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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. I might have to go look through all the recent DST Facebook posts to see what new licenses they have announced lately. Also I was thinking that maybe nrobot was just being sarcastic and joking around, but perhaps he was being serious and is an asshat after all. Thanks for your response back to his rude comments Zach. We appreciate all that you do.
  2. Hey Zach is the NYCC set a 4-pack or a bigger set? I don't recall if you ever stated what it was. You also originally stated that the set was of characters that we have already seen, but with different looks. Is that still the case? Im just wondering how the civilian minimate figure fits into that comment.
  3. Waterslide Decals work great for putting emblems on things.
  4. I have the files for Sgt. Slaughters Triple T Tank. It is made for G.I. Joe Classified figures so you would have to reduce the size quite a bit. Look up cannibal869 on thingiverse if you want to download it.
  5. Sweet. I can't wait to get this set. The minimate drought has sucked. What was the last set released? Was it the G.I. Joe FCBD set, or maybe the Dark Phoenix wave?
  6. I would love to see them do a reboot of the Predator minimates. This time give them sculpted mandibles and longer dreads to look more movie accurate.
  7. I'm pretty sure Zach said that this set didn't have any new characters so it had to have been one that we already have, or will be getting whenever they ship. I'm sure these are just re-releases of minimates we already have but in cartoon accurate colors. Maybe Zach can let us know what their issue was. Was the color not close enough to the cartoon look? Did they want a different Cobra minimate included other than the one you guys had chosen? I just find it odd that at the last moment they told DST that something needed to be changed,
  8. So are the reveals tonight at midnight Zach? I can't recall what was stated because I'm getting too dang old and my memory is starting to fail me these days.
  9. I was shocked to see the reveal. Valaverse has just recently released two Sgt. Slaughter figures. I honestly didn't see this coming. it was a great surprise. Now we just need to wait two years for him to be available to buy🙄
  10. Maybe it is a set based on the new game. I would be totally cool with that.
  11. I think the license could be Dragon Ball Z. The show has been on forever. They have lots of different crazy hair styles and also could come with different energy effects.
  12. I know there is a file for the SHARC out there somewhere. There is a guy that is just finishing up a print of one that he made for the G.I. Joe Classified series.
  13. Marrow Calisto Mimic Maggot Random (X-factor) Also Stryfe is sorely missing from the rogues gallery. A 2-pack with him and Zero would be awesome.
  14. I used to love collecting the MUSCLE figures when I was little. They would make pretty cool minimates. Also any ETA Zach on when the new license will be revealed?
  15. I'm thinking that the new license is possibly Disney's Gargoyles minimates. I would be up for a few sets of them. I was a fan of the show when I was younger.
  16. I have been looking for a 1:24 or 1:25 scale model Apache helicopter to buy so I can make a Wild Bill and give him his Dragonfly to pilot. Unfortunately the only one I can find is well over $100 and is made partly of iron. I wish I had a 3D printer and knew how to design things and print them out.
  17. They are absolutely horrible sets. I bought a few of them. The minifigures are garbage, the vehicles have to be glued together or else they fall apart. The wheel don't even turn decent on the ones that I have. The quality control is almost non existent. I do want the HISS just to have in the background though but I'm pretty sure a minimate will not fit in it. These just make me want minimate versions of the vehicles. I am sure they would sell well enough. I would not have them look deformed though like the BTTF Delorean did. Sell them along with their driver for the same price as the 3 3/4 size vehicles and they should easily be bought up by people. G.I. Joe is a line that is just screaming to have vehicles for them.
  18. Here is my Wasp custom from about 12 years ago or so.
  19. I'm not sure how to post pics these days. I used to use Photobucket on here many, many years ago. I have no idea what works these days though. I usually just post my pics on the Facebook group lately. It is so much easier.
  20. Any pictures of your 3D printed vipers? I have a guy offering to print G.I. Joe vehicles for me. He can do a HISS, Fang, Wolverine, Trouble Bubble, etc. $30 for a 3D printed HISS sounds like a good deal to me. I just wasn't sure how low to reduce the file so that Minimates fit (file is for 3 3/4 figures). He currently increases the size and prints them for G.I. Joe Classified figures.
  21. Oh boy. People are going to be pissed if they are just repaints of existing characters. We already have two Snake Eyes, Storm Shadows, Cobra Commanders, and Scarlett. I'm cool with it if it is Commando Snake Eyes, Arctic Storm Shadow, etc.
  22. I can't wait for the SDCC reveal, plus the reveal of waves 3 and 4. I hope we get some kind of trooper in one of those sets though. Can you tell us Zach if the SDCC set will be all new characters and how many are in that set?
  23. What does this mean Zach? Does it mean that the SDCC set could be based of the cartoon or am I way off in what you are saying? Possibly you are just talking about the packaging for the SDCC set?
  24. Yeah, I hope they don't completely stop with the plastic. I want to be able to see what I am buying. I see way too many posts of Classified figures that have been returned to stores and the figure has been swapped out with some random figure, many times not even a G.I. Joe Classified figure.
  25. You must have missed this Wasp from the Avengers box set. I am still waiting for them to make a Wasp in her black and gold outfit. I think that was her best look. Hail Ivan!
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