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  1. I ordered the "Best Of" Spidey from Luke, but my impatience has gotten the better of me, soooo... Wave 24 Spidey's body + Cyborg Spidey's head + some paint to cover up the stitch prints and cracked eye lens on the head:
  2. 1. Spider Sense Spider-Man (Best of Wave 3) - I don't have him yet (my order just shipped - I'm waiting for it to reach me) but I LOVE his design. Easily my favorite Spidey. 2. Black Costume Spider-Man (Wave 43) 3. Spider-Man 2099 - This guy needs an update. Like, REALLY needs an update. 4. Future Foundation Spider-Man 5. Web Armor Spider-Man
  3. I'm excited for the Sentry/Spider-Man set, I hope it shows up here soon. And that hoarders don't beat me to them. :|
  4. I love those Kyle Rayner Minimates. Seriously. Great work.
  5. Thank you too! I'm really, really happy they made it there safely.
  6. Welcome, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here This is the home of some of the nicest and most helpful collectors I've ever known.
  7. There was no doubt, but it's never a bad thing to ask for *confirmation*.
  8. Spider-Man CONFIRMED for MvC 3. FINALLY
  9. New Marvel character...X-23. I'm...surprised. Slightly disappointed, too.
  10. I have no idea who those guys are, but they scare me.
  11. Sigh. Here's a little piece of insight from an imageboard I frequently lurk in (*cough*4chan*cough*) Funny thing is, I seriously think KRAVEN of all people would have worked here wonderfully.
  12. Thank you very much! I actually started working on 6" customs years ago. Shifted (begrudgingly) to the 3.75" scale, decided I didn't like it, then switched to Minimates. Now I'm back where I started. Oh life and your wonderful circles.
  13. Oh God my eyes. Stupid...shiny...crotch...
  14. Thank you! BrobotC already did a rather excellent SMSD Minimates set Next: SPIDER-MAN SHATTERED DIMENSIONS: ULTIMATE UNIVERSE Recipe: First Appearance Spider-Man head and gloves on DCUC Kid Flash body, with fingers, elbows, forearms, knees, and boots from Fearsome Foes Spidey Photos c/o Mikhail Tizon A.K.A. Eisen. Thanks for viewing!
  15. The Scarlet Spider costume is my third favorite costume after Classic and Black. Fourth is 2099 and 5th is Web Armor (even though it doesn't make sense for Spidey at all).
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