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  1. If they’re doing the Technodrome as the vehicle for the third set, it would make sense to tie Krang to it. So my guess for box set 2 would be the Party Wagon (van) with Raph, Casey, Splinter, Baxter (sharing Mousers as an accessory) and a Foot Soldier. Box set 3 in the Technodrome would be Leo, Mikey, Rocksteady, Krang, and a Foot Soldier. I’d love a slightly different lineup with Slash replacing Baxter, but the Mousers were a big storyline and it just makes sense to keep Stockman connected to Splinter…
  2. DTS is absolutely killing it with the packaging design lately!
  3. I had the exact same thought. It would be extremely smart (imo) on DST’s part to stretch it out over 4 box sets and anchor each one with a turtle and a Foot Soldier. With TMNT’s massive catalogue of important side characters, I can think of plenty of friends & foes just off the top of my head who could take the remaining 3 spots in each box. And even after all 4 box sets, there would still be at least half a dozen unmade characters I’d love to see. and we wouldn’t need any variants or alternate looks of anyone.
  4. It does seem interesting. Season 3 (and the first movie, which these designs point very strongly towards) debuted in 1995. The tail end of the VHS era, but still far enough from DVD’s that it feels like an unusual choice… unless that DVD is a legit thing. Is it like the old DAVE school minimate animations? If that’s the case, it would be an amazing addition to the box set, and then the DVD formatting would make more practical sense in terms of giving the customer a way to easily view the animation. but my big question is why this set is marketed as ‘season 3’ when everything about those suits looks like the movie designs…? Is there some sort of licensing issue preventing the use of the movie for marketing purposes?
  5. I’ve got too much excitement for this. The packaging in particular makes this a love letter to my childhood, which I’m sure was exactly the point for this product’s target audience. Zach, I know it’s early in the game but can you tell us anything about potential plans for future releases? I’m sure it’s a ‘wait and see how the first one sells’ situation, but any insight you have would fall on happy ears
  6. They look amazing! Ordering these for sure… now the question I’m wondering is if we will only be seeing the Zords in Vinimate form?
  7. ouch ? I’ll try to keep my enthusiasm contained That’s a solid point. At the risk of making assumptions, it stands to reason that they would want to tap into the full range of the license, including characters that are currently relevant. But yeah, it’s easy to get carried away with speculation.
  8. This is a curious idea. On one hand, getting the entire team right away means that if the line ends prematurely, we won’t be hurting too badly. On the other hand, it raises questions about how extensive the line will end up being - are we looking at another 4pack for series two, or will it be more expansive? I’m curious how many ancillary characters will be made from the MMPR era. Sales would be stronger if a villain was packed with a main hero, but if all 6 Rangers (7 with Tommy as the White Ranger) are coming in only two 4packs, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for villains and/or supporting heroes. Is the SDCC set going to be all villains?
  9. Same here. After I got the listing alert from BBTS I went to check if Luke had them, and couldn’t get the website to load
  10. This is amazing! I can’t wait to see the full lineup, but these look so freaking incredible!!!
  11. I’m also going to say Stingray, but it was a close call between him and Paladin
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