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  1. They look amazing! Ordering these for sure… now the question I’m wondering is if we will only be seeing the Zords in Vinimate form?
  2. ouch 😅 I’ll try to keep my enthusiasm contained That’s a solid point. At the risk of making assumptions, it stands to reason that they would want to tap into the full range of the license, including characters that are currently relevant. But yeah, it’s easy to get carried away with speculation.
  3. This is a curious idea. On one hand, getting the entire team right away means that if the line ends prematurely, we won’t be hurting too badly. On the other hand, it raises questions about how extensive the line will end up being - are we looking at another 4pack for series two, or will it be more expansive? I’m curious how many ancillary characters will be made from the MMPR era. Sales would be stronger if a villain was packed with a main hero, but if all 6 Rangers (7 with Tommy as the White Ranger) are coming in only two 4packs, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for villains and/or supporting heroes. Is the SDCC set going to be all villains?
  4. Same here. After I got the listing alert from BBTS I went to check if Luke had them, and couldn’t get the website to load
  5. This is amazing! I can’t wait to see the full lineup, but these look so freaking incredible!!!
  6. I’m also going to say Stingray, but it was a close call between him and Paladin
  7. Dangit. I was planning to skip this and save some stress on my wallet… but now I can’t justify the hole my collection will have if I don’t get these alternate tampos. “it’s own need to be collected” indeed
  8. the mechanic is essentially an extended superhero team up battle. The gameplay is more or less determined by the villain’s movements and master plan (each villain has a different objective). The heroes act in response to the villain’s objective and try to strategize a preemptive effort to prevent the villain from monopolizing the board and achieving their master plan. It involves defeating thugs and mini bosses, as well as rescuing civilians and utilizing special abilities. It’s built around a co-op dynamic that allows each player to mirror the move/action of the player who went previously, and motivates all the players to talk through how they want to conceive each move as a group, since each action directly affects not only the overall objective but also the next player’s turn. It’s really fun *with the right people* and yeah, I wouldn’t recommend pledging for the biggest expansion unless you were REALLY into it. The base game (which I picked up at Walmart for $28) is enough for the average player.
  9. I picked up the base game on a whim a couple months ago, thinking this would be a fun game to play with certain friends. I forgot all about it until I saw this post. Knowing that the latest Kickstarter was ending soon, it finally motivated me to give the game a go. This is a legitimately fun experience with a unique game mechanic (well, it’s new to me at least), and it totally sold me on backing the latest Kickstarter expansion. If you’re into co-op tabletop games, I recommend this one
  10. Nicely done! I enjoy the TMNT mates that we got, but seeing your customs really makes me wish the official versions had sculpted heads
  11. Man what a killer job on that face. You really nailed his expression
  12. I also want to echo this. I’m not even a real ‘Joe fan, but if you give me reason to look forward to more sets, I will preorder them all
  13. I’m feeling this one, for sure. Though, I’m still bummed over Silver Sable getting cut. Zach, I don’t suppose you know if there’s any plan to find a spot for her in a different wave somewhere down the line...? I might be alone on this one but I’ve been wanting an update of her for a while now
  14. Episode 8 spoilers: It would be great to have some classic comic tie-in 'mates inspired by what this show has introduced
  15. A tie-in set for this show would be a great opportunity for a new release of some AIM soldiers ...
  16. I love that lineup. It gets me too excited thinking about it... and that is all just from MMPR. There is potential for years worth of releases if they start dipping into the subsequent PR incarnations. I’m just wincing a bit at the potential of a repeat of what happened to Sonic or the Star Trek Legacy line...
  17. Agreed, for the same reason. also, the helmet designs really need the benefit of that rounded forehead space if they’re going to sell the whole ‘this is a dinosaur head’ motif...
  18. Beast Wars was my introduction to the Transformers franchise. The Cheetor transmetal 2 figure was one of my favorite toys ever... I’d flip if DST made it that far with their TF releases
  19. This is indeed a big deal for DST! These designs look slick, and hopefully this launches a huge line that does well for ‘mates as a whole I’m eager to see the GI Joe mates... and like others, I am cautiously optimistic of what else might come if these do well. I’d be in cloud 9 if we got MMPR...
  20. funkguerilla’s blender assessment is spot on 👌 I kinda like it but not as a Spidey suit. But still, I always enjoy it when he gets a fresh look. Even with the weird alien vibe the mask is giving off... I’d definitely be down for a mate of this design
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