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  1. I don't think there is a Minimates panel based on the schedule. There was a Diamond Select one yesterday night that talked about Minimates. The Youtube link is in the NYCC Reveals thread.
  2. We've had extra characters before though swapping extra parts, and also with a single piece smaller figure. Personally, I'm hoping for build a figure.
  3. Might want to tell him that with his whole "When I post...& please listen fucking carefully......very fucking carefully......." on the previous page.
  4. Then go away. Nice we have a forum where a moderator is the bully.
  5. I just saw these got announced for New York Comic Con. How many Minimates covers are there now?
  6. They should have given it to the people who did the Marvel covers.
  7. Those didn't look like hand-painted ones at Toy Fair, so wouldn't they be samples? Huge pics here at the beginning of the gallery.
  8. We already had Chef Duff. So really, this is nothing new. If anything, it makes more sense to me than Duff because of the Jay and Silent Bob stuff they've been doing.
  9. Here's a timeline of dates Digger's relayed through Luke: In August 2012 they were coming in December 2012 In Nov '12 it was Jan '13 Feb '13 -- Mar / Apr '13 Mar '13 -- Summer '13 July '13 -- More info at SDCC Aug '13 -- Production starts Aug '13 Nov '13 -- Not in production yet Mar '14 -- Late summer '14 What's the old saying? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me eight times...?"
  10. I get why you're upset if you wanted a full figure, I was just putting it out there why I wasn't upset anymore after seeing an in-movie picture. Personally, I'm a bit surprised at all of the anger. Not that people have it, but more that people actually care. We had that poll about a year ago about Heroes that absolutely needed to be made. Rocket came in the finals with less than 1% of the poll. I feel like the love for a full Rocket Raccoon Minimate went from zero to 100 overnight once it was revealed he was a one-piece. Something also tells me it would be equal disappointment from the other side if he were a full-fledged Minimate. I think no matter how they made him, it was never going to win over 100% of us.
  11. This pic was posted on IGN today of the Guardians team. (I can't get the links / attachments to work, or even copy and paste, sorry. Hopefully it works). Anyway, Rocket's looking pretty small. I think a full sized 'mate would look really weird next to the others. It's not just about height, but also mass. Also, Groot's not looking as big as some people are making him out to be. I know he's in the background here, but he still looks shorter than Hulk in the Avengers. I think people (myself included) thought he'd be very large because my only experience with walking trees is Treebeard. I think a short Rocket was a good idea based on this. I wasn't sold until I saw this pic, but now I think anything else would look stupid. I'm okay with large characters being brought down to 2", but small ones brought up seems odd.
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