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  1. WAVE 76

    I would ABSOLUTELY be down for a Deathlok wave, but you have to include Jack Truman/Larry Young M-Tech era Deathlok, too
  2. wave 75
  3. wave 75

    Zach, you mentioned NextWave and - not to derail the thread, but - Aaron appeared in the Brian Reed Ms. Marvel book at the time still displaying his NextWave persona. If you guys did a comic wave to compliment the release of the Captain Marvel movie, maybe you could sneak him in? Stilt man extensions, robot foot soldier weapon hands, and both masked and unmasked options would be ideal.
  4. TRU Series 26

    In case of Toys R Us, not keeping competitive was the result of decisions made by the proletariat. A large stake of Toys R Us is owned by Bain Capital. You know, Mitt Romney Bain Capital. Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon is, at the very least, a multi-millionaire. So these are the people making the decisions for the company. When the decision is made to not invest more money and resources in to online, who is backing that choice? Who is benefiting from it? It's not working class Joe's, it's those at the top of the food chain cutting corners to maximize their gains. Best case scenario, they were too inept to know how to compete in the current market. Worst-case, they intentionally ran the business into the ground for their own short-term gains.
  5. TRU Series 26

    I may be moving to Knoxville for a retail job, so I certainly wouldn't mind moving to Maryland for a dream job lol
  6. TRU Series 26

    I appreciate the vote of confidence. It's true, I CAN do stuff. I'm a great cook, a decent writer, and a passionate customer service/sales manager. But if TRU going out of business is sending waves through DST as well, the last thing they may need is another mouth to feed LOL But hey, correct me if I'm wrong, Zach. If you need a combination CSR/chef/copy writer, you know where to find me
  7. TRU Series 26

    1) I'm the assistant manager at my Toys R Us and I want to thank the lot of you for being so much more considerate then the customers walking through our doors and calling our store asking "How long till the sales start?" as opposed to "How are you handling this?" Your compassion is truly appreciated. 2) That said, i shake my head at ANYONE who works for the company and didn't see it coming. For AT LEAST the past five years, the business had been run like it was going out of business. As AZ described of B&N, corners were being cut to insure maximum profit margin while maintaining bare minimum operating standards. 3) Big Lots, Ross, Marshals, and TJ Maxx are just a few retailers that still buy Warehouse stock. And, having purchased a box boldly emblazoned "Toys R Us exclusive" from KB Toy works when I still worked there, i can say with confidence most retailers won't care WHAT the package says, especially if the store it's referencing is long gone. 4) While I've already been seeking alternative employment because i felt this was inevitable, Zach, my heart goes out to the DST team as regards any hardships this brings to the company as a whole and the individuals who have made it what it is.
  8. TRU Series 26

    When. The website MAY stay active?
  9. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    +1 for the Hood
  10. Marvel Build-A-Figure Wave Wishlists

    Man... OZT... what a weird time for comics. Xavier is evil. Xavier's imprisoned. Xavier's missing. Xavier is back and Cerebro is evil and hunting him... Not to mention the lynchpin of OZT - the X-Men you WANT to read about crashed their Blackbird and now Scott has a bomb on his heart. Here's Marrow!
  11. Marvel Build-A-Figure Wave Wishlists

    That's an easy solution. The last three slots are all Multiple Man
  12. TRU Series 26

    Jimmy Hudson is here, now, too.
  13. TRU Series 26

    I understood that reference.
  14. TRU Series 26

  15. WAVE 76

    What if DST could offer army builder cases? You have to have an initial order of the regular case, but it would open you up to order a certain quantity of Army Builder cases