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  1. I still haven't gotten one either Soon he will be mine though, very soon.
  2. I'd love to see Thundercats and Guyver mates. I wish there was a third Guyver movie. The first two were a blast to watch and I loved the anime.
  3. You guys are forgewtting about all the other customs we can make like Rambo, B.A. Baracus, Lewis's character from Predator, or even an Action Jackson mate, not to mention Hulk Hogan too.
  4. I think all the Trekkie nerds are gonna make me not want to visit that site much. I'd much rather be here anyways with all the minimate nerds
  5. I love the new Daredevil. One of the best looking minis IMO.
  6. I gotta have that minimate. I can't believe it was kept quiet until now. PLease keep us informed timbo.
  7. I'd love to see a Cyberforce set or a Wetworks set.
  8. Great work on the latest two. I gotta have that Shaun minimate. I love that movie.
  9. Nope, no idea. I was checking it out the other day on ebay. It looks pretty darn good.
  10. I bought the Batmobile and Batboat. The vehicles are cool, but the figures are poo.
  11. I saw a few of him yesterday. I'll pick him up tonite and we'll work out a trade Timbo.
  12. I figured we might as well start one here. I kept telling myself I was done with the ML line and wasn't going to collect them anymore. Unfortunately I am weak-willed and broke down and bought the Apocalypse wave last night. I thn also bought AOA Wolvie and Sabretooth. Then I decided to stop by Toys R Us and bought the only Onslaught series figure they had (LOKI). Now I am stressed out because I really want the Onslaught figure, but haven't been able to find any more of the figures at any other stores. I should have just sold my collection on ebay last month and been done with it. Is there a ML anonomous that I can attend?? Oh yeah, on a side note Westfield comics had all minimates on sale 50% off. I picked up 2 sets of the AFX Demitri and Morrigan, a Ryu/Akuma set, Elektra/Yellow Daredevil, 2 wolverine/Sabretooth sets, 3 Blade/Punisher sets, and 2 different LOTR sets.
  13. I saw them the other day at a comic shop close to my friends house. They look pretty cool, but I'm not into collecting statues (part of the reason I gave up on the McFarlane figures a few years back).
  14. Here is an old movie from the early 70's starring Santos, Captain America, and the evil Spider Man. I gotta get this movie after watching the trailer!
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