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  1. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Sold! wipe its arse and send it to my dressing room at once!
  2. The Disney x Fox Talks

    I know at times they can be kind of dumb but I really enjoy the x-men movies and I dont like their future if they get folded into the wider MMU, I could be wrong but I would guess that Wolverine and maybe the Thing will turn up in the avengers (if they are still a thing after infinity war) and maybe the x-men will get a movie once every 4 or 5 years (if this superhero movie thing lasts that long) and it will probably be recast with all the boring mutants like cyclops, jean and logan.
  3. Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Interesting, cool looking figure
  4. What no love for warwolves
  5. Yet another Minimate website

    Those damm dirty vinmates
  6. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Probably just me but watching that trailer I think a four pack looks like more then enough minimates for this film. Mind you I kind of thought we probably only needed half the thor figures we got so what do I know.
  7. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    For my money I think simple designs tend to be more iconic, I think the original Julia carpenter spider woman costume completely nailed it but spider-gwen has so much going on. First I would loose the teal, the feet should just be black and the teal coloured webbing just confuses things, actually doing a image search I noticed some of the more recent art have these white which in my opinion looks miles better. Another improvement, in the animated series at least is that the eyes are just thick pink lines not the gradient shading which looks like some nasty skin condition. If these changes were made I don't think the costume would be iconic but it would be greatly improved. Mind you having said all this when marvel launches their all new probably slightly different trust us different marvel she will probably be wearing a mecha iron spider outfit for no particular reason.
  8. NYCC give away

    Ah minimates whats not to love. As somebody that isn't American I have always identified more with characters that were also outsiders culturally. For some reason Captain Britain and Meggan were my favourites, so when these characters were folded into an X book well that was the book for me. Of course Excalibur collectibles have always been few and far between and the only collectibles that have ever touched Meggan have been heroclix and minimates, Now I do have Excalibur figures from both lines but I tell you what one is a hell of a lot more fun than the other lol. Also I am very limited for space and do love a nice diorama and minimates lend themselves so well to dioramas customs and whatever else you fancy. these just bring me such joy
  9. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    Not that this is much of anything to do with anything, but I have just decided I don't particularly like Spider Gwens costume.
  10. Prowl-Ar's Customs: Rocket WIP

    those are pretty damm interesting.
  11. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    those are all cool yet disturbing at the same time lol
  12. Create Your Ideas Contest

    good job everybody that took the time to enter
  13. long shot I know but my gitd bunny never came with a stand does anybody have one they are willing to sell?
  14. General Minimate Pictures Thread

    cool, very dramatic
  15. What is life without a good scare?