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  1. My thoughts exactly! (close to it): "Spidey and Xavier's kids being out of the equation was one of the reasons Marvel gave their other properties a chance (in my opinion). I'm afraid Parker is going to steal some thunder. Let's hope Sony takes Tony and the gang out for dinner first."
  2. Thanks for all the input and ideas so far! Does anyone have any recipes for existing SHIELD agents? I've got Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jimmy Woo, Jasper Sitwell, Nick Fury, Mario Hill & Sharon Carter so far.
  3. Good day everyone! I've been taking my 'Mates out of storage and am trying to add some diversity to my goons. My question to all of you is if you have any recipes, ideas and/or pictures to get this thing going. This is regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. agents mostly. A lot of army builders have the exact same look, i.e. Hellfire guards, Doombots, Moloids, etc... Being an international collector it's not that easy (quite expensive, too) for me to trade for parts that I think might work. That's why I like to be certain to avoid getting parts I end up not using. I could use some inspiration for these crews: - Male S.H.I.E.L.D agents - Female S.H.I.E.L.D agents - Nova corps - Kree soldiers - A.I.M. agents (weapons and gear) Also wondering if anyone assembled these baddies (partly inspired by Marvel: Avengers Alliance): - Maggia (for Silvermane) - Thugs (for Kingpin) - Assasins (for Jigsaw) - Vampires (for Dracula) - Demons (for Dormammu) I couldn't find a topic like this one so I hope it's a-ok.
  4. Just beat Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64. Als cleared Army of Two on the 360. I've just started playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nintendo games always cheer me up, a lot of fun. Heh, I'm also a Lego videogame fan, got 100% on every one except Undercover, since I don't have a Wii U (yet, waiting for Smash Bros 4). @Jeff: check out the Avengers Alliance topic for help! Or the Playdom forum. I'm pretty sure you can't start the Hulk Premium mission unless you buy the character with command points. That's how it is on the Facebook version.
  5. MoS reminds me of DKR. It's not great nor horrible, it exists. Both movies did nothing for me. That might be worse than being bad. I saw both movies on the big screen and I'm thinking about not doing so for upcoming DC movies. I just don't care. It was such a dull experience. The fight scenes had some brutal ideas going for them but reminded me of Transformers. And Superman flying looked off for some reason. Superman can kill for all I care, sometimes that's what has to be done. The argument about sacrifice and making the world small doesn't work for me. He killed more humans than Zod did. I know it was done to prevent Zod from committing genocide but still, he was like a kid in a playpen. When he destroys all these lives it makes all his rescue efforts seem moot. Especially when you consider earth's people are the ones he wants to protect. I was actually rooting for Zod to be honest, just because a lot of stuff didn't make sense. And Clark didn't have any heart nor emotion. I thought the acting was okay, action was pretty fun in general. Writing could've been better. I understand the love for the movie, just like with DKR. And I'm happy for the DC fans. I just hope they raise the bar if they ever make a Justice League movie.
  6. Wii Fit Trainer > Megaman. The threads got mixed up, posted my thoughts on the next consoles in the E3 thread because that's where the discussion was taking place.
  7. I think I'll go with the Wii U. I enjoy playing on the PS3 and Xbox360 but the Wii has games that are more fun, in my opinion. Especially with 4 players. I don't like online play and rarely play by myself. I would've gotten a PS3 if I did. Nothing can beat the sheer joy of Super Smash Brothers, New Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart. I know they're following the same formula but that's what a lot of games/developers/companies are doing at the moment. Looking at all the shooters, racers and sports games. And when a game is original, it gets dumbed down. Nintendo is really dropping the ball when it comes to marketing and promotion, which is sad. But when it comes down to it, their first party games are the best of the best. Not saying they're untouchable, heck no. I'm not a blind fanboy. A few of my favorite games are: Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham City, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Army Of Two and Prototype. I just hope Nintendo gets their shit together. The humble approach doesn't work. They should scream & shout like Microsoft and Sony. They have the skills, creativity and know-how, use and abuse it!
  8. I only need 1 more cover to get Juggernaut. Wasted a lot of gold on duplicates. I've gotten 20 dupes in a row. This is pretty weak.
  9. Chapter 12 is pretty dang fun! And Union Jack, getting a bit heavy on the scrappers again.
  10. Thanks to Luke's Toy Store and the Great Grand Groundhog7s himself!
  11. Always like looking at some quick customs, they're on of the reasons Minimates kick derriere! Whoa, recipe for Bushmaster, please!
  12. Got Omega Sentinel yesterday, Vision today. One of the best spec ops so far, I really like what they did with Ultron. Opened a ton of lockboxes, but since they're easy as heck to get it's cool. Slacker, I had to finish 4.4 56 times before I got the MFG.
  13. Hey Jaybird, great pictures! Could you take a picture of the whole Helicarrier with minimates? I might get one but I'm not sure how it would look.
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