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  1. Donny B

    wave 79

    8. We’re about to go platinum
  2. Yeah, Into the Spiderverse just won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature
  3. Ditto on not hating movie waves; I personally am just more excited to get comic based stuff. Especially when they’re selections from childhood favorite storylines or teams. I honestly never thought we’d be getting a Strong Guy Minimate, and I’ve always loved that Cyclops costume. These last two comic-based waves are bringing back a lot of the excitement I had felt in the earlier days of collecting this line
  4. Donny B

    DC Vinimates

    Keaton and Pfeiffer Vinimates from Batman Returns
  5. I am in love with the Sonic Minimates that we have, and would feel a constant nagging frustration if we never got Knuckles. I do understand the whole dynamic of sales numbers, but if the worst case scenario occurs and DST decides against a second box set, would it be feasible to get a 2-pack with Knuckles and Super Sonic? Maybe as a con exclusive or Walgreens or something along those lines?
  6. Luke just posted that his next Custom Preorder will be the In-Betweener. He also teased his next Character Cut-Out in his latest newsletter and the glimpse looks an awful lot like it's going to be The Living Tribunal
  7. Zach, I really appreciate your responses and your willingness to engage with our questions 🤙🏻 On the topic of MCU Minimates; I’m curious about Avengers: End Game. Will we be getting any offerings for that movie?
  8. I am holding out hope for this exact scenario. Those new costumes would make a great base for a wave. But I would also flip out over a ‘classic uniform’ box set ala that ‘Best of’ Reed...
  9. Donny B

    wave 77

    You bring up a good point. The articulation will be somewhat limited... my earlier statement should probably be amended to something like ‘this new sculpt will allow for an improved range of motion beyond what the original figure had’. There will still certainly be limitations on posability even with the changes this new cape has implemented Yeah, it’s hard to say for sure with just one prototype image to work from, but I am also under the impression that it is one solid piece that will likely be a slipover
  10. Do you mean they’re done being utilized as an evergreen product? or does “done for now” mean that there won’t be any new assortments beyond what is already available...?
  11. Donny B

    wave 77

    I was a fan of the TRU update from a few years back, but it was just a repaint of the original sculpt. This new one has a whole new cape/helmet piece that looks likely to give his arms more clearance for a greater range of motion
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