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  1. Thanks The recipe is as afollows Hair, Head, Arms, Legs - Hercules (box set) Crotch Piece - Armored Lex Luthor (DC) Chest Piece - Army Builder Bad Guy from Tomb Raider (dude with goggles and visible hair) Green Chest Harness - AoA Rogue (AOA Boxset) He is one of my favorite minimates, and super happy someone else likes the look
  2. To all I have been pretty absent over the last couple of years. FB minimate groups really took over my main review and communication. However, I am leaving the hobby and just wanted to thank the old timers for the fun years. see kids, I was around from the beginning. I was there in Sam goody hunting down the first marvel minimates. I was there through the lean years. through the series that never came to pass and the ones ended too soon. I really enjoyed my stay and wanted to say thanks for the last 11 years. I hope minimates spin on and on and eventually everyone gets their wish list filled. until then everyone take care and keep playing Darren. (murderofcrows). moc847
  3. I asked for more info he said more reveal possibly tomorrow.
  4. black knight. tigra. Jocasta. I could die happy.
  5. nothing in STL and Southern IL
  6. when God said let there be light. BHM hit the switch.
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