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  1. I don't know the character but he is a very cool looking custom, good work
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the third strongest person in the universe (some of the time) Night Girl As is their want to do, the legion rejected Lydaa because her powers only worked in deep shadow or darkness. If only they had a team member who had the power to cast shadow. Crazy kids. Anyway if anybody can help it turns out it's pretty hard to make 3 identical figs from your parts bin (go figure) so if anybody has the Jean Grey hair piece from wave 59 (non powered version) colour doesn't matter if its been used elsewhere and one of the ladies heads from the Buck Rodgers box set it would be greatly appreciated. I have paypal to pay ya.
  3. yeah I thought I had found a nice one but there is still a week left in the auction so after a bit of research I dont think it will go for a reasonable price.
  4. I've always been a fan of Carrie Fisher (Used to watch the Blue's Brothers with my grandma). From what I can tell trying to get an autograph of a person who has recently passed when there last movie is still in cinemas is a fools quest, so of course this is when it occurred to be I would really like one lol.
  5. I wanted an autographed photo so I had a look on ebay and there are so many reproductions with somewhat misleading descriptions. Anyway I found one that seems to be a reasonable price and it comes with a coa. What is the general opinion on these certificates? They could be printed up by the seller for all I know, I suppose if I wanted to be existential about it, If it's a fake but I think it's genuine and all it's doing is hanging on my wall does it matter?
  6. I finally got around to pulling a couple of them apart, and it seems it's a case by case scenario so probably not a great deal of help to anybody
  7. Ok any help with this would be appreciated. I brought these two customs of luke a while back and I would like to identify the parts used mainly Mon's cape and brainys head and body thanks
  8. Thanks for that Hellpop, Ok I have finished my first custom (Yeah I can be as slow as a wet week when it suits me) I give to you Spider Girl! She was basically my backup entry for the recent bad guy customising contest but she came together before what I thought was going to be my entry so here she is. She is far from perfect so I may revist and try to improve her at some point, but at the moment Im enjoying her on my shelf.
  9. I love the comic ones (well the classic comic ones) But the arrowverse shows are still going strong and are basically free advertising if they still have the licence for these they are mad not to do more. Maybe do a re-release of the main three and three new costume heroes maybe Mon-El, Killer Frost and White Canary.
  10. I have started on a big project for myself, The Legion of Superheroes! the greatest DC team ever! Anyway I imagine if I do get this finished it will take me forever and who knows maybe I can get suggestions and help as I go along (and possible give up after three figures). Here is where I'm at thus far.
  11. Since photobucket shit itself what are people using for image hosting? Is there a similar service to what photobucket was?
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