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  1. TRU Series 26

    Do we even HAVE admins anymore? LOL
  2. TRU Series 26

    Or a hip hop artist.
  3. TRU Series 26

    I stand corrected. I don't know WHYi always thought 616 morph was as alien
  4. TRU Series 26

    Is that accurate, though? I thought comic book morph was an alien and cartoon Morph was a mutant
  5. TRU 25

    Moreover, if they bring up the right way for anyone, post the UPC
  6. TRU 25

    If the SKU problem was causing the delay, it should have affected all shipment. More likely, it's inventory prep. Some distribution centers probably never even got them in because they weren't receiving any more product in preparation for their own inventory, while some stores may not be receiving them even if their DC has them, because they're prepping for inventory at a store level
  7. wave 74

    At LAST! I can finish my Beric Dondarrion custom
  8. TRU Series 26

    Oooh... FAIR!
  9. wave 74

    Every time someone calls it a yay shot, an angel gets his wings XD
  10. TRU Series 26

    Only movie versions, though. Never a comic book Harry.
  11. TRU Series 26

    I actually considered this, first. It was in a couple of issues, first with Harry, then with Norman and Gwen Stacy's bastard son. But there's literally NO precedent I could think of for arguing that it had been made already.
  12. TRU Series 26

    I never would have thought Gambit, but the fact that Zach hasn't expressly shot it down makes me think maybe?
  13. TRU Series 26

    A 616 Madame Masque would be amazing. I'm surprisingly still stuck on our mystery hero who may or may not have been made before. The man in the shield mandroid suit is Phil Coulson. So you could argue that there is a comic book Phil Coulson figure, or you could argue that there isn't, but the movie figure is absolutely unambiguous. There's a movie figure of Harry Osborn as the "New Goblin." You could argue whether this counts as a Harry Osborn figure, and then make a comic accurate Harry, but there's no ambiguity as to whether or not there's a comic book version of him already. Maybe the Toni Ho Iron Patriot? We've had Iron Patriots before, in both the movie and comic lines, but not this version. As for the villain in a hero costume, my only other guess would be the villainous Black Knight, though the costume is different.
  14. TRU Series 26

    A male villain we've never had posing as a hero we have... That's a real head scratcher. And specifically wearing the same costume, too. A hero who could be said either to have NO comic OR movie version... or both. This should be the easier nut to crack. There's not TOO many movie characters and narrowing it down to someone ambiguous should be easy. Theoretically.
  15. TRU Series 26

    A hero who has a Minimate, yet who could be argued to be new... An existing character in a new identity? Clint Barton as Goliath, for example? We have Clint 'mates but not a Goliath. Not necessarily arguing it's him, just an example.