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  1. Thanks The recipe is as afollows Hair, Head, Arms, Legs - Hercules (box set) Crotch Piece - Armored Lex Luthor (DC) Chest Piece - Army Builder Bad Guy from Tomb Raider (dude with goggles and visible hair) Green Chest Harness - AoA Rogue (AOA Boxset) He is one of my favorite minimates, and super happy someone else likes the look
  2. To all I have been pretty absent over the last couple of years. FB minimate groups really took over my main review and communication. However, I am leaving the hobby and just wanted to thank the old timers for the fun years. see kids, I was around from the beginning. I was there in Sam goody hunting down the first marvel minimates. I was there through the lean years. through the series that never came to pass and the ones ended too soon. I really enjoyed my stay and wanted to say thanks for the last 11 years. I hope minimates spin on and on and eventually everyone gets their wish list filled. until then everyone take care and keep playing Darren. (murderofcrows). moc847
  3. I asked for more info he said more reveal possibly tomorrow.
  4. black knight. tigra. Jocasta. I could die happy.
  5. nothing in STL and Southern IL
  6. when God said let there be light. BHM hit the switch.
  7. ok guys reality check it isn't DC. come on guys!!! damnit I expect better of you.
  8. Finally a black a guy with a white beard. GW Bridge custom is eminent.
  9. I don't see it. I mean i don't think it has leg power but I could be wrong.
  10. I am almost certain the box set is going to be comic book men tangent to jay and silent bob
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