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  1. looking for these as all 5 of my walgreens are loaded full of series 1 and 1.5
  2. Anyone have a power man/spidey 2 pack and/or Series 3 sets? I'm drowning in Series 1 everywhere down here.
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys. I'm in contact with the seller and I should be getting some money back so will definitely try out some of these tricks. Any tips on getting the sticky residue? Just warm soapy water?
  4. Yeah I was thinking of taking one of my yellowed FCBD mates and using the hydrogen peroxide method.Though you are right those figs yellowing is different than smoke. I think I may just send them back for a's a big lot I just hate to send it back for a small percentage of yellowed figures...though they all smell.
  5. Hi guys, I recently picked up a big lot of mates but unfortunately they came from a smoker and it wasn't disclosed. The smell I figure I can get rid of with dryer sheets and time, but a few figures are yellowed badly. Two clear icemen I have are very yellowed, now Tarman. What I am mostly upset about is Beyonder and Photon are pretty yellowed. Any ideas on possibly reversing this? I'd post pics but have no idea how to upload attachments now with the new site, and image hosting sites are blocked at work. Thanks in advance guys!
  6. My folders shows messages but I click into them and there are none. Just one that says "from deleted member" and every thread I go into only has posts from 2015
  7. what's the cost and payouts? What site do you use? PPR or standard? I may be interested and could have another owner as well. pm is probably easiest to get ahold of me.
  8. freaking awesome k80. That guy's done a ton of great stop motions. How's your Apollyon?
  9. Lol thanks guys! It's the big 40. And it's been a great day. And will be a good weekend too. Not been on here as much asy new employer blocks a ton of sites. Much appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Looking good K80! You getting Apollyon to go right in that middle space?
  11. Thanks PL! I may have another file I need worked. I need to recreate a godfather pick with a team's name using the godfather font.
  12. Hi All, Been awhile since I have been on here, had some tough things going on over the last 8 months or so. Any way I really need some help by some of you graphic artists if possible. I have an old fantasy football league logo from 2012 that I need updated into 3 files, 1 for 2013, 2014, and 2015 as well. It's so I can print these on sticker paper to put on a championship mini helmet for our league champs. If anyone can help me here I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. I wonder what that one pouch on Proudstar was used for Nice work on all these AoA customs!
  14. wendigos symbiotes spider minions
  15. Thanks guys! Love the Cuthbert pics Had a great day and tonight is my oldest son's "graduation" from pre-school and then 2 end of season games and partys (soccer and t-ball). So an action packed 3 days for the Webhead family!
  16. I love minimates because in no other lines can you get such a diverse range of characters not only within Marvel, but across other properties as well. And because Chuck is a big spidey fan so i know I will always get my spideys!
  17. WTF is that? First the vinyl ASM figure now this? Lord I miss my raimi spidey movies.
  18. My 5 yr old would love this but we'll be traveling out out to OBX for a family vacation. Oh well.
  19. I think the new spidey costume is the closest to comic accurate but for that price tag with no parker sculpt and the material used for the costume I am passing. I am fine with my Toby spidey on my shelf.
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