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  1. we got the brotherhood boxset not that long ago
  2. your really rather clever with the customs like well done
  3. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    oh them, oh well fingers crossed for a classic wave after them.
  4. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    are these things we have already seen?
  5. oh bugger i was going to enter and completely forgot
  6. If they sell well that would be good for minimates in general, but for me it would be a licence where I would only really want one figure (but would probably buy more)
  7. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    nice, dont care for the characters but nice i suppose. If we are going to get more live action vinimates I would like a Helen Slater supergirl and a Linda Carter wonder Woman.
  8. It just me but if you told me that spiderman wore the same costume in all the movies I would be fair enough that sounds about right to me.
  9. I wonder what the reaction has been to the multiple man pack preorder wise. I hope it's going well they have been top of the lukes sales list for a while for what that means, but whats the bet if it goes well we wont get a decent a army builder in an upcoming wave for ages because sods law. Anyway fingers crossed for warwolves
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