple Ghost Rider related minimates. Johnny Blaze, Deathwatch, and Blackout.
  2. Next is X-Force Deadpool. I'm too cheap to pay the asking price I see online for him so I decided to make my own.
  3. Next up is Vulture. I need to find a better bald head, but the Bruce Willis one will have to do for now.
  4. Next up is Juggernaut. Luke was having a sale recently and I saw the Colossus from Avengers vs X-men minimate and got the idea for this. I still need to find a head that lines up with the eye and mouth holes, but this will do for now.
  5. First off is a Wasp minimate that I made about 6 yrs. ago. I am surprised we still have not gotten a legit release of her in this costume yet.
  6. I deleted my old thread and started a new one here showing my customs that I have done over the past few years. Somehow some of my old pics that I had from customs I did 10 yrs or so ago have disappeared (which may be a good thing since some were pretty horrible).
  7. Luke designed a Psylocke with crimson dawn tattoo decal a few years back. I still might have one if you want it. I would have to go through all of my decals and double check.
  8. I just got back from watching the movie. I think I enjoyed it more than the first. Also, I think there were 3 stingers at the end, but nothing at the very end of the movie so there is no reason to stick around an extra few minutes, unless you want to listen to a certain song about a villain that is in the movie.
  9. Sounds like Laurel to me. It sounds nothing like Yanni. I will listen to it later and see if it changes as some have said.
  10. They haven't released a new best of/greatest hits wave in a long time. I am wondering if that is something they stopped doing. I would love too see it brought back, but specific to teams/superheroes. They could give us a best of Spiderman wave with Spidey, Vulture, Scorpion, Elektro, Kraven, etc. An X-men wave with the Jim Lee era X-men - one wave be the blue team, the second wave would be the gold team. Then do the same with Hulk, Avengers, etc. The only stipulation would be that they would have to be previously released mates, but they could be updated in terms of looks. Would anyone else be interested in that? Maybe 2 releases a year? That would help out the newer minimate collectors immensely and save them money.
  11. Someone posted pics of these in hand on Facebook so head on out and search your local Walgreens!
  12. Some people are comparing it to Empire Strikes Back due to the tone of the film, and I kinda agree with that. That was a pretty dark ending, So did Dr. Strange inform Stark of the one scenario on how to beat Thanos before he died? I am going to assume so. I am just wondering who is all going to be in the Captain Marvel movie now? I was expecting to see cameos from the Guardians of the Galaxy, but that isn't going to happen now. Maybe Nova and Adam Warlock?
  13. Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D are about the only anime movies that I would love to see as minimates. Oh yeah, Guyver minimates would be amazing too.
  14. I started a thread in the minimate arms section for us to talk about the movie, including spoilers. Lets not post anything about the movie here. There are some great surprises that we don't want accidentally spoiled for others.
  15. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread here so that people don't post about the movie in the Infinity War minimates thread. I went and saw it last night and loved it. Thanos was fantastic. It was nice to have a villain in a superhero movie who wasn't so one dimensional. Steppenwolf is the perfect example of a crappy one dimensional villain. Thanos had a reason for the things he did. It wasn't just to go around conquering planets. He actually though he was saving them in the long run. What were others thoughts on it? I loved the return of the Red Skull, and the banter between Stark and Strange when they first met was great also. At this point I am thinking the next Avenges movie is either going to deal with time travel, or someone will get the gauntlet from Thanos and reverse everything he did. I can see Star Lord being the one to do that if that is what they do.
  16. I am still looking for the Chameleon set. They never showed up at the Pensacola TRU.
  17. I'm really liking this wave. I like that we have got quite a few Spider-man waves lately (or Spidey related minimates). I still wish they would release a new Kraven, Vulture, Scorpion, and Electro though. Hopefully they concentrate on something other than Spider-man, X-men, or Avengers for the next wave. I think we are way overdue for a Hulk wave. We could us a new Leader and Abomination minimate. Plus throw in a bearded Doc Green Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk, and maybe a Wendigo minimate or a new Rhino minimate.
  18. I usually find them within a few days of hearing that others have found them, but I have had no luck yet with this wave. I also just wanted to state that the designs for the characters in the new Spiderman cartoon are horrible. I don't see this cartoon series lasting long at all. I have not seen anyone say anything positive about the cartoon thus far. It would be amazing if DST was able to get licensing for the DC comics animated movies. Those have been amazing over the years. The new Suicide Squad animated movie was much more enjoyable than the live action movie. We would never see that happen though unfortunately.
  19. I caught the joke immediately. Thank god that new Diesel and new Razor Ramon gimmick crashed and burned or we probably never would have got Kane.
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