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  1. It was announced that it was no new characters.
  2. I want a disco star trek as long as Worf is in bell bottoms and has an afro
  3. Cool Beans for some reason I started singing he's business raccoon and he means business over and over.
  4. cool. is the blonde girl in the headband gwen?
  5. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    I love this picture so much. I however cant bring myself to buy that wonder Woman as my comic wonder woman we need a classic comic ww. I would have gotten the batgirl nightwing set for my comic justice league however her open hand really puts me off for some reason its just not minimates for me (yes apparently I am hyper picky with vinimates) Comic flash is tearing me up because of the hand so I will see if I can live with it (somebody is tracking one down for me) but this photo is the first I have seen that really shows off how metallic he i. I am normally a sucker for paint effects but I don't know if he will clash to much with the other guys that look like they jumped from a page printed in the 70's.
  6. Dont think this counts as a spoiler but... there is no post credit sting so dont wait.
  7. Maybe if Stark spends most of the film running about in a quantum suit, the thought might be we still want a cool looking robot guy on the shelves.
  8. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    So What is everything DC we have coming up vinimate wise?
  9. Thats a really nice looking fig, did you have trouble doing a skirt sticker?
  10. I like them even though it took me a while to realise that it's thors head and not just an unmasked cap head.
  11. Polarboy

    wave 79

    To clarify Wildchild was very much his own character in Alpha Flight and X-Factor (The College years) and what ever 15 issue piece of poop he may have been in recently. But if memory serves in AoA wasn't he pretty much mute and just a thing Sabretooth threw at enemies from time to time.
  12. Polarboy

    wave 79

    I forgot about wild child, though I suppose he was more of an accessory in a way
  13. Polarboy

    wave 79

    Oh now you have torn me, as much as I need more AoA x-men in my life I might want them to complete the actual other x-men squad which would be (from memory no less) Iceman Storm Exodius Dazzler Banshee Quicksilver Of course the reality of it being this long between drinks AoA wise what we would probably get would be Apocalypse Magneto Wolverine Jean Cyclops Then if we are really lucky maybe Nightcrawler, Colossus and X-man
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