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  1. On the topic of Best Of waves, for my fellow Brits the first wave can be found in B&M Bargains. Very strange location to find ‘mates at
  2. Heads up for the Brits here, B and M are doing great deals on these figures. I got scarecrow and Creeper for £7 each today
  3. Saw the movie yesterday, made this set a must have though I'll probably just get the standard set 'cause I'm not the biggest fan of those shrinking looks (although Anthony looks real cool).
  4. This might be the most excited I've ever been for a game. It's the first time I've ever pre-ordered a game, and the first season pass I've ever got. The Batgirl dlc sounds super interesting
  5. Happy belated birthday Zach, and thank you for being part of this community
  6. I had avoided this thread because I couldn't accurately word my opinion on the matter but luckily Nessex has done it for me, albeit unknowingly. So I'll add my other thoughts. To say that there isn't a problem with sexism in the toy industry is simply wrong, and yes it does go both ways. While we are very lucky that DST is a prime example of how it should be done, and I have the utmost respect for them for consistently providing female characters (particularly in movie waves), it is worth considering that not everyone wants or even knows about Minimates. While I wish more people bought Minimates and they were more popular to say that there's no problem with the industry just because there's Black Widow and Scarlet Witch (I'm trying to keep this Avengers specific for now) Minimates is just silly, because a large part of the market either isn't seeing or doesn't want those figures. In my opinion, and of course I could be very wrong about this, the main points of this market particularly for a younger audience is the Marvel Legends and those odd small 5 poa figures, and you cannot deny that there is a huge problem when it comes to equal representation in those fields (I'd also like to note that there is an equally large problem when it comes to figures of POC). Obviously it is largely due to the movie industry itself but looking at Marvel and the recent Mad Max the representation problem is very slowly being changed. This last bit is just about me really, not the overall argument. When it boils down to it most of all I just think it's silly that a company like Hasbro has ignored the potential of these female characters simply on the basis of them being female. Admittedly I am bitter at not being able to get a Scarlet Witch legends figure (quicksilver and vision too). And before anyone says it, I don't think the comic based figures equally count. Sure there's a comic based scarlet witch figure, but can you honestly say she at all represents the movie version? At this point in time it's the movie version that people are looking for. TLDR: while we're lucky DST isn't necessarily part of the problem, that doesn't exclude the existence of a problem.
  7. I've been thinking about how I feel about these outfits since the shot came out so I thought I'd put my thoughts here. Slipknot - I don't know the character at all, but it's an interesting enough design Boomerang - I really like it. Not a big fan of Jai but thought he was good in Unbroken, he's good when he's got other people to play off. I like the homemade aesthetic of it, glad they kept the beanie from more recent outfits. Katana - love it. Matches the only design I'm really familiar with which undead pool posted above. Enchantress - really love it. Interesting and creepy, makes me want to learn more about her. Plus Cara is a seriously good actress. Rick Flagg - I guess we couldn't really expect anything different. Harley - seriously unsure. Love the top half, hate the bottom. At least could have given her some jeans or leggings or something. Robbie is gonna do great in the part and it's good to see the character coming out already. I really like that jacket. I expect she'll have more than one look in the movie so I'm not too worried. Dead shot - I'm impressed, mostly, if the eyesight was on the right side this would be perfect for me. Can anybody tell what it says on his gun? That caught my interest Croc - like it. Make up looks good and it makes sense for him to layer up. El Diablo - interesting. I don't know the character but I like this look. The skull painted on the face will always be a cool look to me. Is it possible to change the title to be more specific?
  8. Just been to see this. Honestly, after seeing some reviews I was seriously worried that I was going to be disappointed but I can't say I was. Genuinely my favourite (not necessarily the best) marvel flick since the first just felt like the perfect companion piece without being too much of the same. And without giving too much away this was the first superhero movie to make me actually cry, those who've seen it can probably guess which part.
  9. I was thinking the other day how Nat Wolff has the charisma to pull off spidey. If we have to go with a white Peter though my hope was Taron Egerton from Kingsman but obviously Marvel/Sony is aiming for someone younger. Well I'm 18, skinny, with brown hair and glasses they could always give me a call. Shit, I'd probably do it for free too
  10. I actually quite like this. It's a bit too on the nose but good for them for trying something a bit different. Plus Leto is an excellent actor so I have no doubts that he'll bring something fun to the role. Mostly I'm just thankful at how bright this picture is, hopefully suggestive of the tone of the actual movie
  11. I'm not the hugest Deadpool fan but admittedly I am quite looking forward to this movie, especially after that video with Slater yesterday. I think DST would be silly not to have some product for this, honestly I'd be shocked if this didn't at least get a box set. My guess now would be a 4-pack: Deadpool, Whoever the villain is, Morena Baccarin's character (domino?), Either Weasel or an out of costume Wade (I'm surprised we haven't got a wade in his underwear 'mate yet)
  12. Potential spoilers although I question the validity of the story. So a guy did a talk at my school a little while ago (sadly his name escapes me), he's an underwater cameraman and was telling us about working on Age Of Ultron. He said the only scene he worked on was with Thor, I assumed it was the bit with him in the sort of cave surrounded by water that we see in the trailer. Anyway, he told us that while during this scene Thor ended up losing an arm, which was difficult to film. This made sense to me what with Thor having lost an arm recently in comics, I believe. I did consider that he might've been lying, the guy was bit of a character. But he didn't seem all that knowledgable on the subject enough to make a joke about it, his wife even had to remind him the name of the film. So anyway, if this is true then something is certainly going to happen to Thor though not necessarily death.
  13. So I just got the Sherlock figure from Big Chief Studios and I am very pleased. This is my first 1/6 figure so I've got nothing to compare it to but I am very impressed with the quality of both the sculpt and clothing, not to mention the accessories the violin is particularly awesome. Sorry about the crappy photo, it's from my phone
  14. Just got Daenerys and Tyrion today. Really impressed with them, they look even better in person than in photos. No problems with paint as far as I can see, faces in particular are outstanding. After reading some of the horror stories I tried to be careful taking them out of the packaging and posing them, so far no problems. I definitely plan on getting more, there's a few coming in series 2 that I'm looking forward to.
  15. I'm one of those people that genuinely enjoy music from all genres. I have two favourite bands who both mean a lot to me and they are The Killers and Arctic Monkeys. Never had a chance to see either live but would absolutely love to
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