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  1. Please check out his review and subscribe. He has some good, older Minimate reviews. It sounds like he might get back into reviewing more Minimates in the future too.
  2. Will there be a G.I. Joe set announced for SDCC Zach? A Troop builder set would be amazing, even if it was just a 2-pack with a Cobra Trooper and a Viper. A Dreadnok set with Zartan, Ripper, Torch, and Buzzer would be even better!
  3. I just got caught up on The Last Ronin: The Lost Years last night. I can't wait to get this set. It looks amazing!
  4. The Adventure Team and Super Adventure Team sets should be some sort of con exclusive. Series 3 and 4 should have been released before these were even considered. If DST cares about the sales of the G.I. Joe Minimates why would they not release series 3 and 4 first. They are going to easily outsell the Adventure team sets and shouldn't DST want that? Are others at DST even aware of all this negative feedback over the choices for release? 99% of us G.I. Joe Minimates collectors can see that, yet DST seems to be blind to that fact. We of course will buy the Adventure Team sets because we are Minimates fans, but you all are really messing up on this line (between the lack of advertising and the characters released so far). The Review Spot is another Youtube channel that would do reviews of the G.I. Joe Minimates if you sent him some sets. I know he has done some Minimate reviews in the past. I think he even reviewed the first G.I. Joe box set. Do a search on Facebook and join the G.I. Joe fan clubs and show pics of the Minimates to garner up more interest. I'm sure tons of G.I. Joe fans have no idea that G.I. Joe Minimates even exist. Heck, they even went out and bought those lousy Lego knockoff G.I. Joe sets until people realized that they were complete garbage. G.I. Joe vehicles would also help sell this line. People are currently 3d printing huge G.I. Joe Classified sized vehicles because the vehicles are just as important as the characters in the line to many. I've stated before that G.I. Joe fans are pretty fanatical and support the products. Unfortunately you can't expect them to support the G.I. Joe Minimates if they don't even know that they exist.
  5. How can the ReAction G.I Joe figures that are warming the pegs at Targets be on wave 6, yet the G.I. Joe Minimates be struggling to get wave 3/4 released? I'm wondering if it is due to lack of awareness/no advertising for them. G.I. Joe Minimate fans need to start posting pics of them on any G.I. Joe Facebook fan pages that you are a part of. Help get the word out.
  6. I would have loved to have seen Taz included with Excalibur but I digress...
  7. I'm so disappointed in this reveal. It's like your taking a baseball bat to it's knees before it this line even has a chance to stand and run. As mentioned above, maybe releasing these as a SDCC set down the line would be OK, but this early in the line is huge disappointment. A Dreadnok 4-pack with Torch, Ripper, Buzzer, and Zartan would sell insanely well, same with a Cobra troop builder pack. It's already reminding me of the DC Minimates where they were releasing obscure characters like Ma Hunkle and Ambush Bug instead of concentrating on fan favorite and well established characters. I'm not pointing a finger at you Zach, I am sure you were probably as shocked as the rest of us when you saw that these were being made. Is there some behind the curtain reasoning why these were decided on over the popular 80's G.I. Joe line?
  8. Great news. I can't wait to finally get these. It seems that Minimate releases seem to barely even trickle out these days. It's like one new set every month or two. GI. Joe sets should be coming out more consistently to help get non Minimate collectors to take notice and get interested in them. I think that is probably the second most popular license you guys have, yet we have not seen very much since it was announced that you had the license for them.
  9. Any update to when Series 1 is going to ship? Any tray pics Zach?
  10.'s March now. Any chance you can reveal series three now Zach? If you can't yet, how about at least telling us who is in the set or giving us hints.
  11. I agree, please keep the carded format. They look fantastic on the cards. I originally bitched when the price for these were announced, but they are definitely worth it.
  12. My two sets arrived from Luke today also. Tomorrow I will open one set and hopefully have time to post pics of my growing Cobra army.
  13. Great news indeed! I can't wait for my sets from Lukes! I hope they surprise us with who is in Series 3. I'm expecting Flint and Lady Jaye in it, Hopefullly we don't get Commando Snake-Eyes right away in this set and they put him in the following G.I. Joe series (Series 5). I'd love to see the Dreadnoks in Series 6 then if they keep doing it one series G.I. Joe and then the next Cobra.
  14. Any update on when Series 2 will be shipping Zach? I hope we don't have to wait as long as we did for Series 1 to ship.
  15. The Review Spot on Youtube will occasionally do minimate reviews. I'm sure he would love samples to review. I think the last Minimate review he did was for Transformers series 1.
  16. I really wish they would go back to 2-packs with a build a figure. The FF set was cool, but a tad pricey. I am passing on the Young Avengers set though since I don't care for any of them. That is something I have never done before for a Marvel Minimates release.
  17. Any production pics yet Zach of this wave or is it just illustrations of the wave? Any chance you can clarify what the extra parts are and who the new character is that we can make?
  18. I thought series 3 and 4 were already decided on a while ago?
  19. No, no recolored variants. That will just kill this line even faster. Just keep giving us new characters for as long as the line stays afloat.
  20. So are you saying the TF minimates aren't doing well Zach??
  21. I'm not a big fan of Star Trek but Mike and Rich from RLM are huge Star Trek fans and they hated Picard. They even tortured themselves and watched season two.
  22. I am having trouble opening these. They have been sitting here for days. I just can't bring myself to open them up because they look so amazing on the single cards. This is the first Minimate set that I did not open right away. I think I might have to buy an extra set so I can feel good about opening these tonight. I would actually be ok with buying these as single packs for $10 or so each.
  23. Crossing my fingers. I can't believe it is taking so long for them to be shipped to retailers yet we have had numerous Transformers sets shipped out even though both lines were announced the same day.
  24. What program are you using to design these? I would love to give it a shot with making parts for minimates, and then down the line maybe vehicles.
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