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  1. Luke, I've been meaning to ask, is there a way to pay for these customs without paypal? I've been tempted with many up till now but I have to have a shadow king to go with my X-Men.
  2. I think that's the blue fairy next to Roger Rabbit. There has to be more to the Disney Kubrick collection because the character focus is really weird (many NBX characters but not Sally and no Alice or Cheshire Cat).
  3. I found two sets of the Endgame minimates in Conway, Arkansas at one Walgreens, so hopefully all of us in the middle of the country can get them soon.
  4. Picked up a set in Maumelle Arkansas this morning at a Walgreens doing a reset. Out of the 7 I went to today, that was the only one that had them, but it was also the only one in the midst of reset. Its also weird that only some Walgreens have that planogram for a Marvel endcap while most do not.
  5. Ok, I don't know what I was looking up, but those suits do look really cool. I would love the spirit spider suit as well as the velocity (or spider spy suit), the last stand suit and spider punk out of it. I really wish we could get some spider-ham love, but that's just because I look at my collection of Spider-men and feel he's missing.
  6. I wish I could find pictures of some of these suits you guys are talking about because you make the spirit spider sound cool but I can't seem to find it.
  7. Ok I have to ask, where did the newspaper, briefcase, chair and television come from? Those are just some of the elements I have trying to find for my dioramas.
  8. I just hope this gets the X-men promoted more and less of Marvel and Disney pushing the Inhumans.
  9. Zach, sorry if the pic has caused any problems, I got the image from a pdf version of the Marvel Previews and thought it was the latest official Previews. I actually haven't seen the print version yet. I will take down the pic since it is now just rampant speculation.
  10. Its in the Marvel Previews that came out last week or this week.
  11. Hela does look like she comes with her elaborate headdress and Thor with his gladiator headgear and Loki with what looks like his standard helm. Sorry I can't post pics, I'm at work.
  12. I looked but nobody mentioned it, the latest Previews shows the LCS box set as being Gladiator Thor, Gladiator Hulk, Loki, and Hela. They only gave silhouettes, but its at least something.
  13. Yes, but Zach, we want them now!!! (said in the worst 5 year olds voice)
  14. I have to go old school for my favorite minimate, classic red and blue Spider-Man from wave 2. I like that his webs wrap around his whole figure and he was my first minimate. As for charity, I am donating funds to the Salvation Army and also getting a few toys together for Toys for Tots right now.
  15. It was brought up in the NBX thread that Alice Through the Looking Glass blind bags were found at Hot Topic, but now I have to ask what is the lineup for this group? I know the comic shop line has the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, 2 different Alice's, the Time Keeper and the TRU lineup also has the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit, but beyond that, I do not know of anything else. Any help?
  16. I finally found them at two Hastings near me over the last two days, but the pack out has been weird. Each store got 18 figures, but there was no reindeer at one (they had 2 Sally, 8 Jacks, 2 mayors, and 3 of the doctor and Oogie). The other Hastings had the 2 reindeer, but like 5 Jacks, 2 Sally, 3 Oogie, 4 doctors and 2 mayors. I don't know if they may have opened the cases at distribution or not because they were already tagged and put on a hanger at both locations.
  17. What I need to know now is where are Santa's elves showing up? Am I going to have to go to Hot Topic for them or were they cancelled? Thanks Arnim for the info, now I know I need to start calling to find that clown.
  18. I dont't know about you guys, but I'm looking at Hank and thinking maybe with different hair could I get Stan Lee out of him? It wouldn't be perfect but those of us that are not good at customizing it might work.
  19. Guys, it's obviously Saturday Night Live minimates! Did you not see Zach's earlier post? Seriously, the lineup he's talking about is probably another Disney property (Big Hero sounded like a good idea, but then my son has made me watch it like four times already). From the hints at first I thought he was talking about the line up and distribution for NBX, but he mentioned a new license in there too.
  20. Whenever you guys use the UPC number, are you using 699788104231 or some other number because when I use that or a variation of it, says there is nothing by that number and I cannot seem to find it ontheir website.
  21. Yes, please share the link to the Heroclix buildings. I tried looking for them when you first showed off some of them a month or so ago and found nothing.
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