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  1. Are anymore of these on the horizon? I think Superman, Mon-El, Miss Martian and maybe Kara Danvers might be a pretty good wave.
  2. not having a go just so excited for them it feels like forever lol
  3. Super hyped, weren't these announced about 800 years ago cant wait
  4. the white suit is similar to the quantum suits
  5. Yeah I would much prefer comic eternals. Although I do like a metallic paint job.
  6. Maybe if they did a wave 80 celebration it might be good to note on or in the packaging about the best of waves and make sure they are about if new people happen along and want a Loki and a Wolverine they are easy pleased.
  7. Nobody been playing with their vinimates of late?
  8. Maybe as a looking back at marvel history they could do some first appearance versions of characters we haven't gotten that look for before with the watcher as the builder figure. Human Torch and Namor for a begining of marvel thing for the other figures any of the following Captain Britain Meggan She-Hulk Black Widow Hawkeye Captain Marvel Daredevil Nebula Star Lord Mantis Wonder Man Medusa Rogue and probably a bunch of other cool FA looks I haven't thought of.
  9. so is Natalie Portman coming back to the MCU?
  10. we got the brotherhood boxset not that long ago
  11. your really rather clever with the customs like well done
  12. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    oh them, oh well fingers crossed for a classic wave after them.
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