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    comics, video games, action figures, comic conventions that actually have comics and host people related to comics
  1. picked up tha gb2 afx slime blower set from wizard world chicago comic-con today.
  2. i dont know if theres a recent pick-ups thread, so i'll post it here got these packs at TRU
  3. yeah i definitely need that first one too. ive seen it on ebay for like $50 i think, but i dont think i wanna pay that lol
  4. my recent ebay addition, thanx to a tip from 'buttheadsmate', thanx again bud
  5. thanx. oh yeah, nova is great. i luv tha current series, especially cuz he has tha cool nova prime uniform on too, not tha old crappy regular one lol thanx
  6. thanx for tha tips everybody. i just got a pm about a series 2 set on ebay, im bout to grab it quickly lol
  7. thank u for tha welcoming fellow collectors oh yeah me too im sure it will lol i luv tha x-men, fav characters ever thanx Donster, nice to see a familiar face too, lol. i figured i might as well join this one too to fit tha new addition lol
  8. I was actually being harder than usual. This little beauty came from the cult classic Darkman. hmm, nevermind then lol. i must remember it from another movie then, and i know its somethin ive watched in tha last couple months, u've got me tryna figure it out and i know i wont lol
  9. @Trekker: i actually know that quote, but i cant remember where its from tho @karamozov: i really want that gb's 2 set. i posted in tha ghostbusters thread about this, ghostbusters is my fav all-time flick. and i want that bishop and maybe that jubilee too.
  10. thank u NR, yeah im already feelin it. its a good thing there isnt a convention comin soon, well there is actually but i may not go lol, but i just might go crazy pickin these lil guys up *takes a quick look around and runs*
  11. ghostbusters has been my fav all-time flick. and i would definitely luv to get tha first two box sets of gb mini's. but since i got into them so late, i might have to pay somethin crazy to get em lol
  12. i dont really care for a battle damaged classic wolvie, on tha fence about magneto. but i definitely want bishop and jubilee
  13. great collection youbastards lol. that sentinel looks amazing
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