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  1. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    those are all cool yet disturbing at the same time lol
  2. Create Your Ideas Contest

    good job everybody that took the time to enter
  3. long shot I know but my gitd bunny never came with a stand does anybody have one they are willing to sell?
  4. General Minimate Pictures Thread

    cool, very dramatic
  5. What is life without a good scare?
  6. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    Confirmed, tetris minimates!!!!!!!
  7. Collections...

    very nice
  8. Ask Zach

    Funnily enough I was coming to this thread to try my luck to get zack to share the Alice in wonderland control art.
  9. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    Not to be flippant but I would imagine with the standard body and all the hair and clothing pieces made, you could probably make a good 70% of the marvel universe. Its just the printing that's the issue.
  10. Polarboy is pretty much trolling himself.
  11. Star Trek minimates could be rebooted with the all Neelix wave!!! 8 Neelix variants!!!! and if we never got another minimate we could all die happy!!!! Oh and throw in a BAF Neelix!!!
  12. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Oh and does anybody have the style sheets for the alice wave?
  13. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Im still sad about the missing two pack, probably way too late for this but how awesome would an exclusive boxset be with the Cheshire cat, white rabbit and using existing parts a blue coat hatter, with a skirt piece as kilt and this would be a little more work but an alice head on a recoloured white queen body to sort of give us of course short of that you could have them with monochrome time and one of the alices already released.
  14. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!