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  1. I'm very disappointed with you all that Captain Britain with Warwolf isn't an option (shakes head)
  2. I'm sure they are nice, but your image hosting site doesn't want me to know for sure.
  3. TRU Series 26

    This was discussed in depth in another thread back in the day. From memory the story goes when they were designing the opening credits they had only had official sign off on character design for the first six or seven episodes, anyway they wanted an even number of bad guys to face the good guys in the opening credits so the used characters who's designs had been signed off by marvel for they appeared as background characters in the "slave island" episode. The bald guy is Hulk villain Gargoyle and maybe Thunderbird was selected because presumably art models had been prepared if he was originally going to feature in those first two episodes.
  4. It looks like I have some balls to punch
  5. Your doing a good job with these lukey boy
  6. If they did another daredevil wave I would like a Karen Page figure in all her 60's mod glory (I suppose they could use one of the star trek ladies hair if they really have too) Oh and pack her with a warwolf
  7. If I were you Gillbob I wouldn't be tying myself in knots of membership status, since about 2002 I think your allowed to conciser any super powered marvel character both a hero and villain definitely an avenger probably an x-man and above all else unaware of what a fantastic four is.
  8. Maybe just me but when she was Binary is the only time I have ever enjoyed Carol Danvers as a character.
  9. whomever got was made they should be packed with a warwolf
  10. tru wave 24

    so did they want to use jubilee in the new mutants at the time and couldn't or was it one of those serendipity things where the same thing is invented independently two places at once.
  11. You had all better change your votes to Captain Britain or I will punch you in the balls and they better pack him with a warwolf.
  12. The Disney x Fox Talks

    X-men movie mates X-men movie mates
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    After watching the movie, I think marvel studios need to be mores generous with other parties making merchandise when it comes to previews and scripts and whatnot so that they can do better character selections.There were two or three break out characters in this and maybe a couple in guardians of the galaxy that missed out on minimates while we ended up with minor costume variants and what have you of other characters that really didn't need figures. I understand marvel are concerned about leaks but I'm guessing if your the sort that is scouring the internet for spoilers for the upcoming wasp and antman movie there is an almost certain chance your buying a ticket to the movie. Also if it turns out that firestar or doctor druid or moondragon or whom ever is making a solid cameo I would much rather that information potentially leaks and we get a figure then its all kept under wraps and we get an antman in winter coat he wears for two minutes variant instead.
  14. These have become my favourite minimates I think