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  1. Loved the film. Already seen it twice. But I understand the criticisms. Here's how I would rate all 2016 comic films (1-10): Deadpool - 7, Batman v Superman - 4, Civil War - 8, X-Men Apocalypse - 6, Suicide Squad - 6, Doctor Strange - 8.5. FYI, my 10 is X-Men Days of Future Past and 9.5 would be Dark Knight and Iron Man 1.
  2. congrats to the winners and thanks pk13 for the contest!
  3. Since we already have Magneto, Cyclops, Brown Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Beast and Professor X... and we're getting Psylocke, Archangel.. it would be better if we get either Iceman, Rogue, Gambit or Jean Grey to complete the X-Men 1 cover...
  4. Can DST replicate the aggressiveness of Funko in securing all licenses under the sun? If minimates can expand to Disney, Dragonball Z, Minions, Horror, it would explode!
  5. Yeah, through that group we have forged lasting friendships.
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah Adam, that Blackbird really goes well with minimates. MisterPL, these indeed are a labor of love. We're ready to defend our title next year.
  7. This is a bit late but I am sharing pics and stories from our TOYCON held last June. Out of 45+ display galleries that included impressive collections of Legos, Hot Toys, Funko Pops, Marvel Legends, DCU Classics, Bowen and Sideshow Statues, Sports figures, Horror figures and many others, the Pinoy Minimates Kolektors (PMK) is proud to say that our display booth won the BEST GALLERY DISPLAY CABINET. You know what this win means? It says that it is not the cost and the size that defines a toy.. it is defined by its potential to be played and to bring out the creative force of those who play and tinker with it. Minimates exactly do that. Here are more pics of the group. Here are separate pics of our display cabinet from top to bottom level. Here are some pics of some celebrities that graced our convention: Dean Cain. Charlie Adlard. Pat Lee. Some signed goodies by Dean Cain, Charlie Adlard, Daniel Logan (young Bobba Fett), Pat Lee. Some other highlights of the convention. Entrance of the venue. Funkos. Stan Lee collection. Miscellaneous. My hauls. And as a bonus, here's our booth girl. She was manning our booth entertaining the congoers. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Long Live the best toyline in the world! Long Live Minimates!
  8. Hell Yeah! I have to edit my wish list sig. Ladies and gents, your MOTY 2018 - Mojo!!!
  9. When I learned of this contest, I already knew who I am nominating. MMMV is the friendliest place on the internet, chock full of benevolent and thoughtful creatures. However, for this contest, I am nominating a single person, and he is pk13. Aside from his regular charity drives, he went the extra mile in helping me and my brothers last year when we were struck by Typhoon Haiyan. He sold his minimates and sent all the funds to us (Pinoy Minimates Kolektors). Such an awesome display of humanism, one that I will cherish forever. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
  10. I'm thankful for minimates because they feature the most exhaustive number of characters of any toyline, and they bring out the creativity in all that collect them.
  11. k80, yeah it's nice to have options and I initially thought of the 8" Stay Puft bank. Honestly, any of the two (or maybe the mini-statue as well) would work. But I kinda see FighttheDead118's point. I rationalize by thinking that since minimates are deformed (and not accurate) representations, I would also go with a Stay-Puft that is deformed.
  12. Thanks for appreciating guys! Shogi, when the Trash Pack figs go on clearance sale, I will amass enough to recreate the opening credits scene of The Real Ghostbusters, wherein Stay-Puft is strutting around with a bunch of little ghoulies!
  13. In a tag match with 6 months preparation, I think the Marvel duo takes this. Personally, I think any team iteration with Tony will win. IM-Hulk: Two geniuses. Brains and Brawn. IM-Superman: Both flyers. IM-Batman: Their coolness cannot be contained. The futurist and world's greatest detective.
  14. Thanks k80! Sigh for not being able to add to my X-Men 1 toy collection. But happy for my wallet.
  15. I love it when toylines interact together. Check out Ultimate Electro's base as Ray Stanz absorbs a hapless ghoul in his ghost trap.
  16. Kamana Resort, Zambales, Philippines. It was quite an enjoyable place - swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. Although there was a warning posted by the beachfront regarding jellyfish, no one was stung. The rooms were clean and the ambiance was serene. Recommended as a place of respite!
  17. Hello, Is there a website similar to minimatedatabase (Hail Ivan!) where I can find comprehensive info and checklists about Kubricks? I want to know if I can form the Big 7 of both Marvel and DC as well as recreate the X-Men 1 cover of Jim Lee. Thanks!
  18. Happy Birthday pk13, You are one of the good guys! Have a good one.
  19. Romeo, that's a great concept. I would love to see how that pans out. stack, woah! I'm going to steal some elements of that design.
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