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  1. Boy what a clown this guy is. He couldn't have been more wrong! somebody better cook up a big old humble pie for him.
  2. Polarboy

    wave 79

    Wow this has gone off the hook were at 9 definite sales. Follow up on this Zack my lad and you will be farting through silk. The excitement of warwolves would be more then my tiny mind could handle.
  3. Polarboy

    wave 79

    That is indeed he, thats 5 sales Zack. It's raining cash like a rap video baby.
  4. Polarboy

    wave 79

    Good man minifiend good man There you go Zack two guaranteed Captain Britain sales! is that enough fan demand to make it happen?
  5. Polarboy

    wave 79

    I have no reason to think this will happen but how about a first appearance wave of characters that debuted in the 1970's. (Marvels true golden age) You can have FA Captain Britain (If he's not a given for you then shame!) and 8 others from Valkyrie Mockingbird Werewolf by Night Night Nurse Adam Warlock Namorita Thundra Moondragon Mantis Brother Voodoo Daimon Hellstrom Shang-Chi Deathlok Colleen Wing Misty Knight (just realised what a drag queen name she has) Pip the Troll Moon Knight Hell Cat Jack of Hearts Machine Man Quaser
  6. Polarboy

    wave 79

    90's X-Factor! Oh wait we don't have to say that any more
  7. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    I need a classic comic Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman in my life.
  8. That's a pretty good idea, I don't see it happening but still it's a good idea.
  9. Hell Yes!!!!! Love em If I was to be churlish my only complaint would be to get an x-factor angel (like the one few of us could get at the time). But I can live with Archangel.
  10. Thats what john belushi said
  11. Im willing to say we already have warpath and boomer
  12. we are so close!
  13. Not a lot of new character but new costumes still works really well for 90's X-Factor Havok Polaris Wolfsbane Quicksilver Multiple Man all characters we have had before but not in their x-factor uniforms throw in strong guy and happy days!
  14. It is definitely going to be 90's x-Factor this time
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