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  1. Fuck Off! would you just look at that!
  2. when are these all due?
  3. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    that looks really good but I still have a translucent green hole that needs filling in my vinimates.
  4. I would go more a staff then a scepter.
  5. It would be nice for some if Jean came with the pony tail and another hair piece as quite a few people have lamented in recent years over a 90's x-men re-release. Of course now I'm straining to remember if Psylock, Iceman, Colossus or other 90's x-men ever turned up in the cartoon.
  6. So if i'm to believe your commander and chief that will be Easter.
  7. It wasn't that bad. I actually quite like the x-men movies and wish they weren't being folded into the larger marvel cinemaverse
  8. I would say if you really want to be a completest then the fact that the waves weren't numbered wouldn't make a difference to the issues mentioned. I have often wondered if there was a reason that straight up reissues couldn't be released outside of the regular waves.
  9. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    who here lives in Seattle?
  10. He looks intimidating, but actually he's pretty armless!
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